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One shots?

So maybe I can't let them go. This was kind fo written as a challenge but I couldn't not use them. So here we go with adults being adult!

“Come with me.” He said taking her hand dragging her through the club and the back stage area.

“Excuse me what is going on?” she asked resisting being pulled along by the strong man who was leading the way.

“Come with me if you want to live.” He said backing her out onto the street pushing her into a cab that was waiting.

“Excuse me who are you and where are you taking me? If you don’t tell me I will pepper spray you and my friend as a taser and I’ll hunt you down later and tase your ass.” She said digging in her pocket for the mini car holding it up to him.

“No don’t, I am Special Agent Letang. I’m here to protect you. It’s been 11 years but I know you aren’t Annie Martin. You’re really Sarah Pearson… but you go by Jessie.” He explained slowly peeking out from behind his hands and the mop of hair that had fallen in in his face.

As the cab raced through the streets of Pittsburgh they both slowly lowered their guard. The pepper spray being slipped back into her pocket and his hands falling to his lap. They rode in silence to the ‘safe house’.

“So I guess this is all starting back up again then?” she asked as they headed into the lobby Special Agent Letang giving the security guard a nod as they passed by his hand on her lower back escorting her the whole way into the cart before punching the button to the 11th floor.

“Yes Miss. Primo Buitoni is out of prison on good behavior and the intel we have says he’s coming for you. We’ve been monitoring the situation for a while now and tonight he got a little to close for comfort so my team organized this rescue mission.” He explained as the elevator came to a halt violently.

She tumbled to the floor thanks to the heels that were designed for sexiness not stability. “That can’t be good.” She said with a sigh. Jessie had been through this several times now. Buitoni or one of his fellow goons would make a run at her. After all it was her testimony that put the big boss behind bars.

“Are you ok?” he asked helping her back to her feet though she discarded the shoes.

“Yeah fine.” She said brushing off her little black strapless dress.

“Is it hot in here?” he asked stripping out of his suit jacket and loosening his tie.

She nodded. “Yeah it’s warm.” She couldn’t help but lick her lips watching his meticulously toned body move under his dress shirt. “Nice piece.” She added nodding to his gun.

He shrugged. “Really it just gets in the way.” He said stripping out of the shoulder holster as well.

Slowly bridging the distance between them her hands went to work on the tiny buttons of his shirt freeing each one as he watched her hands move down his chest just her knuckles brushing over her skin every now and then. She untucked his shirt slipping it off his shoulders to join the rest on the floor She kissed down his body from as high as she could. He wasn’t the tallest but without her shoes she looked child size next to him. Her lips started at his collar bone as she stood on her toes kissing first across then down her fingers leading the way, blazing a trail down over his body. She paused mid-way down his chest paying special attention to his nipples. She gave each special attention swirling her tongue around them breathing cool air on them hearing him moan a little she smiled. “You like that yeah?” she asked continuing to let her hands wonder down followed by her lips. She stopped at his perfectly creased trousers massaging him through the fabric. As she kissed down past his navel leaving a soft butterfly of a kiss on each of his abdominal muscles.

“Ah, Sarah are you sure about this? I’m supposed to be taking care of you.” He said though a smile played at the corners of her mouth.

She shrugged standing back up working his belt then fly open. “If the bad guys are going to get me I want them to find me moaning and having by brains screwed out rather than begging for my life. Think you can manage that?” she asked taking a hold of his hard length slowly bring her hand up and then back down his length.
All he could do was groan his response and nod. Sarah continued to work his length her hand in his pants. Once he was able to focus again he brought his lips to her neck kissing as his hands found their way into her shoulder length blond hair.

“Look at me…” he commanded holding her hair in his fist pulling her head back just hard enough for her to feel it. She felt him tug and her head followed the physical command her eyes meeting his. She halted the stroking of his cock waiting for him to speak again. There were no words as his lips met hers.

The fantasy was broken and there they were in the elevator the couple that had been together going on four years married for nearly three of them. Just floors above awaited a hotel room and a quality night’s sleep away from their three daughters who were conveniently staying the weekend with Grandpa. This was their thing, a little adventure every now and then.

The elevator started to move again and they were shaken apart in a shock. Sarah collected their things on the floor and Kris did his best to right his pants for the quick jaunt down to their room. They laughed like teens as they struggled with the key card to open the door. It didn’t matter once the door was closer again Kris had Sarah’s dress worked to her hips his fingers in her panties as their lips battled to never part while their lungs struggled to get more air.

Sarah shifted allowing him more access with his fingers. a yelp of pleasure followed by a chuckle as he found her clit. Sarah struggled with the rest of her dress pulling it over her head as he took his turn kissing down her body paying the same attention she had.

“You need to get your pants off now.” She said as calm as she could in the state she was in.

Kris didn’t protest as he went to work kicking his shoes off followed by his socks hopping as he pulled them off. She went to the big bed in the center of the suite sitting at the edge turning the soft light of the desk map on. He was to beautiful and she loved him far too much to just fuck in the dark like strangers. Waiting for him she decided to stand taking her panties off.

“No. They’re mine.” He said stripping out of the remainder of his clothes. It was three strides for him to join her on the bed positioning himself over her pushing her panties down to her knees. “I love doing that.” He said as she kicked them aside just in time for him to enter her.

Sarah barely heard him speak her pleasure centers took over her brain. She was quite sure there was no better feeling then the pressure of his hips on hers, his lips occasionally dropping kisses on her throat as he started at an agonizingly slow but fantastically deep rhythm for them. She let her hands wonder over his body the slightest shift of his weight changing how his pelvic bone pushed against hers electing a whimper of a moan from her lips.

It was easy to tell he was getting close between the teasing in the elevator and against the wall with the excitement of their game she was getting there as well. Just as he always did he was able to read her like a book. He shifted supporting his weight on one strong muscled arm the other shifting between them to toy with her clit as his thrusts picked up in speed and force. He was good at a lot of things but patience when it came to orgasm wasn’t one of them. Once he neared the edge there was no going back for him. As always he would make sure they climaxed nearly together. He dropped his forehead to his dark hair forming a privacy curtain around their faces as she did her best to keep the volume of her increasingly high pitched moans under control. It didn’t matter though the deep growl of her husband on top of her as she felt the familiar jerk inside of her as he came. It was only about fifty seconds later as her own orgasm came falling into oblivion his lips covering hers to muffle her just a big.

She felt his weight relax down onto her and she sighed. This was what love was to her his weigh the feeling of his breath on her ear in the twilight of orgasm as he whispered I love you’s before shifting to the side. He had no shame when it came to being naked. A hotel and a weekend without the kids gave him plenty of time to indulge just lying there nude and sweaty playing with her hair.

“You do know Buitoni is the name of the company that makes those frozen squash ravioli you like right?” Sarah joked as she lightly let her fingers move over his chest.

“Oh, I figured it had to come from somewhere.” He said with a goofy smile. She was sure his smiles were a special kind of magic, one not everyone got to experience. He saved them up for the people he cared the most about.

She chuckled. “The airsoft gun was a nice touch as well. What really got me was the elevator. How did you manage to pull that one off?”

He shook his head. “I had nothing to do with the elevator. I actually should go have a chat with security. Make sure there won’t be anything on the internet.”

She smacked him lightly.“Idiot. You better get it. Then again you’re a pro at that.” She shifted to the edge of the bed picking up the room service menu bringing it to him. This wasn’t the first or last time they would have one of these little adventures and not the first security video they would need to acquire. “For now though it was dinner. A rest, some food and a soak in the tub and they would be more than ready for a new adventure though it would more than likely be one where they would get to be themselves.

“Pasta or burgers?” he asked a mischievous grin.

“Pasta for sure.” She said kissing his shoulder. “You never know when the Buitoni crime family could come after me again.”

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That's all she wrote. I hope you've all enjoyed the journey as much as I have! Thank you so much for reading and commenting and being a part of this. If you didn't know Max & Mal have their own spin of (linked in the side bar). Thank you so much again! - Kelly

"Come on everyone we're getting started!" Sarah shouted up the stairs calling everyone from their respective bedrooms.

The 14 year old Ruby was the first one down the stairs her hair pulled up high on her head in a messy bun a pile of school books in her arm and a fleece throw around her shoulders. Next down the step was the 8 year old Liam Lucas looking just like his father his slightly disheveled longer than average dark brown hair obscuring his face. Following along with him the gray tabby cat that never seemed to far away from the first traditionally born of the Letang clan.

"Lets go guys!" Sarah called again resting one hand on her hip. "Auntie Mal and Uncle Max sent you gifts and I've been instructed not to give them to you until you're all together."

"Oh my God Mom I'm coming. I was talking to Andy. I think it's really unfair you're making me stay home to do this stupid tradition when all I really want to do is go out with my boyfriend." Ramona said stomping down the stairs her sweat pants that bore her last name on her butt and the school logo down the leg pushed to her knees to show off the heart covered socks that matched the pink ribbons she had in her hair. "I mean if I can't go out with Andy you could at least release me to practice my lines. I mean the play in next week." the 17 year old said as she plopped down on the sofa next to her younger sister stealing half of the blanket though Ruby didn't seem to care as she went to town taking notes on the chapter going over the onset of WWI from her history book.

