Friday, April 15, 2011

One shots?

So maybe I can't let them go. This was kind fo written as a challenge but I couldn't not use them. So here we go with adults being adult!

“Come with me.” He said taking her hand dragging her through the club and the back stage area.

“Excuse me what is going on?” she asked resisting being pulled along by the strong man who was leading the way.

“Come with me if you want to live.” He said backing her out onto the street pushing her into a cab that was waiting.

“Excuse me who are you and where are you taking me? If you don’t tell me I will pepper spray you and my friend as a taser and I’ll hunt you down later and tase your ass.” She said digging in her pocket for the mini car holding it up to him.

“No don’t, I am Special Agent Letang. I’m here to protect you. It’s been 11 years but I know you aren’t Annie Martin. You’re really Sarah Pearson… but you go by Jessie.” He explained slowly peeking out from behind his hands and the mop of hair that had fallen in in his face.

As the cab raced through the streets of Pittsburgh they both slowly lowered their guard. The pepper spray being slipped back into her pocket and his hands falling to his lap. They rode in silence to the ‘safe house’.

“So I guess this is all starting back up again then?” she asked as they headed into the lobby Special Agent Letang giving the security guard a nod as they passed by his hand on her lower back escorting her the whole way into the cart before punching the button to the 11th floor.

“Yes Miss. Primo Buitoni is out of prison on good behavior and the intel we have says he’s coming for you. We’ve been monitoring the situation for a while now and tonight he got a little to close for comfort so my team organized this rescue mission.” He explained as the elevator came to a halt violently.

She tumbled to the floor thanks to the heels that were designed for sexiness not stability. “That can’t be good.” She said with a sigh. Jessie had been through this several times now. Buitoni or one of his fellow goons would make a run at her. After all it was her testimony that put the big boss behind bars.

“Are you ok?” he asked helping her back to her feet though she discarded the shoes.

“Yeah fine.” She said brushing off her little black strapless dress.

“Is it hot in here?” he asked stripping out of his suit jacket and loosening his tie.

She nodded. “Yeah it’s warm.” She couldn’t help but lick her lips watching his meticulously toned body move under his dress shirt. “Nice piece.” She added nodding to his gun.

He shrugged. “Really it just gets in the way.” He said stripping out of the shoulder holster as well.

Slowly bridging the distance between them her hands went to work on the tiny buttons of his shirt freeing each one as he watched her hands move down his chest just her knuckles brushing over her skin every now and then. She untucked his shirt slipping it off his shoulders to join the rest on the floor She kissed down his body from as high as she could. He wasn’t the tallest but without her shoes she looked child size next to him. Her lips started at his collar bone as she stood on her toes kissing first across then down her fingers leading the way, blazing a trail down over his body. She paused mid-way down his chest paying special attention to his nipples. She gave each special attention swirling her tongue around them breathing cool air on them hearing him moan a little she smiled. “You like that yeah?” she asked continuing to let her hands wonder down followed by her lips. She stopped at his perfectly creased trousers massaging him through the fabric. As she kissed down past his navel leaving a soft butterfly of a kiss on each of his abdominal muscles.

“Ah, Sarah are you sure about this? I’m supposed to be taking care of you.” He said though a smile played at the corners of her mouth.

She shrugged standing back up working his belt then fly open. “If the bad guys are going to get me I want them to find me moaning and having by brains screwed out rather than begging for my life. Think you can manage that?” she asked taking a hold of his hard length slowly bring her hand up and then back down his length.
All he could do was groan his response and nod. Sarah continued to work his length her hand in his pants. Once he was able to focus again he brought his lips to her neck kissing as his hands found their way into her shoulder length blond hair.

“Look at me…” he commanded holding her hair in his fist pulling her head back just hard enough for her to feel it. She felt him tug and her head followed the physical command her eyes meeting his. She halted the stroking of his cock waiting for him to speak again. There were no words as his lips met hers.

