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Chapter 12 A Bite Out of My Bed - The New Pornographers

I know, I know this is the second time I've used the new Pornographers. I'm not going to say it'll be the last either because their music is awesome. ANYWAYS. As some of you know (other not so much but come say HI if you haven't) I'm headed to Africa in about 36 hours. Yeah big stuff. Relax though I'll be back. I just won't be posting next weekend because of the lack of internet where I'm going. Don't worry though the story goes on and there will be a double post week in Oct. to catch up. I'm about 7 chapters ahead in writing the story so I won't even be missing a week of writing.

Hope you enjoy this chapter. :)


The injuries were really starting to rack up meaning more work for Sarah as she tracked everyone’s recovery coordinating visits to Doctors and cornering the training staff forcing them to write progress notes. She was loving that they were coming to fear her. It was a small victory in the tenuous partnership with the training staff. The trainers were focused on getting the guys well enough to play while Sarah was as always focused on total recovery. She knew they played hurt every single one of them had something that she was keeping her eye on from a distance. It was clear only the obvious things were reported to her. Only the injuries that could not be ignored were checked out. Everything else was wrapped, taped and iced or even injected to make playing manageable. Making the trainers keep notes was the only way she could truly know what was going on.

Max, Gonch, TK, and Geno out it was a lot to keep track of. For the moment she was still traveling with the team though if another guy went down she was going to have to stay home to keep track of them all. For now though she was following her usual routine only this time in San Jose. In the beginning she watched games from the press box with the injured guys but it became clear that wasn’t going to work. Running though the whole arena to get back to the locker room was just beyond stupid. So she spent the time hanging out watching on the monitors in the training room. That led to just playing around on the bikes and then really working out. Hey no one said she couldn’t and they were available. She cleaned them better than the guys did when she was finished anyways.

Things were always wonky when it came to road games but she kept to her routine riding the bike watching the game on the monitors. She missed hearing Mike Lang call the game but at least she could see the action. They hadn’t even made it out of the first when she caught a bone crushing hit on the PP. She hopped off the bike leaping into action. Thankfully she hadn’t had much of a chance to get sweaty as the training staff crowded around the injured man.
Kris was seething both in pain and anger as he came down the runway. “Get off me!” he was yelling as he held his arm to his chest not wanting to move to let the training staff get his gear off. “If you touch me again…” he started to say as Sarah caught his eye in the madness. He looked at her pleading with his eyes to get them away from him.

“Guys lets get into the training room, get him some water and a chance to breath.” she said slowly turning them one by one away from him. “He’s not bleeding so take a chill pill.” They all rolled their eyes but followed her directions giving them some space. She stepped up next to him walking at his side as he slowly made his way to the training room. “Tell me about the pain what is going on?”
“It fucking hurts.” he said still holding his arm obviously in pain.
The Doctor finally got his as into gear turning up. “Hello, Ms. Pearson I presume.” he said extending his hand.
“Yeah that’s me.” Sarah said getting her folders out so they had all the paperwork in order as they entered the training room Kris walking in front of them. “I’m guessing dislocation or contusion from what I saw and the pain he is exhibiting.” she turned from the doctor looking directly at Kris. “Sit down and let them get the gear off of you. It’s going to hurt but it’s either let them help or I’ll cut it off.” She game him the look that made all the guys cringe and do what she said. They all said it was the look that reminded them of their Mothers.

Begrudgingly Kris let them get his gear off of him stripping his top half. His shoulder was already starting to purple looking extremely angry. “Son you aren’t getting back in the game for awhile. You’re going to need some x-rays.” Sarah looked to the clock and sighed. “Kris go change we’re heading to the hospital. We’re on limited time here.” Kris nodded as Did the training staff as they got his skates off and his stupid tan crocks on. “Doc can we get him something called in for the pain for now.? Make him comfortable please. It‘ll be a long flight.”
The doctor opened his mouth to say something but Sarah quickly cut him off. “Look it’s obviously not dislocated his actual arm is mobile. He’s healthy and at low risk for a clot. Please.” Kris remained sitting on the table watching Sarah in awe. He knew she could be direct but she had yet to see her actually bring a doctor under her will.
“Yes, I’ll get him comfortable.” the Doctor said after pausing. He had no power over the rival team. The Doctor worked quickly giving Kris an injection to help with the pain. “Be sure to immobilize him once he’s changed.” The Doctor finally looked between Kris and Sarah and smiled. Sarah was distracted already working on arranging a flight for them. She walked away on the phone.