"Mommy I'm here." the youngest Letang JJ declaired standing at the top of the steps.

"Don't you dare slide down that banister." Sarah said immediately using her Mother mind reading skills on her adventurous four year old Jerimiah Jason Letang. "You're Dad will be so mad if we have to go to the ER again." Sarah said watching him clunk his cast that was on his left arm off the wall as he headed down the stairs a bit saddened to actually be walking.

Kris swept in from the office bringing the red shiny wrapped shirt boxes from Max and Mal passing them out to each of the children. "Where is Becca?" he asked looking to Sarah.

"I'm here, sorry I'm late." a voice called from the foyer as the sound of stomping snow off boats. "Snow you know." she said finally joining the whole family picking up her youngest brother and putting him on her lap. Rebecca the 18 year old freshman at Pitt University had made the drive home to the suburbs for the Valentine's day tradition with her family.

"So open your presents from Uncle Max." Kris encouraged.

"Look Montreal shirts." the annoyed Ramona said holding up the bright pink shirt with the crazy design on it. "This one isn't so bad. I guess Aunt Mal helped him this year."

"I like mine." JJ said holding up the neon yellow shirt with some kind of graffiti like swirls over it.

"You're four. I'll allow it." Ramona said messing up JJ's shorter hair dark hair.

Sarah cleared her throat holding up the blueray box for the traditional Valentine's Day movie. "As you all know this happens to be an amazing day. A day for love both romantic and for that of family. It was our first year as a real family that the viewing of this film became a tradition." Sarah said going over the usual speech as Kris took the disc from her getting the entertainment system set up and on. "So basically it's the time of year where we take a special moment to tell everyone how much we love them." Sarah said with a sigh looking to her husband.

"Why up?" JJ asked being the newest to the tradition. "Why do we always watch Up? It's old."

"We watch up because it's special to Mommy and Daddy." Rebecca said giving her brother a little squeeze. "When Mommy and Daddy got married they had a joke about Up that day and because Daddy is so romantic..." she said giving some play attitude causing her father to chuckle "he and Mommy want to watch it every year and because they love us they want to watch it with us too."

"Your sister is right." Kris said as he took a seat on the sofa while Sarah headed tot he kitchen getting everyone their little traditional red velvet cupcakes. "Even when I had games we'd all watch the movie together even if we were in different places." Kris explain starting the film and opening his arm up so Sarah could sit leaning into him at their usual spot on the huge sectional sofa.

Sarah smiled sighing completely content. Eleven years of marriage, three daughters, two sons, three NHL teams and finally they were back where they started. Back in Pittsburgh with a two year contract and every intention to retire when it expired with one final attempt at the greatest prize in sports. That wasn't what life was about for the Letang family though. Sure the most famous Letang skated hard, scored from the blue line and threw checks four times harder than he should but that wasn't what life was about for the family. It was this, it was five children, a cat a turtle and love that took them from Pittsburgh to Boston to Montreal and back to Pittsburgh again.

"I'll still let you die first." Kris whispered as he pressed a kiss to Sarah's lips.

"Dad gross." Liam said making a face catching his Parents kissing.

Sarah just smiled stretching across laying across Kris and three of the children to mess up Liam's hair forcing him to mess with it a push it out of his face just like his Dad. "Just watch the movie and eat your cupcake." she said with a chuckle.

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Part 2 - Chapter 10 So Long, Lonesome - Explosions in The Sky

So... this is it. We've arrived to the 'end'. I hope you guys have enjoyed the journey as much as I have.

“Can you cheat a bit my way Sarah?” The photographer asked as she held her dress in place Nessa hooking the tiny buttons at the back. The photographers they hired were a bit intrusive but they were lovely and had the best pictures around when it came to capturing the real moments of a wedding. Like now as Sarah was buttoned into her dress by her childhood best friend with Mal trying to scrub red lollypop off of Ruby’s face in the background. Grandpa Henri had given it to her when she went down to visit the guys. They were affectionately known to the girls as the CanadaGrands though they were slowly starting to refer to Kris’s parents as Grandpa and Grandma just as they did Sarah’s G-Dad.

“Ok everyone who isn’t in the bridal party needs to clear out. Mrs. Letang it’s time for you to line up. Kris is about ready to walk you into your seat.” the wedding planner said as she held her clip board. Checking her watch.

“Um I know this is a bit unusual but I need to talk to Kris.” Sarah said biting her bottom lip.

“Don’t chew off your lip stick.” The wedding planner said glancing up from her schedule.

“Sarah if you run I’ll fucking kill you.” Mal said as she rested a hand on her hip leaning in close trying not to swear in front of the little girls. “These shoes are killer and it’s all for you.” Mal reminded her friend.

“I’m not going to run I just need to talk to him… so clear out. All of you.” she said even looking over to the little girl who in a matter of days would be her official foster daughters.

“I’ll get him and add a song to the organist.” the planner said with a sigh.

With everyone cleared out Sarah fidgeted trying not to touch her hair or anything really. She felt like a Barbie all dressed up in plastic. She never felt so beautiful in all her life but it was an unnatural beauty that felt stiff and fake. It wasn’t the kind of beauty she felt just days before laying in bed with Kris and old misshapen gray tank top and a pair of her least attractive panties. She had been sleeping enjoying their last late morning till the wedding when the feeling of Kris’s fingers slowly moving up her side his fingers bunching the fabric of the top. He had whispered the kindest of words though none of them came to her the memories of his touch the golden color of his skin and the flashes of sunlight and it’s warmth streaming in through the window making the whole memory an overwhelming feeling of being loved and comfortable and almost intolerably happy with his lips on her skin as she remembered seeing the sun glitter off the dust particles that settled in the sun breams.

A knock on the door came and then the familiar voice bringing her back to reality. “Sarah, it’s me. Are you ok?” his voice was so full of concern it just about broke her heart.

She went to the door pressing her cheek to it. She sighed closing her eyes. “Kris, it’s all happening.” she said just loud enough for her words to pass through the door as a whisper on the other side.

“Yes it is Sarah, in…” he paused to check his watch “Three minuets.” he replied. “Please tell me everything is ok?” he asked a desperation in his voice on the other side of the door.

“Someday you’re going to break my heart.” she lamented. “Promise you’re going to let me die first so that doesn’t happen?” she asked stroking the door imagining that was where his face was on he other side.

“Sarah what is this?” he asked confused. “Is this the plot to Up? I will not put balloons on our house I promise.”

“No Kris, just… I can’t imagine life without you now.”

“You can die first Sarah. I promise.” he said from his side of the door. “Just don’t cry everyone will kill me if your make-up gets messed up. Mal is especially cranky and I think she might actually kill someone given the chance.”

“Excuse me do I need to add another song?” Sarah heard the wedding planner ask.

“No, I’m ok.” She said from her side of the door. “I’ll see you at the end of the aisle Kris. I love you.”

“I’m all in Sarah. I’ll see you at the end of the aisle.”

“I’m all in too. It’s all or nothing at this point and life without you would be my nothing.” she said more for herself than for anyone else.

It was easy to hear Kris being ushered away as the familiar faint knock of her G-Dad. “Sarah it’s just me are you ready?” she heard the familiar ask.

She opened the door nodding. “Yeah G-Dad I’m ready. I asked for Kris to come back not because I was worried but because I missed him.”

“I know you two are hardly ever apart unless it’s for his games. It reminds me of Myself and your Grandmother. I loved her with all my heart and couldn‘t stand to be apart from her. When your Mother…” he paused looking up with tears in his eyes. “When your Mother failed you and your Brother it broke our hearts. We made a pact to take you both in and do better.“ he put his hands on her arms looking her over. “I think even though your Brother has had a few bumps in the road we finally got it right.”

“Oh G-Dad…” she said hugging him close but he shushed her before she could continue.

“You look beautiful darling. I’m so happy you found someone who makes you as happy as your Grandmother made me.”

“Thank’s G-Dad.” she said holding tight to him.

“The maids are a go, we need you.” the planner said standing in the doorway. She led them through the church giving them just a few more moments to speak.

“I’m sad your Grandmother could see you like this. She would marvel at what a beautiful woman you are and how amazing it is I didn’t screw that up without her.”

“G-Dad you could never screw it up. You were the best Dad a girl could ask for. I’m happy you can finally have a chance to be a real Grandpa now. The girls already love you.”

“I want nothing more than to be the best Grandfather ever for them.” he said taking her arm as they had practiced the day before as the rest of the girls headed down the aisle being cued by the planner.

The music changed and they took a deep breath in unison. “You ready?” he asked the doors holding till he gave the nod.