The fantasy was broken and there they were in the elevator the couple that had been together going on four years married for nearly three of them. Just floors above awaited a hotel room and a quality night’s sleep away from their three daughters who were conveniently staying the weekend with Grandpa. This was their thing, a little adventure every now and then.

The elevator started to move again and they were shaken apart in a shock. Sarah collected their things on the floor and Kris did his best to right his pants for the quick jaunt down to their room. They laughed like teens as they struggled with the key card to open the door. It didn’t matter once the door was closer again Kris had Sarah’s dress worked to her hips his fingers in her panties as their lips battled to never part while their lungs struggled to get more air.

Sarah shifted allowing him more access with his fingers. a yelp of pleasure followed by a chuckle as he found her clit. Sarah struggled with the rest of her dress pulling it over her head as he took his turn kissing down her body paying the same attention she had.

“You need to get your pants off now.” She said as calm as she could in the state she was in.

Kris didn’t protest as he went to work kicking his shoes off followed by his socks hopping as he pulled them off. She went to the big bed in the center of the suite sitting at the edge turning the soft light of the desk map on. He was to beautiful and she loved him far too much to just fuck in the dark like strangers. Waiting for him she decided to stand taking her panties off.

“No. They’re mine.” He said stripping out of the remainder of his clothes. It was three strides for him to join her on the bed positioning himself over her pushing her panties down to her knees. “I love doing that.” He said as she kicked them aside just in time for him to enter her.

Sarah barely heard him speak her pleasure centers took over her brain. She was quite sure there was no better feeling then the pressure of his hips on hers, his lips occasionally dropping kisses on her throat as he started at an agonizingly slow but fantastically deep rhythm for them. She let her hands wonder over his body the slightest shift of his weight changing how his pelvic bone pushed against hers electing a whimper of a moan from her lips.

It was easy to tell he was getting close between the teasing in the elevator and against the wall with the excitement of their game she was getting there as well. Just as he always did he was able to read her like a book. He shifted supporting his weight on one strong muscled arm the other shifting between them to toy with her clit as his thrusts picked up in speed and force. He was good at a lot of things but patience when it came to orgasm wasn’t one of them. Once he neared the edge there was no going back for him. As always he would make sure they climaxed nearly together. He dropped his forehead to his dark hair forming a privacy curtain around their faces as she did her best to keep the volume of her increasingly high pitched moans under control. It didn’t matter though the deep growl of her husband on top of her as she felt the familiar jerk inside of her as he came. It was only about fifty seconds later as her own orgasm came falling into oblivion his lips covering hers to muffle her just a big.

She felt his weight relax down onto her and she sighed. This was what love was to her his weigh the feeling of his breath on her ear in the twilight of orgasm as he whispered I love you’s before shifting to the side. He had no shame when it came to being naked. A hotel and a weekend without the kids gave him plenty of time to indulge just lying there nude and sweaty playing with her hair.

“You do know Buitoni is the name of the company that makes those frozen squash ravioli you like right?” Sarah joked as she lightly let her fingers move over his chest.

“Oh, I figured it had to come from somewhere.” He said with a goofy smile. She was sure his smiles were a special kind of magic, one not everyone got to experience. He saved them up for the people he cared the most about.

She chuckled. “The airsoft gun was a nice touch as well. What really got me was the elevator. How did you manage to pull that one off?”

He shook his head. “I had nothing to do with the elevator. I actually should go have a chat with security. Make sure there won’t be anything on the internet.”

She smacked him lightly.“Idiot. You better get it. Then again you’re a pro at that.” She shifted to the edge of the bed picking up the room service menu bringing it to him. This wasn’t the first or last time they would have one of these little adventures and not the first security video they would need to acquire. “For now though it was dinner. A rest, some food and a soak in the tub and they would be more than ready for a new adventure though it would more than likely be one where they would get to be themselves.

“Pasta or burgers?” he asked a mischievous grin.

“Pasta for sure.” She said kissing his shoulder. “You never know when the Buitoni crime family could come after me again.”

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  1. This was cute. I really liked this story and I am glad that you haven't totally given up on it and that you are adding to it