“You’re a brave one Son. She’s a good nurse which makes her extremely dangerous.”
Kris looked at the Doctor tilting his head. “Why do you say that Sir?”
The Doctor chuckled. “She’ll always take care of you, she will always love you but she will always put taking care of her patients first. Aside from that I didn’t know they came so pretty in the Steel City.” He clapped Kris on the good shoulder. “Best of luck to you son. I know you’re in good hands. Best get showered before she gets you immobilized like this.” Kris nodded carefully hopping off the table heading for the showers with the trainers to help him out.


“That’s not good enough.” Sarah said her phone to her ear. “No I need two seats first class on the flight. No, I understand but I am telling you that’s not ok.” It had been like this for the last 10 minuets. Sarah sighed obviously frustrated. “Fine. The name of the passenger is Kristopher A. Letang. ID is Canadian Passport. “ Sarah rolled her eyes as she heard the period end. “No I do not want to dot he survey about customer service I think I made how much I am not satisfied extremely clear.” Sarah slammed her phone closed. She was quickly distracted though as the rest of the guys came down the hall. She waited patiently for Dan to step up along aside of her and she fell into stride explaining what was going on. “yeah he’s flying out at the same time as us but straight to Pittsburgh. I’ll be staying with the team. I’ve arranged the flight and am working on ground transportation now. He’ll be in good hands.
Dan nodded turning into the locker room leaving her in the hall. She texted Mal immediately asking the big favor of picking Kris up and making sure he goes for the x-rays immediately. Once Mal agreed Sarah sighed heading back to the training room to find Kris. “So… you feelin’ anything on your side there?” she asked trying to revert back to girlfriend mode for a bit as she helped him finish tucking his shirt into his dress slacks and tie his tie for him.
“Not really.” he admitted shrugging his good shoulder. “The Doctor numbed it.” She smiled easily seeing he wasn’t in pain at the moment. “She got out what she needed to immobilized his shoulder for the trip home. “So You’re going home right after the game.” she said tightening the straps. That would hold his arm in the sling to his chest.
“Yes I figured as much.” he sighed obviously annoyed by the whole thing. “What time is our flight?” he asked running his free hand though his damp hair.
“There is no us. I couldn’t get another seat. And I need to continue to Boston with the team.” Really she should have been going with the team. It has been out of selfishness that she wanted to go with him. She wanted to make sure she was ok. She wanted to be the nurse and the girlfriend. “Well there is an us just not an us going home tonight. There is however a you and a Mal will be waiting to take you to get your x-rays and then she’ll take you home. I know you aren’t broken is dislocated but I can’t tell about fractures. They could be in there and a bitch to heal if not treated appropriately.” she slowly made her way closer to him as the time ticked off the intermission. As the guys streamed back down the runway Sarah rested her hand on Kris’ good shoulder.
He sighed heavily hanging his head. “I do not like being hurt.”
“I don’t think anyone does sweetie.” She said moving to rest her head on his good shoulder. “Well some people do but they are sick in a different way.” She had seen many people who self harm when she worked psych. It was never something that sat well with her. “I’m pretty sure your bones are bruised so we’re looking at four weeks, six on the outside. That’s what 9 games?” she said him open his mouth to speak and she shushed him covering his mouth with her hand. “Four weeks or pain every time you shrug or lift your arm. But I’m not going to lecture you now.” she pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I was really freaked out when I saw it was you.” She removed her hand from his mouth. “I am so, so sorry that it’s you. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone but especially not you.” She went to continue but his lips covered hers. Previous to this they had a strict no kissing at the arena rule. It all went out the window though as his lips moved against hers. His kiss was gentle and tender maybe with a tinge of worry as well.
“Your turn to shush. Do not worry about me I will do what I must. I will list…” he smiled correcting himself. “I will do my best to listen and follow your directions.”
Sarah nodded. “Good or I’ll beat you and it’ll be in a bad way not a good way. Now lets watch the game.”

