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Chapter 6 Out of My League - Stephen Speaks

Out Of My League - Stephen Speaks

“Purple or green Mal?” Sarah asked as she held the phone between her shoulder and ear as she looked over her two choices for her dinner date. “It’s like a dark eggplant purple or a kind middle of the road faded kelly green.” she said holding up different accessories to each. “Actually hold on…” she put her home phone on speaker picking up her cell to snap a picture to send to her. “See…” she said hearing the message arrive on Mal’s cell.
“Oh eggplant all the way babes with you thick black belt and the long gold keys necklace. Don’t forget the black heels.” Mal said with a chuckle. “And you need to straighten your hair. Light make-up think luminous lids with thin black liner. Natural lip babes.” Sarah had to chuckle. It was nice having a style guru on speed dial.
“Ok Mal thank you for one again keeping me from being a fashion disaster. I will talk to you tomorrow.” Sarah said as she got out her flat iron turning it on to heat up.
“You best remember all the details. For example does he speak English or French in bed…”
“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Mal.” Sarah said with a laugh hanging up the phone putting it back on the base at her bedside table.

“The dark grey slacks and the medium blue shirt mon ami.” Max said as Kris held the phone to his ear. “Be sure to wear brown shoes too. Nothing worse than black shoes and brown pants.” Max explained.
“ Are you sure? I do not want to look stupid.” Kris said running a hand though his wet hair. He was picking her up in an hour and did not want to be late or look like an idiot.
“Mon ami do I ever look unfashionable?” Max asked. Kris could crush Max’s image mentioning the crushed velvet suit or any number of the weird facial hair styles he had over the years but he let his friend continue on blissfully unaware of these fashion faxu pas. “Relax and enjoy. She is a good girl. One of the best ones you’ve ever picked.” it was obvious Max was being called away from the phone. “Have fun tonight. Be sure to tell me what she sounds like…”

Kris didn’t give him a chance to finish the thought as Kris hung up the phone. He wasn’t going to add that pressure to the evening just yet.


She checked her phone knowing he had to be on his way. She was finally on make-up as she did her best to smudge the thinnest line of eyeliner ever into her lashes. “I hate you make-up…” she grumbled as she worked the tiny brush along her lashes. The door bell rang just as she was putting on lip gloss. She picked up her shoes and small clutch purse heading down the steps. “One sec…” she called loud enough knowing he could hear her. She hopped along trying to put her heels on only to send her clattering against the door. “Yes I just fell down no laughing when I open up.” she said not able to contain her own laughter as she opened the door for him finally having gotten her shoes on properly. “So lets just pretend that never happ…” she trailed off as she lifted her head to look at him. “Wow, you look awesome. Nott hat you don’t look awesome all the time but yeah I’m going to shut up now.” she said running a hand though her perfectly straight hair.

Little did she know he was having the same kind of nervous glitches. He had been experiencing horrid road rage as he made his way to her apartment. Thankfully he could yell at people in French so they didn’t know exactly what he was saying but he was sure they got his tone. On the way to her door he checked his fly to make sure I was up as he step-dad had taught him only to find it was down and his shirt was poking out. Thankfully he caught that one before she could have. Finally at her door or more what he thought was her door. He rang only to find the elderly neighbors open up. “Oh you must be here for Sarah. Aren’t you a handsome one. You better be nicer than that Doctor he was a right bastard.” the neighbors explained. “We didn’t like him with all his shouting and the way he threw her around. We called the police on him a few times though she never pressed charges.” she paused bringing her hand to her mouth. “Oh I’ve said to much.” Really she had said everything she wanted to subtly warning this new man in Sarah’s life that she wasn’t afraid of calling the police on him. Her mission was accomplished.

“No, I have met him. He is not a nice man.” Kris said trying to keep the details of meeting Sarah’s ex and his opinion on him to a minimum. “I should go. Sarah expecting me.” he said pointing to the door a few steps to his left.”
“Have fun. With that accent and hair… you’re a keeper.” she said checking him out up and down one last time.