“Yeah. I love him G-Dad I love him completely. I can’t imagine life without him.” she said looking through the stained glass window in the door to where Kris was standing the view of him in fractured colors of yellow, red and blue.

Archie gave the nod for the doors to be opened and Sarah saw him immediately crisp and clear highlighted by the run streaming in from the skylights. It was just like the other morning the summer golden glow of him surrounded by the sparkles of dust in the sun.

It was a long aisle but she was completely locked on Kris from the second he came into view. He looked down at his feet for a second lifting his head pushing his hair back just in time for their eyes to meet. Her eyes welled immediately overcome with happiness. She loved him with all her being. She had put him through the ringer and he had taken it all over the last nearly two years. There he was perfect and waiting for her. She could feel the motions happening around her. She kissed her G-Dad’s cheek as he handed her over to Kris the two of them embracing Father of the Bride and Son-in-law before the ceremony continued.

They had chosen to go with traditional vows the ceremony being split between French and English so everyone in attendance felt accepted and a part of their family. The crowed was non-existent to Kris and Sarah though as the focused on one another and the tradition of the ceremony. They had done the pre-counseling that was expected of them by the church and plenty of counseling for the fostering of the girls. They were ready for this, ready for forever. The ceremony was done without a mass to spare the children and their friends.

When the end came Sarah could see out of the corner of her eye the little girls being nudged to attention and Ruby being poked awake. It was the part of the ceremony everyone waited for the kiss. Sarah and Kris met in a kiss that was so them sweet with his arms sliding around her back hers resting at his shoulders. One sweet kiss was followed by two shorter ones as the couple had trouble parting even if it was only for the final blessings and prayer. They walked through the recessional stopping at the back of the church for one last kiss his arms wrapping around her lifting her from the ground for everyone to see as their smiles lit up the church even more than the streams of setting sun pouring through the beautiful windows. Everyone in attendance saw, everyone snapped pictures, everyone knew that this was one of the most romantic weddings that they had ever seen.


“So hello everyone.” a familiar voice said over the microphone. “I’m sure you all know who I am.”

“Potash goes the distance.” Pascal yelled from where he sat with his family. The room erupted in laughter as Potash gave his special Duper sigh.

“Funny but Pascal this isn’t about you. This is about the lovely couple. As Kris and Sarah know Kris’s day with the cup is in a week and a half once they get back from their honeymoon. With that said some special arrangements have been made and we have a special guest.” The doors to the reception hall opened and the shiny cup was paraded in being set up next to the wedding cake. “Sarah you joked about eating wedding cake out of the cup and we did a little research. As it turns out there has been all kinds of cake in the cup including birthday cake and there have been cups made to look like the cup but in our research no one has eaten wedding cake out of the cup. So our dear friend Lord Stanley is here to oblige.”

Sarah was all laughs as was Kris over the whole thing.

“It’s to much.” Kris said his arm around Sarah.

“Not my doing, it totally them.” she said motioning to the tables of team mates with the piles of nearly empty plates around them as they had gone through the buffet as well as the traditional cookie table that was a western Pennsylvania tradition.

“Kris and Sarah can you come down here please.” Potash continued. “and the girls, I’m sure photos are required.” Sarah nodded as the new family was ushered over to the cup for photos and the cake cutting.

The photos were taken and the cake cut and wheeled away along with the cup as champagne was brought out in preparation for the toasts. Speaking would be Nessa, Mal and Max. The three lined up on the little stage where the DJ was set up with Nessa going first.

“When Sarah arrived in Wheeling. Where we’re from. As if you couldn’t spot the West Virginians a mile away…”she said pointing down to her own bare feet and then to Sarah who kindly lifted the table cloth and then her dress showing off her own feet which sat comfortably on the floor her shoes to the side. “I am sure I like many of you had the same feelings about our dear Sarah. I hated her guts.” everyone has a chuckle as Nessa continued. “She was and is prettier than me, could run faster and all the boys liked her.” Nessa took a breath smiling. “No one was ever right for her though. There was no match out there for her. No one could get past the surface. When I met Kris for the first time I knew he was different. He had this air of patience about him. So please Kris continue to be patient with my best friend and Sarah don’t ever make him wait to long. He may be willing to wait forever but he’s a good one and shouldn’t have to. To the happy couple.” Nessa said passing the mic to Mal.

“Sarah told me I couldn’t swear… well she told Max and I both we couldn’t swear.” she said glancing to her left at him. “So don’t.” she reminded him pointing a finger at him. “Anyways. Though of you who know me which is a lot of you I expect know by now that I am a pain in the…” she paused “butt. Sarah has put up with my being a pain in the butt for a long time and for that I am eternally thankful. I’m just as thankful to her for introducing me to Kris who then introduced me to Max and you know love and all that stuff blah, blah, blah…” she teased putting her hand on Max’s shoulder. “Really though I don’t think I have ever known two people more suited for one another than these two. They are strong and lovely each on their own but together they are even stronger and if possible more lovely. I mean look at them they are like Barbie and Quebec Ken.” she joked getting a chuckle out of everyone. “This isn’t a dream wedding like Barbie always had though. This is the real deal. This is two people promising to love one another till the end of time. I don’t know any people more capable of holding true tot his promise more than these two. To love and being more than a dream wedding.” Mal said passing the mic to Max her hand on leaving his shoulder.

Max spoke in French content to speak to the Montreal friends and family. He was sure the translation would be passed along between many of the bilingual attendees. “When I met Sarah I couldn’t believe how hot she was. Sorry Tanger but it’s true your wife is sexy. I’m glad many of the little ones don’t speak French yet.” he added with a chuckle. “Anyways, as we all know Sarah isn’t just hot she is sweet and caring and well she’s just Sarah. I know she was a lot of other peoples Sarah before she became the teams Sarah but she is our Sarah now too just like he is out Tanger. We are pretty notorious for making fun of Kris all the time but it is honestly because he is just so good natured about it. So good natured we never thought it was possible to find someone who could match up to him. Kris is quiet, serious when he needs to be, focused on the important things, strong, gracious and passionate. Sarah is all of these things too. These are all of the things a marriage needs to stay strong and I have never met two people with such individual abundance of these. I know together you will have even more focus on what is important, graciousness, quiet when you must, passion for the cold nights and strength for when you each find the other in need. I love you both dearly and have all the believe that love is central to your union. I look forward to making another toast in fifty years at your anniversary.” Max cleared his throat switching back to English. “To the loving couple Mr. and Mrs. Letang.”

Everyone at the stage and in the audience raised their glasses along with Kris and Sarah, though she had tears in her eyes due to the lovely words of their friends. With sips of champagne drunk the melodic tinkles of forks, spoons and knives against the crystal glasses could be heard through the room calling the couple to kiss. Just as the Stanley cup with a piece of wedding cake in the bowl was being wheeled back out in front of the couple at the head table they met in a kiss.


Sarah leaned back against resting comfortably against him as they sat in the sand sunglasses on their faces, skin tanned golden. It was the last day of their honeymoon and it was to be spent on the beach enjoying the sun, water and one another.

“I’m going to give you tan lines.” she joked though had no intention of moving away from him. It was hot but the fresh sea air managed to keep things comfortable even in such close proximity.

“I don’t care.” he replied dropping a kiss on the back of her neck. “I think we should be here next year as well. Bring the girls. I saw other families.”
“Yes, only less wine.” she teased. They had done quite a few wine tours and had stumbled home a number of nights after experiencing the night life of coastal Southern France.

“Are you ready to go home and be a Mother? Most get months to ready themselves for the task.” he said continuing to nuzzle her skin as the sun slowly began to drop in the sky, the other beach bums around them packing up to head home for a rest before dinner.

“I am. I think being a Mother is what I was made to be.” she mused breathing in smell of lavender and the sea mixing together in an intoxicating way that it only can in Provence. “Are you ready to be a Dad?” she asked turning her head to place a lazy kiss on his slightly stubbled chin.

“I am.” he said firmly. “I love our family.”

“Me too.” Sarah said with a sigh looking out over the water as the bright yellow sun started to cast orange beams across it.

“It will be an adventure.” he responded taking a deep breath holding it in his lungs to savor the unique quality of the air.

“Isn’t it always?” Sarah said with a happy smile the pinks of the sunset starting to shine as the encroaching night bared down upon them.

“With you yes.”

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Part 2 - Chapter 9: All the Things I've Done - The Killers

Ok so the end is near! This is both awesome and sad. I've never really finished much of anything but trust me there is an ending to this story. :) I hope you guys like this chapter. With some guidance I decided not to be evil and to let everyone be happy. Be sure to let me know what you think!

It was almost done. All of it was almost done. Sarah was almost done getting things ready at both Pittsburgh homes and Kris was almost done with the playoffs. One was obviously a bigger deal than the other a big shiny trophy on the line though for Sarah getting the house ready to be a home upon returning to Pittsburgh in August was a big deal. She lamented a few times about there not being a trophy for such things when she was with Mal and some of the other girlfriends and wives.