There was nothing like traveling with a pack of men and more gear than one could imagine. For Sarah it was always easy to be caught in the crush. She was swept in with the training staff and the media often time also with smelly gear. Once at the airport Sarah personally dug through the bags to get him his carry-on. She could see he was tired but stressed he at least deserved to have his psp when he flew alone.
“Ok so I put Mal’s number in your phone. Text her when you land. She’s going to take you for your x-rays. It’ll be good. She has my permission to answer 5 personal questions about me so have fun with that.” Sarah joked. “You have a whole flight to think of what you want to ask.” The team flight had to bored and do their usual pre-flight rituals. She still found all the rituals weird and was sure a few of the guys were borderline OCD one or two of them for sure meeting diagnostic criteria.
“Oh I will think of good question.” he said taking her hand pulling away from the group a bit. “Thank you for being my nurse and girlfriend.” Sarah went pink in the cheeks hearing him give her a title for the first time.
She didn’t wait for him to say anything else as she stretched up to kiss him. “I’ll call in the morning about your x-rays and you will know as soon as I do, I don’t want to leave my boyfriend hanging to long.” she ran her hands over the lapels of his suit. “In about…” she paused to look at her watch. “In about four hours take the Advil. If you don’t you’ll wake up in some serious pain. Mal has some better stuff for you once you’re on the ground.” she gave him another quick kiss before pushing him away lightly. “You better go or you’ll miss your flight.” she said sadly. It was going to be weird not having him there. It wasn’t till now she realized just how much time she spent around him. They weren’t always interacting directly but he was always just in the other room or on the ice and she was in the training room or even on the same plane or bus just a few rows away.
“I have questions to think of.” he teased kissing her head. “See you in a few days. Do not worry to much. The rest of the guys will feed on it.” he reminded her kissing her forehead. “Don’t give them a reason to tease you.” he hugged her close with one arm before letting go starting the walk towards security for his flight.

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Chapter 11 You Don't Know Me - Ben Folds andRegina Spektor

First of all thanks to everyone who's been reading. If you haven't been listening to the music I'd encourage you to do so. Big shout out to Mel for commenting on every chapter. You're a nut.

You Don’t Know Me - Ben Folds & Regina Spektor.

October has been amazing. The team was doing well with only two losses. Sure there were injuries starting to pile up and Sarah was busy keeping track of everyone though it was mostly the training staff who made decisions on when people could play. For her it was hard to see the guys go out not completely healed but it was part of being a professional athlete. They had been doing this for years and were used to dealing with the pain. She was sure to give them each a lecture every chance she got usually when they were in an ice bath and couldn’t walk away from her. For awhile they had taken to eye rolling but she had long ago mastered the ‘mom look’ that stuck fear into the inner little boys. So they had to sit there in the cold water and listen to her.

It was their longest break in a few weeks… three days between games and everyone was pleased to have an entire day without practice or a game. Sarah and Kris had been seeing a lot of one another and had made plans to spend the day apart and meet for dinner out like real dating people.
Traveling with the team was great and there was nothing like traveling with someone to really get to know them or at least that’s what she thought. She had expressed to him that although she loved the team she was missing the hospital and was fearing her critical care skills were going to drop off. She knew it was going to be hard but when they had long breaks she was going to pick up shifts at the hospital again. He hadn’t liked the idea knowing how tired and over worked it could make her but he understood and in the end gave in to it being ‘her decision’. It was obvious he wasn’t happy about it but she had chosen to ignore his opinion on the matter.
With her day off Sarah had done a bit of shopping and stopped by the hospital both to put her name in the pool for picking up shifts on the days she could and to visit her favorite little guy as well as best friend. “Hey Mal.” Sarah said hanging on the nurses station reaching for Jason’s chart.
“You!” Mal said obviously shocked and pleased to see her friend. “What the hell are you doing here on your day off?” she asked looking at her friend.
Sarah grimaced looking at Jason’s chart. “They’re talking about bone marrow soon aren’t they?” she asked looking from the chart to Mal. Her friend just nodded. “Yeah they started him donating his own now.” Sarah nodded. “Before I leave you’re going to test me to see if I’m a match.”
“No way Sarah you’re insane. His family will never accept that.”
“They will if it’s from an organ donor which is what they’ll be told. Since I technically am one.”
Mal knew there was no fighting with Sarah when she made her mind up about something. “fine but if they find out it’s all on you sister.”
“You’re the best Mal. Now will you put these back there? I have to change before I meet Kris for dinner but I want to visit my favorite little guys.” passing the bags over the counter she saw Mal’s grin and rolled her eyes.
“Yes that is going great. We’ll have to get lunch on your day off and I’ll tell you more.”
“Damn straight you’ll tell me more.”
Sarah smiled to her find fanning herself before heading down the hall for Jason’s room.
For most people taking the afternoon with an ill little boy was a horrid way to spend your free time. For Sarah it was a great way to spend an afternoon. They played crazy 8’s and a few rounds of connect four before Mal came down to get Sarah to do the test. It was just a short blood test. The actual marrow donation was more intense and was actually surgery.
With the test processing Sarah changed pinning her hair up in an updo for her dinner with Kris. It wasn’t an overly fancy dinner but he had said reservations and he was wearing a jacket so it had to be kind of nice. She picked out a new dress while out shopping and donned it as well as new shoes heading to show Mal before heading out.
“Damn girl you must really like this guy you never used to get this dolled up for Dr. Asshat.”
Sarah rolled her eyes. “Yeah well Kris is worth it. He’s really one of the good ones. I can’t even begin to explain how now but he’s one of the good ones.” Sarah checked her watch and winced. “I better get going or I’ll be late.” she leaned over the counter kissing her friend on the cheek. “Text me your schedule and we’ll work out a lunch date.”