“You clean up nice.” She said opening her door taking the sight of him in without looking at him like a piece of hunky meat. “I mean you always smell great and I know you’re clean…” she lowered her head smiling at her own awkwardness. “I’ll be quiet now.”
“You are beautiful. Always beautiful.” he offered his hand and she took it the light breeze ruffling their hair. She hadn’t had a guy say that to her without some kind of caveat or a back-handedness to it. He waited patiently for her to lock her door before leading the way to his car being the constant gentleman opening the door for her and everything.

The trip to the restaurant was short since it was only two miles as the crow flies from her apartment. “This is my mother’s favorite place when she comes to visit.” he explained as the walked the short distance from the parking place he had found. “She say it is how she would cook for me if she was a good cook.” he chuckled remembering her say it as he opened the door for her letting her pass through first.
“It smells amazing in here.” she said taking a deep breath in smelling fresh bread and the delicious scents of food meeting heat. The were seated and Kris ordered a bottle of wine for them sending her into a trance of some kind as she watched and listened to him speak with total confidence. His English was fantastic but he never sounded as confidant as he did just then speaking his native tongue.
“So what does your Mom recommend?” Sarah asked looking over the menu her eyes immediately landing on a chicken and mushroom dish. Thankfully it was on the short list of favorites he listed off.

“I met your Neighbor.” he said once water and wine was brought to the table and their orders taken.
“Oh you poor guy.” Sarah said rolling her eyes. “You’re lucky she didn’t try and invite you in only to molest you or something. She’s a cougar though and through.” she couldn’t help but smile thinking of poor Kris in Mrs. Charles’ clutches. Her elderly neighbor was quite a character reminding Sarah of a mixture of Sophia and Blanche from the Golden Girls.
“She gave me that look. The look of wanting to eat me.” he said getting the phrase a bit confused but his point came across clear.
“Oh she’d do more than eat you.” Sarah said with a good laugh. “You’re a handsome hunk of man she’d take you right upstairs given the chance.” She blushed knowing she called him a handsome hunk of man without thinking about her word choice.
Dinner went smoothly with conversation flowing easily. They chatted about friends and how they got to be where they are now. Even music came up. “Really Korn and Metallica?” she asked tilting her head looking at him a bit like a confused puppy. “I wouldn’t have guessed that. I mean I don’t know what I would have guessed but not that.” she was picking at the left over rice on her plate finally covering it with her napkin so she would leave it alone.

“I would not expect you to like techno indie.” he said his own shock coming out.
“Hey I like anything from Jay-Z to Passion Pit with stops at Neil Diamond and musical theater in between. Really it’s anything but country and the scary screaming.” she explained. “You don’t mock my weird playlists and I won’t mock your tough guy anthems.” she said smiling as she took a sip of her wine.
The waiter came back to the table asking about desert but Kris declined for them. The waiter left again to get their check. “if it is ok we go back to mine? I have something special.” he explained.
All Sarah could do was nod yes and wonder what he had planned. With the bill paid they headed out to Kris’ car. She shivered the night having settled in. “May I?” he asked putting his arm around her. She was hesitant at first but he was warm and holding her close so she let her body drift closer to his as they walked.