There she was standing in the upstairs hallway of her new house going through each room to make sure things were in order. Rebecca and Ramona’s room. The two sisters had decided to share rather than be alone. They had been together for to long and did not want to be split up. The room was furnished with a huge walk in closet one side being Rebecca’s the other being for her sister. There were two twin size beds one on each wall with the two sections decorated somewhat differently. The over all theme was purple though Rebecca’s side was highlighted with touches of pink. Ramona’s was done with bits of green. Ramona had a big chest of dress up clothes and full length mirrors on her side while Rebecca had a vanity table. In the center between their beds was the biggest and most impressive Barbie house one could find.

Ruby’s room was different reflecting her personality. Ruby was content to be on her own often living in her own little world. It was painted a light dreamcicle color orange and decorated in a jungle theme with Diego toys and stuffed animals filling the bins along one wall. There was a tiny tent in there as well with flashlights and sleeping bags so she could go on safari on observing animals in the woods of North America if her imagination decided to take her such places.

Sarah moved to the master suite next to Ruby’s room. It was light and dark at the same time. A creamy color on the walls to keep things calm with brown dark drapes and a brown over stuffed comforter. With accent colors of gold and teal the room was functional and soothing. The perfect place to sleep and when you turned the amber colored accent lights on it gave a romantic feel. It was hard to have the room be a place where Kris could easily nap, they could love one another and be comfortable over all. She felt like the goal was accomplished in the room.

There were two bedrooms left, one set up as a guest room where the guest room from Kris’s apartment was just transferred over. His Mom liked it that set up and it fit well in the room. The final room stood empty on the other side of the master bedroom. A room that Sarah had anticipated being Ramona’s or Rebecca’s but everyone around her couldn’t help but comment how it would be a perfect nursery. All she was left to dow as smile and nod. Taking on three daughters was enough of a task without thinking about having a baby anytime soon. Though maybe it would be nice someday and the empty spare room was in the perfect location for it.

The downstairs of the house was complete as well. Kitchen left as it aside from a new table and chairs. The dining room was one of those formal places Sarah never planned on spending much time but a fancy table stood there and an empty banquet. Everyone warned her not to get to much stuff soon. Who knew what they would end up with after the wedding. The normal living room was set up with a new big tv and comfy section with all the tables ect fitting in perfectly. The den transformed into an office with two smaller desks. One for herself and one for Kris. They each had laptops and although she used hers mostly for work cutting down to one desk seemed next to impossible. The rest of the room had spaces for the book cases and books to come over from Kris’s apartment.

The basement was untouched and waiting. Most of the things from the apartment were going there to create a man cave for Kris. She knew he needed his own space and frankly she was content to give it to him so the guys would stay out of the rest of the house when they were over. All the video games and things could stay down there so no one would be tripping over cords and things all the time. She figured furnishing the patio could wait. Kris was excited about picking out a grill and she didn’t want to take that away from him.

While Sarah occupied herself with setting up the house and making sure everything all legal things for the wedding and girls were taken care of along with planning the event Kris was gearing up for the finals. The first round against Tampa Bay had been a hard fought battle that left everyone drained. The second round against Boston wasn’t easy but after going all seven rounds in defeating Washington the Bruins were a tired crew. The Pens were looking at facing Vancouver or Dallas in the days to come. Everyone was dead set in their routine and rituals. Sarah wanted to continue to move things out of the apartment but with everything on the line she knew not even to move the peanut butter in the apartment. Kris hadn’t even been to the house since they official became the owners having their own little celebration with only their bed moved in. Things were moving and Sarah was left constantly wondering how she got here and exactly how her life came to be this amazing. It was scary how good things were… now all that had to happen was a cup win.


Game day mornings had an exact routine. 8am coffee pot kicks on 8:08am alarm clock goes off. Kris is up first from the bathroom while Sarah checks on the coffee. Kris dresses and Sarah takes her turn in the bathroom. Kris turns on the tv, Sarah makes his now usual breakfast of sunny side up eggs, toast, bacon and yogurt before grabbing her own yogurt and banana. They sit at the table him dressed her in pajamas still. She tells him her plans for the day and he nods not really listening unless it involved the little girls which it did. It was game five in Pittsburgh and with a win tonight they could seal the deal winning eternal glory with his name etched on the cup for a second time

“I’m picking the girls up at five once you leave for the rink. We’ll be watching obviously.” she gave him a smile getting and going to her purse pulling out a sheet of paper. “Ruby made you this.” Sarah said passing the paper across the table to him.

When it came to Ruby Kris would do anything. He would do anything for any of the girls or Sarah but if Ruby was involved it always got his attention. “Tell her thank you. I will when I see her but I am going to put this in my stall.” he said putting it with his keys which sat at one of the empty seats on the table. “She is a good artist it actually looks like all of us not pineapple people.” he said looking over at the art work. There stood three little people with straight blond hair like the trio of sisters had. Then there was a adult woman with wavy blond hair who was obviously supposed to be Sarah. Next to her was a man in hockey stuff or the best 3 going on 4 year old version of hockey stuff with brown hair sticking out from under a helmet. His arms were up and holding a shiny silver trophy. He figured Sarah had fielded some questions on what the cup looked like.

Sarah smiled look at the picture as well. “She said that it was our family.”
“She’s right we are a family and it will be official soon enough.” With that said he got up having finished his food. He took his plate to the kitchen putting it in the sink. He brushed his teeth and met Sarah in the bedroom like every morning when she was getting dressed for the day. There were comments about temptations of the near nakedness but they both knew it was out of the question on such an important game day. He was a post game lovin’ kind of guy anyway. He kissed her first on the forehead and then on the lips as he did every morning before heading off to the morning skate.

Lunch had a routine to it as well. Really it was something between lunch and dinner but it was what it was. Kris would come back from practice and since it was the playoffs and Sarah was off getting everything non-playoffs related in their lives taken care of they would nap together. Sarah’s watch alarm would go off at two and she would get up to start pasta for Kris. He had gone with pesto this year though she had no idea what led him to the choice. He’d have his angel hair with pesto sauce and a steak done in the boiler. He would wake up at three thirty and eat. Sometimes Sarah had to take off then other times she would stay with him. Since it was such a big game she was planning on staying with him sitting on the sofa together watching tv.

“We should get a dog or cat or something.” Sarah said looking from his hands which was idly playing with her hair petting her to his face.
“We are getting three little girls and you want a pet?” he asked confused.
“Well no but you sure do love petting me.” she said nodding to where his fingers were continuing to run the ends of her hair across his finger tips and twirling and un-twirling it.

“Oh…” he made an attempt to stop doing it but it wasn’t even a full sixty seconds before he was starting again. “I can’t help it. I like to do this it makes me feel less nervous.” he said with a sigh.

“Want to talk about it?” she asked patting his leg lightly.

“No… yes…” he heaved a sigh shifting so he was facing her a bit more. “I always worry I will do a big mistake and everyone will hate me. Last year I was bad turnover all the time last year.”

“This isn’t last year.” she said with a little shrug. “Worrying about the past won’t help you in the game today. Being motivated by it will. You can remember those bad turnovers and do everything in our power to keep them from happening again. You can remember Luc and be inspired to be your best. You can remember what it was like lifting the cup the last time and lifting it many times over the summer. You can think about having breakfast with the cup with your Mom and Step-Dad. You can think about whatever it is you’re going to put in there and make me drink out of it no doubt spilling it all over me.” she chuckled. “All these things are making you want to not do bad turnovers right?”

He kissed the corner of her mouth sighing. “You are going to be the best wife ever.”

“What if I do bad turnover?” she teased him.

He cracked a smile. “Better stick to baking pies then.” he joked back. Leave it to him to make a pastry joke.


There was nothing quite like the friends and family section for games like these parents, siblings, girlfriends, wives, children…. Everyone special to the people on the ice all packed together all wishing, hoping and praying that it will end in the favor of the men they were there supporting. There were the secret hopes of those who lived with these men the secret hopes that the madness will end, that routines could be abandoned for a few short months and everyone could take a breath for the first time in a long time.

The action on the ice was intense. The men battled harder than imaginable everyone knowing it could end there tonight in 60 short minuets of play. Everyone in the world it seemed was wishing for more or less time. For Pens fans finishing up the first with a one goal lead were wishing for less time.

“Sarah the girls are beautiful.” Kris’s Mom said as she watched the little girls sit comfortably together on a sofa in the family room eating pizza at the intermission. Sarah and Kris had told her about them many times but she had only met them since coming down for the play offs. “If it is ok with you I’d like to tell the girls they can call me Mamie? There was a time where I did not think Kris would give me Grandchildren and I do not think I can pass on loving these little girls as a Mamie should.”