He had arrived early as was his style. Even for games he liked to be there pretty early in no way rushing to prep. He checked his watch seeing there was still a bit of time. He had a good day hanging with some of the guys playing video games. It was like old times or at least they said it was like old times. Not that they minded that he was seeing Sarah it was just unusual to have her around so much. Kris didn’t mind though in fact he liked it that way. He found comfort in her always being there. She was good at anticipating his needs by making coffee on a tired morning or always having an extra of whatever he was missing on the road.
After hanging with the guys he had gone to get a haircut. For everyone it was going to be a shocker but Sarah was going to be the first to see it. It wasn’t unusual to him. He usually cut his hair all off once a year and then just let it go. Most people would just find it weird for it to be in the middle of the season with the mojo and all. Not to mention the fans…
Seeing Sarah at the door he waver but she didn’t see him well he knew she saw him but she didn’t recognize him without his hair. She looked back and he waved again only this time she covered her mouth in shock as she approached.
“Kristopher Allen Letang what did you do to your head?” she asked standing next to him running her hand though his much shorter hair.
“I got it cut.” He shrugged stating the obvious in a matter of fact tone.
“Obviously.” she said giving him a quick kiss before taking her seat in the booth across for him.
“You sound like Staalsy.” he ran a hand over his head a bit unsure of what to do since there was no hair to push out of his face.
“Ha funny. “ she said rolling her eyes picking up the menu. It was a nice standard fare american restaurant that seemed to feature grilled things. She didn’t mind. He knew by now that she was an eater.
In looking over the menus he noticed the bandage at the crook of her arm. “You ok?” he asked brows knit in concern. “You didn’t mention any blood test today.” he figured she would have told him.
Sarah mentally kicked herself for not having removed the bandage. “It wasn’t a test for me.” she said picking the band-aid off and stuffing it in her purse. “Jason is going to need bone marrow soon and I asked Mal to run the test to see if I’m a match.”
The waiter approached the table cutting Kris off from saying anything though Sarah could tell his comment was going to be less than supportive. They gave their orders for drinks and he disappeared.
“You need your bone marrow. Shouldn’t it be family that donates or can you not donate your own?” he asked leaning forward when he noticed his voice was starting to go up in volume. “Why do you have to take this risk? You are his nurse not his Mother.” he didn’t intend for the words to have the bite that they did.
“I’ll be fine I’m healthy and still generating more than enough.” she was confused as to why this was even a big deal. It was her bone marrow to give not his. “What are you ordering?” she asked changing the subject.
“You’re changing the subject. I do not understand why you are going to such lengths for one kid.” he had met Jason once and had no clue of the special connection. She had told him but it wasn’t something easy to understand.
Sarah sighed closing her eyes behind her menu. For her Jason was more than a kid. She couldn’t help it. He was the perfect little kid whose life was so full of pain that it made everything seem unfair. “He’s not just any little kid. He’s Jay my Jay. I’ve known him since the beginning. It’s more than that he’s so brave and strong. I’m an adult and I know I couldn’t have made it though what he’s been though. He smiles all the time… I can’t not do it. I can’t just stand there and see him suffer knowing I could do something.” It was a rant but she couldn’t help it. It was how she felt.
The waiter approached dropping their drinks off. Water for the both of them. Sarah was to pissy to think about what she wanted and he didn’t like to drink before games. Their food orders were taken and the menu Sarah had been hiding behind was taken away forcing her to look at the man across the table. There was nothing to hide her agitation behind now.
“It just seems crazy to do so much for one patient. I thought you were supposed to be objective.” he took a sip of her drink not realizing how what he was saying was getting to her. He wasn’t trying to be insensitive but factual and deep down he was worried for her. It was a surgery, an unnecessary one. People died going under for much smaller things. Something like a deep bone marrow extraction could leave a festering infection that could kill her. Of course he couldn’t just come out and say those fears. He wasn’t even sure they were there.