“Thanks.” she said as she opened the car door for her once again. “You’re really warm. It’s a good thing. Men are supposed to be slightly warmer than women.” Leave it to Sarah to put in a technical fact.
She remembered how to get to his place for the most part though it was ncie to see it completely sober and not drunk or hung over. “She remembered the basics of his apartment the layout not having changed.
“Relax take your shoes off.” he encouraged slipping his own dress shoes off by the door. She did the same walking on his hardwood floors in her bare feet.
“I missed these last time.” she said drifting to the floor to ceiling windows to look out at his view. She could hear him clanging around in the kitchen doing something as she looked out on the city she loved.
“It is heating now.” he said joining her by the windows. “It is a beautiful view. I am lucky.” he said brushing a stray bit of her hair from her face his hand moving to cup her chin as he stepped into her personal space. It was shocking how gentle he was with her as he brought his lips to hers in a delicate kiss. It made her knees go week forcing her to hold onto him as the kiss unfolded opening up as she brought her body closer to his encouraging him as her hands found his shoulder and side to steady herself.
He pulled away slowly and she was left there in a beautiful haze. “Good kiss.” she mumbled her hand moving to her own bottom lip feeling it was slightly swollen with increased blood flow from their contact.

He chuckled at her reaction. “Thank you.” he said pushing his own hair out of his face before leaning in to kiss her again. He held her a bit tighter things slowly starting to simmer more and more till they were interrupted by the sound of a timer going off in the kitchen. He groaned letting his lips slip away from hers. “Desert is ready. Sit I will bring it out.” he said a smile wide on his face as he slowly backed away to the kitchen.
“Really?” she said seeing him exit the kitchen with an extremely distinctive piece of cookware. He was carrying a fondue pot on a tray with fruit and mini marshmallows on it along with the dipping sticks. “That is so freaking cool.” she said with a big grin as he put the tray down on the coffee table.
“It is my favorite. My Mother makes better but I try.” he said with a shrug handing her dipping stick. He speared himself a strawberry dipping it in the chocolate. Sarah went for the pineapple first.

“This is pretty awesome.” she said a few bites in. “I’ve never actually done this before.” she explained covering her mouth as she put a marshmallow in her mouth.
“Special occasion favorite.” he said going in for his own marshmallow.
“Oh I’m a special occasion am I?” she jokingly asked.
“I like you very much.” he said taking her question seriously. “Ever since I saw you on the table. Not just because Max says you have nice legs.”
“Remind me to smack him for that one.” she playfully narrowed her eyes making him laugh. It was nice being able to relax and make someone laugh by being herself rather than feeling like she was putting on a show.
The rest of the night went smoothly till they had nearly cleared the tray. “I don’t think I can eat anymore.” she said relaxing back into his sofa.
“Myself either.” he said leaning back next to her his eyes meeting hers. “I know I will see you on Monday. When can I see you like this again?” he asked motioning between the two of them.
She nodded thinking. She knew they could never be like this at work. It would be the opposite of professional. “Next Friday. You have the day off I have the day off.” she shrugged. “I think that would be the best time. I mean we can still hang out but I think it will more than likely be with the other guys or they’ll really know. Not that I don’t want them to know but you know we should keep things private.” she explained.
He just nodded. “Yes, down low would be best.” he agreed. “Friday we go out again. Something fun.” he added with a smile. “I will make a plan.”

The night came to an end at 1am when they finally yawned enough leading him to drive her back to her home. The stood at her door kissing. “I would really like to invite you in but I think that would be slutty.” she mumbled against his lips.
“Not slutty.” he said his lips smiling against hers. “But I should go home. I am hanging out with Geno tomorrow. He likes to get an early start.” Kris explained.
Sarah nodded stepping back into her open door. He followed her pressing his lips to hers one last time. “Rest well I will see you Monday.” he ran a hand through his hair before smiling and heading down the steps. “Have a good night.” he added as he got into his car.
“I had a great time.” she shouted a bit to loud cringing in worry she woke her neighbors up. “I can’t wait till next weekend.”

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Chapter 5 Little Solider - Doctor Noise

Up dated the soundtrack so this chapter is in there as well as the next. Thanks for reading!.