Sarah smiled and nodded. “I think that would make them extremely happy. There was no stopping my G-Dad making them call him Pappy so it only makes sense.” Sarah saw Rebecca eyeing her and Kris’s Mom and did her best to switch to French to keep the conversation private. Rebecca was always listening always looking for information that would help keep her sisters and herself safe. “Kris et moi espérons adopter les filles. Avec leur Mère vivante le gouvernement fera toujours des essais de rejoindre la famille. Nous espérons qu'en temps voulu ils verront que nous sommes la famille des filles.” Sarah said explaining that they hoped to be on the road to adoption.

“ Ils verront que vous êtes une famille à temps. Votre français est très bonne Sarah. Kris devrait être fier de vous.” She said putting an arm around Sarah in a half hug.

“Merci.” Sarah said returning the hug.

Rebecca went back to her food unable to understand them though she was happy to see their positive body language. Rebecca was observant and Sarah always did her best to keep things positive. Thankfully G-Dad swooped in distracting her with tickling something that Rebecca was slowly getting used to and when it came to Archie Pearson there was no denying him the chance to be a Grandfather this time.

The second period was stressful to an extreme. Penalty after penalty which thankfully all were killed off but it was far to dangerous for everyone’s liking. Finally at the end of the period a power play that would carry over. Thankfully the carry over wasn’t needed as Kris slapped a shot on net that Sidney redirected in. BOOM. 3-1 lead going into the third.

All the wives and adults sat around deep breathing trying to will their husbands, sons, brother, boyfriends and friends to hold the line and finish tonight. Just make it through another 20 minuets and the pains that were kept on ice, the relationships that were put on hold, the routines that made people more stressed than comforted could all be put to rest.

Mal approached Sarah pulling her into a hug. “If he wasn’t going to be your husband soon enough I would fucking marry him for that goal.” being extremely unlike Mal she held on not letting go. Ruby being her adorable self joined in wrapping her arms around the legs of Sarah an Mal.

“Group hug.” Ruby said making them laugh and everyone else who saw laugh.
Sarah picked her up the three year old laying her head on Sarah’s shoulder yawning. “That you sweetie.”

“Will Daddy be done soon? I’m tired. Can I call Kris Daddy yet?” Ruby asked still laying against Sarah.

It made her heart melt. How could it not melt her heart. “I think you can call him that if you want.” Sarah said rubbing the little girls back.

“Good. I’ve never had a Daddy.”

Sarah held ruby tight happy no one but Mal had heard what Ruby said. She took a second to compose herself before putting Ruby back on her feet. “Ok I think it’s about time you guys put these on.” Sarah said fishing the sound canceling headphones from her oversized bag. “I know they look dumb but I’d rather not have anyone’s ear drums busted.” Sarah explained.

With much prompting the girls put the head phones on the roar of the crowd being much softer and in the end they were left thankful to be able to color and watch the game without the loud roar all around them.

Thankfully all the kids knew how was not the time to act up. Now was the time to distract themselves and let the adults watch the game and fret and worry as each second ticked off the clock. It was a painful third as everyone in the arena prayed for no penalties to the Pens and that they could just play defensive hockey. They needed all the defense they could get against an offensive power house of Vancouver. It was painful as it came down to the last minuet of regulation. Kris was stuck on the ice and Sarah could see exhaustion on his face.

“Come on baby you can do.” she said to herself when play was stopped preventing him from leaving the ice. 43 seconds on the clock and he was running on empty. She looked across the ice catching his eyes before the face off in his zone. She nodded not even sure if he saw her till he nodded back. She wanted to yell at him for not focusing on the game but how could she?

The puck was dropped and passed over to Kris who with 30 seconds on the clock took three powerful strides crossing the Pens blue line. Jordan was at the Vancouver blue line ready to accept the pass tapping it into the zone so Connor could give chase and hold them up. The guy was little but damn he was a gremlin down on the boards behind the goal. Sarah thought given the chance he would bite someone to keep them from getting the puck. It popped free to Max who passed it back to Brooks over to Tanger shot off the post. Not that it mattered as time expired the horn sounding as the arena exploded. Kris abandoned his stick and gloves skating down to MAF nearly tackling him into the net as the whole team piled together.
Meanwhile after holding t heir breath for so long there were tears of joy and relief mixed with squeals of excitement from every child and many of the adults who weren’t in tears. Hugs were given as the guys were made to line up for the handshake. With the trophy being put in place the families were ushered down to the ice and along a red carpet that was rolled out for them to stand on as the presentation was made.

Everyone waited in a group as the Con Smythe winner was announced. Kris thought it would go to Sid or Testy who both had prolific playoff work scoring goals or grinding people down with game winners respectively. It was a shock when his name was called. He even almost fell as he was pushed forward his sweaty hair in his face. With one hand his pushed it back offering the other for handshakes to the officials. He stood smiling for pictures but was more in shock than anything else till he was told to pick the trophy up. The last two defenseman to win Con Smythe were Nicklas Lidstrom and Scott Niedermayer, both players Kris looked up to. He hoisted the trophy up skating around with it as his team mates patted him on the back. He looked to the side seeing his friends and family cheering for him the little girls jumping up and down in the ear protectors his Mom and Henri by Sarah with her G-Dad who was crying. His moment ended quickly as he was told to put the trophy down it was time for the big prize.

Sid raised the cup and it was passed around the team. It all had a dreamy quality to it as pictures were taken. Once the trophy had made one round of the team the players were released to their families even if intrusive reporters were hot on their tails. Kris hugged his Mom and Dad rapidly speaking in French leaving Sarah smiling as she caught about every other word. Next he hugged her G-Dady followed by the little girls were just about attached to his legs.

“You smell.” Rebecca said as she hugged him making them all laugh.
“Yes I know. That’s why I shower so much.” he teased kissing each of their little cheeks.

Next was Sarah whom he kissed affectionately not wanting to let go even as a reporter approached.

“Kris you looked pretty shocked when your name was called for MVP.” the reporter said thrusting the mic to his face as Ruby circled his legs. Sarah picked her up but she instantly reached for Kris not caring if all his gear smelled like dead animals.

“Yeah I was not expecting it.” he said taking Ruby in one arm and pushing his hair out of his face with the other. “I am glad people know I stepped up my play but I was not expecting anything.”

“Kris we heard you’re getting married this summer what is winning the cup to you mean? Are you going to have Lord Stanley at the wedding?”

All Kris could do was laugh as he looked to Sarah who quickly had the mic pushed into her own face followed by several others that had caught the question.

She smiled and patted his back. “We’ll have to see what the schedule is. I don’t know if anyone has ever eaten wedding cake out of the cup before.”

Kris gave her a quick kiss as the camera’s left them for the moment the trophy making its way down the carpet for pictures of players with their families. There were many pictures taken with everyone and the cup including one with all the little girls and the cup with Kris kneeling on the ice with them. The cup was passed on and Ruby held tight to Kris at her level. Sarah knew what she was saying as she cupped her hands around his ear so he could hear her. He hugged her close nodding before looking up at Sarah. ‘Daddy’. he mouthed smiling. All Sarah could do was nod back. They really were making a family happen.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Part 2 - Chapter 8: You're What I'm Looking For - Rooney

REMEMBER WE ARE HAVING GUESTS FOR DINNER. Kris read the text message nodding.
“Your phone telling you what to do again?” Sid asked as they stripped out of their practice gear.
“No Sarah.” he said tucking his phone back into his jeans pocket.
“Ah the amazing Sarah. Still the hottest nurse I’ve ever met.” he said as he peeled the tape from around his legs. “Sorry Max, Mal is second.” he said looking at their more scruffy team mate.
“More for me mon ami.” Max gave them a sly grin and a cheesy wink.
“So what’s Sarah have to say Tanger?” Sid asked continuing his routine of getting his gear off.
“Just reminding me we are having guests for dinner. I do not know who. I just know she asked me to make chocolate fondue for desert.” he shrugged not really questioning any of it. Nessa and Jimmy had their baby about an month ago so he figured it could be them having their first post baby double date night. Sarah had been busy prepping the apartment for whoever was coming. If it was Jimmy and Nessa he figured it was her G-Dad Archie with her brother Rus and his girlfriend. They had been for dinner shortly after the new year.
“Oh didn’t she tell you it’s a key party and all the couples are invited. The whole wife swap thing.” Duper said teasing his usual target in Kris.
“Is this you admitting you want to sleep with my girlfriend? I’m sure your wife would love to know dis.” Kris shot back reaching for his phone again acting like he would text Pascal’s wife Carol-Lyn.
“Did you just back sass me?” Duper asked looking to Tanger who was working his gear off as the post- practice press core entered the locker room. “Tanger just back sassed me.” he said looking around the room only seeing everyone smirking.