Her face should have been more than enough to convey her feelings on what he was saying. “Do not talk to me about my job.” she lowered her tone leaning toward him a bit. “You have no fucking idea what my job is so I don’t want to hear it.” She was young but she had seen a lot. She had seen kids die, people attempt suicide, She had seen friends and family stand strong as their loved ones were in pain. He had no idea what she had seen. “I am so done talking about this. It’s just a test. I don’t even know if I’m a match so you can keep your opinions to yourself for now.” she was angry and she knew her face was getting red. Thankfully she was able to keep her tone under control.
He took a sip of his water. “Fine. I will no forget though.”
She couldn’t help but roll her eyes though she managed to keep her mouth closed on the subject. “So tell me about the hair cut.” she said changing the subject in an attempt to salvage the night.
He shrugged unsure of what to say. “It was time. I think my hair was nearly as long as yours.” he was joking a bit which a nice change of pace. He was still thinking about what she might be doing in the future to save one kid. It wasn’t all that shocking even if he hated the prospect of her going under the knife for something that wasn’t effecting her own life. It was scary… it scared him more than he could put into words. What made it so scary was that although he knew he cared about her his own reaction caught him off guard.
Dinner was nice with good food and as usual on game nights they went back to his to just sleep. He liked having her there joking that she was like a teddy bear to a child for him comforting him before a game day. They drove separately to his place parking side by side. As usual they headed in and changed into pajamas. She threw on a pair of ‘pink’ sweats that she had gotten from Nessa for Christmas the year before and a tank top taking the pins out of her hair letting it be messy and wavy as she joined him on the couch to catch the Daily Show before bed. He had on his usual sweats and a t-shirt to lounge around the house in.
Sarah snuggled under his arm doing her best to put the earlier events of the evening out of her mind. She didn’t want to fight with him especially the night before game day. It was hard to understand why he had been so mean about her doing this for Jay. She knew he had met Jay and if a kid deserved a chance to live a normal life. He was the little boy she dreamed of having one day.
“I am sorry I was pushy at dinner.” Kris said breaking the silence between them. Looking down at her he kissed her head. “It scares me to think you could be hurt in the surgery.”
She had her head on his chest and could hear his hear beating loud and rushed as he spoke. The rapidness gave away how true his words were. “It’s safe people do it all the time. Really the only thing that could happen would be me feeling like I feel on my ass real hard for a few days after.” That was as long as they went with local anesthesia. If she was put all the way under things could on occasion be a little more tricky. “Really they would just be shoving a big ol’ needle in my ass…” she stood up and took his hand placing it on the back side of her hips where her iliac crest was. “Big needle goes into the bone they suck out some stem cells, I get an excuse to complain about my ass hurting and Jay gets his immune system jump started.” she sat down on his lap running her hands though his new short hair. “Really not a big deal.”
Kris listened attentively or as best as he could till she put his hands on her then all listening was shot to hell till she said ‘no big deal’. He snapped out of his daze then. “It is a big fucking deal. It’s a surgery and it isn’t want normal people do. Normal people don’t just have a surgery to help someone.” He was pretty exasperated with the whole thing though he knew there was no way to change her mind. All there really was to keep her out of this was to hope she wasn’t a match… though this meant putting his hopes against a little kid with cancer which seemed extremely selfish.
“Fuck normal. I don’t know what impression I’ve been giving you but I thought you would know by now the only thing that is normal about my life if the way that I look.” she scooted off his lap and put some distance between them stalking to the kitchen to get herself a drink.
Sarah came back with two glasses of water. A kind of peace offering. “You’re going to have to agree to disagree with me on this because I don’t want to fight about it.” she took a drink of her water before putting the glass down on a coaster. “I don’t know what’s going to happen yet so there isn’t a need to be so worked up.”
He nodded not saying anything but he took the glass of water. “I just want to see you do what’s best for you.”
Kris had to go and say something to melt her heart just a little. ”Ugh. You’re killin’ me here.” she mumbled closing the gap between them again her hand finding the way back to his hair. She liked the feeling of the new short hair though she was going to miss the old too. “We’ll deal with this when it actually comes up.” she added glancing at him for just a moment before looking back to the tv. She felt him nod as she continued to play with his hair. That was good enough for now.