Little Solider - Dr. Noise

Sarah had been doing her best to stay out of the guys way as they trained and got their feet back under them. She’d spend a few hours a day watching them. She had been social with everyone making an effort to get to know each of the guys a little. More often than not she found herself gravitating towards Kris most days. She knew him the best and over all she felt the most comfortable around him. Sure they had the most history even if it was short history but it was something.
It was a day of interviews and she could see they all were getting a bit annoyed . Dan Potash was all but stalking them and they were beaking him as usual but he didn’t seem to be phased by it this early in the season. They had other media around too doing little spots with the guys. By the end of the day everyone seemed pretty irritated about answering the same questions over and over again.
“Hey Sarah-baby we’re going to Jordan’s house to hang out.” Max called out to her as TK pretended to lay into him for some unknown reason. “I will text you the address. Come please.” he said before finally being pushed out the door.
Sarah was left smiling shaking her head walking down the hall backwards watching the file out in a goofy mess till she hit what seemed to be a wall.
“I am sorry. I was not looking.” she heard in the familiar voice she had spent several nights talking to this week as well as random lunches with the team.
She turned to look at him his face causing immediate concern. “You ok Kris you look pretty upset.” she said her brows knitting immediately.
“I will be ok.” He tucked a stray piece of hair behind his ear.
“I didn’t as if you would be ok.” she said catching his arm as he attempted to continue to walk down the hall.
“I am going to Jordan’s. You going too?” he asked trying to change the subject on her.
“Yeah… I was planning on it. I was going to stop and pick up some stuff first. It’s not a gathering without refreshments.” she said with a little smile. “Want to ride with me?” she asked.
Kris nodded his agreement.
“Awesome I will be right there. I just have to get my stuff from my office.” she said pointing down the hall. She reached into her pocket pulling out her keys. “here you can get in the car if you want I’ll be right there.” She jogged down the hall in her heels as best she could as he headed in the opposite direction.


Kris sat out in the car patiently the windows down music turned on. He looked though her ipod a bit confused by her all over the map musical taste. He put it on shuffle just letting it go. It only took her one song to come out.
“Sorry. I had to get my stuff. Now to my house so I can change. I don’t like looking like a business traveler when you’re all in shorts and flip flops.
“I think you look nice.” Kris said buckling his seatbelt. “I would want to sit with you in business class.” He said with a link smirk. The smile faded fast though and he was back looking down.
“Right so do you want to talk about it?” she asked merging into traffic headed to her apartment. She had all kinds of snacks there they could all eat even the crazy diet guys.
“It is nothing that has not been said before.” he shrugged. “Every season they ask about my friend who died. It is not nice to interview about.” he said as the wind from the windows and the music muffled his already soft voice. She turned down the radio so she could hear him better.
“Yeah it sucks when people ask about bad things that have happened instead of the good.” she said glancing over at him from behind her sunglasses. Traffic was finally starting to flow and they were on the move. “The bad kind of serves as measure for our lives. If it was all just baseline in the middle we wouldn’t know what happy was. I found that people who haven’t suffered loss are far less happy over all.” she explained as she drove.
He thought about it for a moment. “I agree though it still hurts.” he said scratching his chest over his heat a little.
“It’ll always hurt. I know when I think about the bad stuff it still hurts.” she confessed as she pulled into her parking spot. “Come in I’ll be a few I think my jeans and stuff are still in the dryer.” she explained heading the way into her apartment.
“I don’t want it to always hurt.” he said as they headed inside.
He was unexpectedly close to her when she turned around. She knew it wasn’t the time to be feeling like she did but the smell of the soap from his shower, his cologne and being so close she could feel the heat from his body made her feel a bit woozy in a real attraction kind of way. Sure he was handsome and sweet but she had been doing everything she could to push those feelings aside. “I think if it didn’t always hurt we would forget. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to forget why I hurt.”
He nodded taking a seat at her kitchen table. “You are right. I do not want to forget. When he died it was the middle of the finals the first time.” he was really glad she wasn’t right there but listening from the laundry room off the kitchen. “They asked about it the next day in interview. I had talked to him just day before. It is hard to have it be asked about still.”
Sarah came back through laundry basket perched on her hip. “I know it’s still hard when I have to do intake on a kid that has been neglected.” she sucked in a deep breath. “It’s hard to see what people must have seen in me when my brother and I were brought in to the hospital having been in the same situation.” it was her turn to nervously tuck her hair back. “Without these experience we wouldn’t be who we are. Your friend in life made you a stronger person. Because he’s not with you now he has made you even stronger. You have learned how to be strong without him right there though he is always with you.” she sighed shifting the basket. “I’m going to change now.”
As she walked past he grabbed her free hand bringing her hand to his lips. “Thank you Sarah.” He knew it was slightly out of line but he was caught in the moment. He let go of his grip on her hand and was pleasantly surprised when she didn’t pull away but gave him a weak smile.
“I’m going to go change.” she said feeling a bit awkward. As she slowly let her hand slide from him.
She bit her lip heading to her room to change quickly. She came back out in jeans, flip flops and a tank top with a hoodie over her arm. “Ok snacks.” she said raiding her pantry. “I have nuts, muffins, cheese balls, licorice bits and sun chips.” she said loading up a reusable grocery bag. She didn’t haven’t a chance to pick the bag up before he swooped in lifting it was ease.