CAN YOUS TOP AND GET THREE LITTLE VALENTINE CANDY BOXES? I FORGOT TO GET THE CANDY WHEN I WENT TO THE STORE. He read the text from Sarah making a mental note to stop and pick up what she asked for. He still didn’t know who was coming but he would no doubt found out when he got home. He had learned long ago to let her fuss over her dinners and events. She liked doing it and if it meant a stop at the CVS to get some candy on his way home from MAF’s it really wasn’t a big deal.
“Hey…” he said entering the apartment immediately taking his shoes off seeing the fresh sweeper tracks on the floor.
“Kitchen.” she called giving him her location.
He followed her voice placing the bag from CVS on the counter next to the bowl of salad she had prepped. “Kiss?” he asked seeing her looking over a cook book her apron in place covering a t-shirt and jeans.
“Oh yes please.” she said keeping her cheese sauce covered hands away from him though he happily pulled her body to his for a lingering but still sweet kiss.
“You taste like cheese.” he said kind of smack his lips processing what the kiss had tasted like. “I do not think you have ever tasted like cheese before. Odd but I can not complain.” he said with a shrug leaning his hip against the counter watching her go back to work.
“I just taste tested the home made mac and cheese in the oven. If it tasted like something other than cheese I would question it.” she joked back.
He flipped on the oven light indeed seeing a pan of macaroni and cheese with the crumb topping and everything baking away. “So I see Mac and cheese, salad, fake fried chicken and you want me to make fondue?” he asked going over the menu. “Who picked these things except for salad we don’t ever eat like this.” he said slightly confused.
“You remember how I’ve been visiting with Ruby, Ramona and Rebecca?”
“Yes the little girls who won your heart in the ER.” he said nodding.
“Yes, though that sounds like the tv guide summary.” she said before continuing on with her explanation. “Well their foster Parents who are lovely by the way are do this weekend long training thing. They asked me if I could baby sit. I said they could stay here this weekend. Sorry this is all news to you the dinner was planned but CYS approved us as temporary care givers for the girls this weekend.” She was all smiles but tense since she hadn’t given him all the details of the weekend.
“So thy are coming for dinner?” he asked.
“Yes, and will be staying all weekend till Sunday afternoon.” she said with a bright smile.
“I have a game tomorrow.” he said blankly.
“Yes, we’re going. We’re going to hang out in the family suit. I called Melanie Kunitz and she said it was ok that there would be plenty of room.” Sarah could tell he was concerned for his routine. “Don’t worry when you come home for your pre-game nap we’re going to head out for a movie and then meet you back here so we can all ride together. I’m going to show the girls the arena and everything.”
“Wow… three little girls.” he said rubbing his hand over his face. “I am going to be out numbered.”
“Yes, for once you will be so just for the weekend, seat down? I don’t complain since men far out number women around here but this weekend ladies rule.”
“I will try though I’ll be using our bathroom. They won’t be in there will they?” he was slightly concerned over that. He would really be thrown off to find his shampoo ect put in a different spot.
“Well they shouldn’t be no. They’re staying in the guest room obviously. That bed is a huge king so all three of them will fit in there with room to spare.”
“How old are dey again?” he asked having heard about the girls many times as Sarah visited with them and kept track of them as they went through the process of landing in a nice foster home.
“Ruby is three, Ramona is four and Rebecca is six.” Sarah said listing the ages of the girls.
“Rebecca likes clothes and Barbie, Ramona like playing pretend and Ruby likes animals yes?” he asked trying to remember the basic facts about the trio of sisters.
“Yep, you have it exactly. They should be here around four thirty so we can get everyone settled in and then have dinner around five? All that is left is the fondue. Your Mom told me what to buy but some of the instructions I didn’t catch all the way so she just said you could make it and she would teach me next time we visit.”
He checked his watch. “Yeah I should start through they will be here soon and it will need to warm up.

It wasn’t half an hour later when the buzzer rang and a family was let into the building. Three little girls a pillow pet under the arm of each and a little back pack on each back paraded into the apartment. They looked slightly uncomfortable but so used to the feeling that it didn’t phase them. The girls were instructed to be good as their new foster Parents hugged them good bye with a slight awkwardness of it all being so new still.
“So ladies welcome to our home. I know you’ve all seen pictures of Kris but here he is for real.” Sarah said introducing him though he seemed to go just as shy as the girls.
“Hello girls make yourselves at home.” he said giving them a little wave.
The girls huddled up talking for a second in whispers.
“Don’t worry they do this all the time.” Sarah said trying to ease his concern. “Rebecca is kind of the spokeswoman for them all till they get comfortable.”
“We’ve decided you look Prince Charming. It makes sense because Sarah looks like a Princess.” Rebecca said.
“Oh girls.” Sarah said with a chuckle. “He is handsome isn’t he?” she said giving him a smile. “Can I show you your bedroom for the weekend?” she asked leading the girls down the hall. “I hope you’re hungry because once you’re unpacked we’re going to have dinner and prince charming made you an amazing fun desert.” she looked down the hall giving Kris a smile as all three of the girls latched on to her immediately following like little ducks in a row. All Kris could do was shake his head his heart kind of melting as he watched them go before heading to the kitchen to get what he needed to set the table.


“Ruby your face…” Rebecca said to her little sisters taking a napkin to the three year old.
“Don’t worry Becca we’ll take care of it. You enjoy.” Sarah said as Kris speared another mini marshmallow for each of the girls. Sarah knew Becca was usually the one doing the best to take care of her younger sisters. “As much as it pains me to inform you all baths will be happening after dinner. But it should be fun times. I got the soap you can write on the tiles with. I love that stuff.”
It was amazing to Kris just how good Sarah was with kids. He knew it was her job but even outside of work she was good with them. She helped kids tie skates at the team Christmas party, She was the go to baby sitter for most of the families on the team and here she was taking care of three little girls that had far to much in common with her younger self.
“If you put the dishes in I’ll do them up later.” Sarah said to Kris as she got up from the table lifting a chocolate covered Ruby up no doubt heading for the bathroom.
“No I will take care of it.” he said shaking his head it was the last he could do.

After dinner he could hear all the chatter in the bathroom and giggles as the women of the home had fun getting clean as he relaxed watching tv on the sofa his feet on the coffee table. Kris wasn’t expecting a tiny little person carrying a unicorn pillow pet nearly the same size as herself to crawl up on the sofa next to him. Thankfully he wasn’t watching anything to weird. Ruby started out sitting next to him on the sofa watching him. The longer she sat there the closer she got to him wordlessly scooting closer till a half an hour had passed and she was in his lap having trouble staying awake.
“Oh there she is.” Sarah said emerging from the hall. “I nearly had a panic attack when she wasn’t in the bedrooms or the closets.
“No she is here.” Kris whispered brushing the fine hair of ruby’s bangs to the side. Sarah had braided it back in hopes it wouldn’t be in tangles in the morning.
“I can take her back to bed if you want.” Sarah said stretching her arms out.
“No it’s ok.” Kris said shifting putting his feet down and adjusting the sleepy little girl in his arms.
“want to stay up.” Ruby mused as her head lulled against Kris’ shoulder.
“Shhh… big day tomorrow. Everyone sleeps soon even me.” he whispered to the little girl. All Sarah could do was pick up the purple unicorn pillow and follow behind. She placed the pillow down in the bed next to Ramona and Becca as Kris carefully put her down and tucked her in. He looked over the scene for a moment giving Sarah a smile. “I think I like little girls.”
She knew what he meant even if it came out a little funny.

Playoffs were clinched and the plans for an August wedding in Montreal were being thrown together. Sadly both Kris and Sarah had both wanted a winter wedding but the unknowns of the NHL schedule prevented that. The date was set for Aug. 6th with the following 10 days being their honeymoon in the south of France enjoying beaches, vineyards and the countryside… and some partying on the Rivera. Tonight though there was the engagement party Sarah’s G-Dad had insisted on throwing at the bar. With one of the rare three day breaks it was possible for most of their friends from the team and around the city to make it down as well a few people from Montreal including Kris’ Mother and Step-Father as well as a few friends.
“G-Dad we gotta control the West Virginia up in here!” Sarah called as she dusted the bars decorations sheets of dust falling.
“Don’t you dare change a thing Sarah. If you do you’ll want to paint or something and we don’t have time for all that. The way I figure you finish up dusting and Russ and I will put the rest of the decorations while you go clean yourself up. I saw that dress you brought down.”
She opened her mouth to speak but Archie cut her off.
“Now don’t worry everything is taken care of Brian is on his way to get the grilling started and Evelyn is on the bar.”
Sarah nodded. “Ok G-Dad I’ll go get ready.” she said passing him on her way to the door kissing his cheek bound for the home she grew up in.. “Thank you for doing this.”


Sarah couldn’t help but smile as she put her phone down getting in the shower.
Kris and Sarah had been busy since February. As it turns out there is a lot of paperwork when the people getting married are residents of two different countries. Then there was house hunting as the Letang family was about to rapidly expand. Sarah wasn’t pregnant but upon their marriage they would officially be the foster parents of three little girls on a path towards adoption. Finding an adequate home, doing the foster care classes, working with the system and keeping it as quiet as they could around the girls meant a lot of work. A lot of work that stressed them out and had become nearly a fulltime job for Sarah to navigate.
“Hey G-Dad let us in.” Nessa said with a knock at the door of Sarah’s childhood bedroom. The two girls had spent many days and nights in the room studying, talking about boys, jamming to Nsync and chatting on the internet.
“Get in here and let me see my beautiful godson!” Sarah said taking the two month old baby Matthew in his car carrier from her childhood friend. Sarah put the carrier down on the bed taking the awake but pleasantly quiet baby out to hold in her arms. “Oh Nessie I think he gets better looking every time I see him!” Sarah said cooing over the baby touching his little fingers which wrapped around her own finger.
Nessa draped a towel over Sarah’s front. “Seriously I don’t want him to puke on this stunning dress.” she said in a matter of fact kind of way.
It was nice to be with Nessa as she worked on her hair. Sarah missed her friend from home even if they talked and or texted nearly daily. “Do you think it’s crazy all this happening so fast?” Sarah asked looking at her friend fixing her hair in the vanity mirror she could remember her G-Dad putting in her room once her Grandmother had passed away. Sarah loved it and knew he couldn’t bare to see his own reflection in it without hers standing by him.
“Sarah you better not be having doubts. Though if you are let me know. I’ll divorce Jimmy and hop on the Kris train. He’s freaking as close to perfect as they come.” Nessa said as she flat ironed sections of Sarah’s usually wavy hair so it would go up smooth in a french twist.
“You haven’t smelled his farts.” Sarah said with a cheesy grin. She loved him and she knew it. As fast as it all was happening she would take fast and crazy over not having him any day.
“I think you two are the only people who could pull all this off. Getting married, all the paper work, a house, a family. People look at you and they see you’re in love. Not just happy puppy love but real love the love that allows you to glare at him from across the room and strike fear into him. The love that lets him walk up next to you fart and then slink away leaving you with the blame.” Nessa stopped talking as three little girls appeared in the mirror.
“Hey girls.” Sarah said waving at them. “Come on in.”
“Kris said you forgot these.” Rebecca said handing over a shoe box.
“And this.” Ramona added putting a purse on top of the box.
“And this.” Ruby said putting a small jewelry box on Sarah’s lap unable to reach to put the other things in the pile on the vanity.
“Told you he’s perfect.” Nessa said in a sing song voice as the girls climbed up on the bed.
“He’s Prince Charming.” Ruby said as she got an elephant out of the pile of stuffed animals to hold and play with. Ruby was slowly opening up as were the other girls. Rebecca was already starting to stroke out on her own more feeling less need to hover over and protect her younger sisters. Ramona had thrown herself into school and playing soccer all spring excelling in athletics. Ruby was a little chatter box when she was comfortable and had a special bond with Kris. She was content to spend most of her time with Kris sitting on his lap just chatting away about anything and everything. It was a good thing Kris was good at listening and or zoning out. Sarah was pretty sure Ruby had babbled about a stray cat that hung out on the playground at her preschool for over an hour the other day. Kris just sat patiently listening… or many maybe not. Either way Sarah found it adorable.
Sarah opened the box looking at the delicate chandeliers that were to hang from her ears. “They’re perfect.” Sarah said putting them in.
“It’s because he’s fu---… Hi Girls!” Mal said from the door cutting herself off from swearing. “It’s because he’s brilliant or at least brilliant at knowing you.” Mal said with nods from everyone else in the room.
With Mal’s arrival the bridal part was complete. These were the women and girls Sarah wanted to stand by her at the alter.


“So this is going to be your life now eh Tanger?” Max said bringing his friend a bottle of beer. Kris had a way of isolating himself even at a party that was half about him with old friends and family all around. He had dressed to compliment Sarah’s dress though she wouldn’t let him see it she had told him it was green leading him to go with the sage colored dress shirt and tan slacks. Thankfully the only photos being taken tonight were by friends and family. On the teams second trip to Montreal in January they couple had made time to do engagement photos in the snow and in a studio. His Mom had insisted though he wasn’t sure why. Either way they were nice to have even if he felt they were a bit unnecessary.
“Yes. Sarah the girls and Me. Our house, a real life.” he said trying not to sigh knowing it would bring about a ribbing. He thought it was funny how he had never known he wanted a family till one was nearly dropped into his lap. Upon meeting the trip of little girls he knew they had to be a part of his and Sarah’s life. They were young and had plenty of time to have children of their own but right now they could provide for these girls like no one had ever done before.
“I envy you.” Max said. The words shocked Kris. Max was the ever bachelor in the eyes of almost everyone. Sure Mal was the exception because they were both so chaotic and wild it somehow worked. “Mal does not want to be married ever. Not to me, not to anyone.”
Kris just smiled. “She’ll change her mind someday.


The ladies stood at the back door to the bar all together as the guys were gathers to the front and Russ started to introduce them all on the karaoke system. Sarah fixed the girls dresses ending with Ruby.
“Sarah I’m scared.” the littlest of the three girls said.
“Hold my hand.” Sarah said offering her fingers to Ruby. In response Ruby put her arms up in the children's universal code of ‘pick me up’.
“I got…” Mal tried to say but it was to late. Sarah had Ruby in her arms clinging with the little one clinging to her.
“It’s ok.” Sarah said giving Mal a smile.
They were all announced and lined the small stage with the male members of the bridal party in the form of max, MAF, Sid, Kris’ friend Yanick from Montreal and his Step Dad.
Russ held the mic out for Kris who looked momentarily panic stricken before taking hold of it. “I thank you all for coming out to celebrate with us. I especially want to thank Archie Pearson for hosting us here. Having you all here makes me so ‘appy. To have you all supporting Sarah and I in starting our life together with our family. It was not long ago I could never imagine my life bringing me ‘ere. Yet ‘ere I am and I would not change it for the world. I ‘ope everyone has a great time tonight.”
Kris passed the mic to Sarah who shifted Ruby on her hip slightly. She opened her mouth to speak but was beat to it by little Ruby who said “Hi’ into the mic first.
The room responded with a chorus of hello’s and other greetings. With the spotlight on her Ruby instinctively reached out for Kris hiding her face in his chest suddenly embarrassed. This elicited a chorus of ‘awws…’ from around the room.
“I know right?” Sarah said into the mic looking at Ruby with Kris as the other girls shifted to stand with Kris their future father figure. “Thank you all for making the drive or in some cases flights” she looked around spotting people she had met on her trips to Montreal. “I don’t think you know how lucky I feel to be standing up here with my soon to be husband and family sharing my joy with all of you. The past few years have been pretty intense and all of you stood by us. Like I said I can’t thank you enough. Please eat all the food and drink lots and dance and in a little bit feel free to karaoke.” Sarah passed the mic back to Russ Russ as a chorus of glasses clinking and people calling for a kiss started up.
“Dat is only at weddings!” Kris said all smiles and laughter as Ruby lifted her head.
“Just kiss her!” Rebecca said loudly getting a laugh from the crowd as Kris and Sarah met in a kiss with Ruby between them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Part 2 - Chapter 7: These Are the Days - Jamie Cullum

Hey everyone! Thanks for the heaps of comments! I really appreciate them. Seriously you have no idea how much it makes me go 'awww' when I get a notification of one. Anyways we're about due for a happy times chapter aren't we? I hope you enjoy!

“Minimum two weeks Kris.” Sarah said sitting with Kris, in head trainer Chris Stewart’s office along with coach Dan.

“No, please consider day to day.” Kris said pleading with everyone in the room.

“Are you forgetting that yesterday you had the worst migraine I’ve ever seen you have?” She said crossing her arms over her chest.

“It had nothing to do with the hit. Migraines happen to me.” he tried to explain.

“Liar. If there had been any way for me to move you I would have taken you to the ER.” she ran a hand though her blond hair.

“Is this true?” Dan asked giving Kris a fatherly look that demanded honesty.

“Yes coach, it was especially bad.” Kris answered hanging his head.

“Well then it’s settled. One more week no practice a week of no contact and then we’ll start to talk day to day.” Chris Stewart said from behind his desk looking between all parties.


“Oh don’t be pouty.” Sarah said following Kris into the apartment they shared. She put her keys in their usual spot on the entry way table. She hung up her coat as well as the one he tossed in the direction of the closet. He wasn’t usually a messy person but she knew he was grumpy. “I did you a favor by not telling everyone how you’ve been dizzy a few times. I should get mega girlfriend points for that.” she said carefully arranging their winter coats in the closet.

“I want to play.” he said flopping down on the sofa turning on the tv.

“I know you do sweetie.” she said as she took off her boots not wanting to track watery slush around the apartment. “It’s only eight games or so.” he said crossing to join him sitting on his lap as she nearly always did. He was such a kitty cat kind of person. He doesn’t stay mad if she was touching him so being right on top of him was the best way to deal with his bad moods. Sometimes it was like all you had to do was pet him and scratch behind his ears to keep him happy.

“I want to stay on top.” he said arranging his arms around her and resting his face against her. If the guys ever really saw him like this they would totally kick his ass and he knew it.