The little gathering was fun. She got to meet some of the girlfriends and it was nice to see people out of the official work space. Sure most of the married guys weren’t around but it was still nice to meet more people associated with the team. It was a bit weird though she kept catching Kris’ eye. They’d meet from across the room and he would smile.
Finally Max pulled her side. “You like him yes?” Max asked nodding in Tangers direction. Sarah was dumb struck unable to speak.
“I uh… it can’t happen.” she said nervously tucking her hair back behind her ear. “I think it would be a bad idea. Everything should be professional.” she added learning her throat crossing her arms over her chest.
“Right yeah but he does not like many people. I do not want to see him miss out on a chance for something good.” Max said taking her elbow and turning her around to look at him. He was a part of the group but somehow not inside of it. “Do not play with him…” she opened her mouth to say something but he shushed her. She had to work hard not to laugh remembering the playoffs the year before. “if not for him than for you. He is not the only one making eyes in the room. Do not deny yourself, you seem good for him and I believe he would be good for you.” Max said before patting her on the back somewhat roughly. He hopped over the sofa joining the group who were playing some video game at this point.
She couldn’t help but think about what Max said. He was great more great than anyone she had dated or even met in a long time. There were few people she felt that kind of a connection with and he was high on that extremely short list. She bit the inside of her lip mulling it over before taking a seat watching the group of guys intently play and cheer for the video game.
The ride home was quiet. If she was this tired she could only imagine how tired he was after the events of his much more active day. “I owe you a real dinner.” she said glancing at him from the corner of her eye in the dark car. Max’s words ringing in her ears still. “You brought me dinner at the hospital and I think I owe you a real dinner.”
She could see him looking over at her. “You didn’t like the food?” he asked seeming a bit confused by her ‘real dinner’ statement.
“Oh no the food was great!” she said giving him a smile. “By real dinner I mean I actually get dressed in something that doesn’t resemble boxy pajamas, there isn’t a code in the middle and maybe just maybe I won’t cry.” she said half joking. She hoped she wouldn’t cry out to a real dinner with him.
“Ok, tomorrow yes? I will make a reservation. Not to fancy.” he said apparently already making a plan in his head. “Wear heel shoes.” he said with a little smirk. Really he just wanted to see her in heels but she didn’t need to know that. “Date night yes?” he asked.
Sarah kept her eyes on the road as she navigated a tricky left hand turn. If it hadn’t been for the turn she would have wished life could stop like in the twix commercial. “Yes.” she said quickly glancing over at home. “It’ll be a date night.” she was pretty sure she hadn’t ever felt sick to her stomach calling something a date before. It was a good sick though a sick that she knew meant she was putting meaning into the dinner not that that she ate to many cheese balls.