“I thought you didn’t care about that stuff?” she teased. “That you don’t pay attention.” she added calling him out on telling the media he was clueless about points and things. “You want to beat the ‘Big Buff’ don’t you?” she teased with a big grin poking him in the side playfully.

“I don’t care I just play my game, good D-zone coverage, puck management leaving the zone… I want to beat that ass.” he confessed.

Sarah laughed leaning back causing her to slip off his lap and back onto the vacant sofa spot next to him. “That sounds like kinky d-man love. I didn’t know Byfuglien was your type.” she continued to tease. “Many a fan will have their hopes and dreams crushed. If you were prone to fellow man love I would think Max or Sid would be more your type or Flower maybe.” she continued to tease. “But I guess not. You like the Big Buff.”

“Funny.” he tried to dead pan but cracked a smile.

“Man Byfuglien and I are so different. Talk about not having a type sweetie….”

“That is it!” he said scooping her up in a fireman’s carry marching her down the hall towards their bedroom. “you are my only type.” he said playfully giving her butt a smack. “I’ll show you how so.”

He put her down on the end of their bed. When she immediately went to undo his belt he smacked her hands away. “No. Patience.” he said slowly slipping his shoes and socks off followed by slowly taking off his zip up hoodie followed by his t-shirt. He stepped closer to her picking up her hand placing it on his stomach. Being as in tune as they were Sarah immediately let her lips follow her fingers kissing over as much of his exposed skin as she could from her sitting position. She ran her tongue over the waistline of his jeans before once again going for his belt only to have her hands batted away again.

“Uh-uh. Now you.” he said his accent thick with lust.

standing her up swapping her places so he was now sitting on the end of their bed. She did just as he did removing her shocks and top as he kissed over her skin. There was nothing like having his lips on her. He knew just how to kiss body when his tongue would touch her stomach or when his teeth would nip just under the wires of her bra urging her to remove it next. If he could play hockey with his mouth there would be no questioning him as a Norris Trophy candidate. Then again she didn’t want anyone else to enjoy the process of selecting him for such an award. His kissing skills were something she like having all to herself.

The swapped places again this time Kris removed his jeans and boxer briefs. Finally she was able to take him in her mouth working his length with her tongue and hand till he forced her to stop being worried things would end to soon. He swapped places with her having to force her to slow down as she removed her dress slacks and panties.

“The show is half the fun.” he said holding he wrists delicately to keep her from rushing.

With the clothing removed his kissed across her hips letting his fingers slip between her folds. If she thought what he could do with his mouth on her skin was award winning what he could simply do with his fingers was enough to leave her legs shaking.

“Scoot back…” she said guiding him back on the bed so she could gain ground over him.

“I want to stay close.” he said refusing to lay back instead holding her around the waist as she sank down onto his length.

There was nothing in either of their lives that could compare to the completeness of being together. After Christmas things had obviously been rough but the hit seemed to serve as a reset button for their relationship. It was like they were in sync again working as a team not just for the pleasurable outcomes of orgasm but the future prosperity of their relationship as well.

He reached his peak first with her shortly following. He fell back pulling her with him his eyes rolling back in his head as the sweet tingles of the after glow ran through him.

“Are you ok?” she asked barely able to form words though she had immediate concerns seeing his eyes roll back. “Are you dizzy?” she asked still twitching herself.

“Only good dizzy.” he said bringing his lips to brush over her collar bone.


Sarah laid against his chest in desperate need of washing up but far to comfortable, and tingly in the twilight of orgasm to do anything about it. “I love you so much.” she said against his chest. “I’m not just saying it now because I feel like this. Which is amazing by the way but because you’re a secret artist, you know more about me than anyone else, you are my best friend and the best thing I have going for me.” she sighed letting her fingers draw lazy shapes on his skin. When she felt him inhale to speak she cut him off continuing to speak. “You scared the hell out of me the other day. New scariest day of my life. I was there with you knocked out terrified of what would happen and then when you weren’t you for a bit. It was heart breaking.” She sat up getting animated as she continued to talk. “When you weren’t my Kris I had to entertain the thought of what would happen next and could I love that version of you. I’m glad we didn’t have to find out.”

He sat up on his elbows smiling at her. “You done now?” he said with a joking smile.

“For the moment.” she said back a smile of her own reaching out to tuck his real sex hair behind his ears.

“I love you.” he said simply smiling up at her.

She waited for him to continue but he only shrugged.

“That’s it.” he added the usual Kris smile that he seemed to reserve for those closest to him on his face. It was a smile not everyone got to see making it a true privilege.

“Did you know when you didn’t remember me and you weren’t you that you hit on me?” she chuckled teaching for the night stand to grab a hair tie to pull her hair out of her face.

“Oh?” he asked with a little chuckle.

“Yeah. The real you is far smoother.”

“I am not smooth.” he said sitting up completely leaning back against the padded headboard of their bed.

“Oh yes you are. Helping a lady off her chair. Taking her drunk ass home to yours and being a gentleman. Meeting my G-Dad on like our third date… you Sir are smooth. The not you was calling me an angel and all kinds of cheesy things. I’m glad you’re back to being you though because it’s taken me awhile but I know the truth about you.” she said turning and facing him.

“And what truth is that?” he asked crossing his arms over his bare chest an extra smug smile on his face. People would be shocked to find him ever looking smug but it was something he was on occasion especially when he thought he could win at something. He was a bit awkward and shy but he was still competitive just like the other athletes on the team he was a part of. He lifted his eyebrows almost daring her to go on.

“Oh you don’t think I know?” she paused letting out a single laugh. “Let me school you on the Kris Letang that you seem to think no one sees. You sir are funny. You’re dry and sarcastic and make this little off the cuff statements that leave me dying. Especially when you take that rare opportunity to bust on someone who spends all their time busting on you. Then how you take it when people beak you. Man I would have kicked so many asses over my life. You just have no much grace.” she paused for a breath.

“You done?” he asked still leaning back looking amused.

“Hell no. How can I not include that you are a freaking artist? I’ve seen your doodles around the house. I’ve hung them on the fridge like a proud Mama as you know. It’s this thing you don’t ever tell anyone. How about how you let people think you’re stupid? I know you aren’t Mister. I know you’ve been working your way through the bookshelf. I see the little notes you make looking things up that get lost in translation.” she took a deep breath. “Now I’m done.”

“It’s all true I am these things.” he dead paned.

“Shut up.” she squealed leaning forward punching him in his shoulder. He played hurt flopping to the side in their bed.

“You stop or I’ll tell coach.” he said smiling though he was lightly rubbing his shoulder.

She sighed snuggling up to him a little bit nudging him till his arm was around her shoulders. “That hurt a little didn’t it.”

“You punch like TK.” he said with yet another secretly smug Kris Letang smile.

“He must punch hard then.” she said sticking her tongue out at him. “On that note I’m going to get a shower.” she said slipping away from him.

“I’ll change the bed.” he said getting up as well.

Things were back on track again. Perhaps maybe even better than they had been before. Or at least that’s how Sarah felt when she got out of the shower to find he had made the bed having laid out pajamas for her and could be heard in the kitchen making up some kind of snack. She went to her usual side of the bad pulling on the random pajama pants and tank that actually matched when she saw the little box on her bedside table. It was a familiar little box that made her heard race. She picked it up padding out to the kitchen her hair still wet having only towel dried it.

“Is this what I think it is?” she asked cradling the box in the palm of her hand.

“It is not a puppy so if you think it is then you are wrong.” he teased as he put together cheese and tomato sandwiches on toast.

“I don’t think it’s a puppy.” she said not looking up from the box. “So you’re asking me again?” she said lifting her eyes.

“I already asked again and you already said yes. I thought you would like the token that expresses this.” he said putting the sandwiches on plates and cutting them in half taking half away from her and putting it on his own plate.

Sarah just looked down at the little box. “At the hospital.”

Kris watched as she slowly opened it up the hinge creaking slightly. He could see the tears well in her eyes as she looked at the ring.

“Where did you find this?” she asked unable to take her eyes off the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. It was obviously vintage with a delicate leaf pattern flanking a nice sized but not over the top diamond.

“It was my Great Grandmothers.” he came over to where she was standing taking the ring out of the box slipping it onto her finger. It fitted perfectly as he expected it would. There was something about that ring as if it was destined to be on Sarah’s finger that led him to believe it wouldn’t need any adjustment. “Her husband who I never met brought it from home from Italy when he served in WWII.” He explained looking at the ring on her finger.

“I need to call G-Dad and Mal and Nessa…” she said taking a single step towards the phone.

“Archie knows. When he came for Christmas I figured I should do it right and I asked for his blessing. Which he gave though he muttered something about freedom fries.” Kris just shrugged as Sarah smiled up at him.

“So this is all real.” she said as a statement rather than a question. She wrapped her arms around him her head buried in his chest. “I guess we have some plans to make.”

He chuckled kissing the top of her head. “Yes we do. Plans I am looking forward to making.”