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Chapter 10 Fascination - La Roux

So this chapter isn't my strongest but I know it's what some of you have been waiting for. :)


It seemed weird that two weeks had gone by since meeting her family. A two weeks that had left her running between jobs filling in here and there at the hospitals and doing her real job with the Pens. It had been hard to find time for dates and work. Sure they spent time together but it usually ended up with her falling asleep after eating something and with her head on his shoulder pr on the arm of a sofa. Pre-season matches had started and it was getting to be obvious caring for a team of men was not going to leave her time to fill in for friends who wanted to take long weekends. The money was nice though. She was building quite the nice little savings.
“I printed my October schedule for you.” she said rummaging though her disorganized purse for the folded sheet as he took their dinner plates to his kitchen where he left them in the sink to be rinsed and loaded into the dish washer later.
He picked up their wine glasses taking them to the living room where he placed them on the coffee table. She followed handing him the folded paper taking a seat on the sofa. “It’s blank.” his accent made the short sentence far more amusing than it should have been. Sarah lifted the wine glass to her lips taking a sip to hide her smile.
“Yeah, I know.” she said still smiling though she could lower her glass from her face now.
“Your printer is out of ink?” he asked not catching what she was trying to say.
Sarah put the glass down on the coffee table taking his hand to guide him down to the sofa with her. “I’m not taking any extra shifts in October. I need to adjust to how this life is really going to work. All the travel….” she paused catching his eyes. “There is also this thing where I’d like to spend some time with you were I’m not shoving food in my face or falling asleep.” she explained as her hand drifted from his moving over his muscled arms to the soft hairs at the back of his neck under the rest of his hair. She had found it to be one of his sweet spots.
“When you told me you were working tomorrow morning?” she only got that it was a question due to his inflection. He seemed pre-occupied relaxing making a face similar to the one a cat does when you pet it just right.
“I was lying. A good lie mind you. A forgivable one.” she moved herself to his lap straddling his hips.
“You are staying tonight and you will be punished. I do not like being lied to.” he said though it was obvious he was teasing and the only punishing that would be happening would be the kind that any girl would want from him.
“Oh really?” she said raising an eyebrow as he made swift work of removing her shirt letting it go somewhere behind the couch.
They had made it this far before rounding the bases and on their way for a home run tonight one would expect keeping to the baseball metaphor. She found it quite sweet that he was respectful and did the majority of insisting they take it slow. She had been the one who had invited him in for this on their second real date where he also met her G-Dad. Doing things out of order seemed to be their way.
His hands moved over her sides sending an electric shock to her core. He had good hands. They were large and strong but always managed to be amazingly gentle when he touched her. His lips connected with her collar bone and over to her shoulders kissing as he moved the straps off to her arms going slack.
Sarah removed his backwards turned hat sending it in the same direction of her shirt. His t-shirt followed as she tugged it over his head forcing his lips to disconnect from her shoulder. Her hands found h is hair tugging lightly till she had his head tilted back slightly. He had brilliant hair for tugging. “Who’s punishing who here?”
He narrowed his eyes at her playfully. Before she could realize what he was doing he had her flat on her back pinned to the sofa his weight holding her down. He removed her hands from his head holding them above her own with one of his as his lips returned to her neck and collarbone.
“Oh that’s so cheating to use your not so secret hockey strength.” she joked shifting her legs to wrap around him as his lips traveled down over her chest to her stomach. He masterfully unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans taking his time moving as if he was letting each tooth of the zipper have a moment before moving to the next. Sarah lifted her hips as he pushed her jeans down her legs till she could kick them off wiggling out of them.
Letting go of her hands she immediately went to work touching any bit of him she could her hands moving over the muscles of his arms feeling every dip, dent and curve that indicated his strength. As he moved back up her body to kiss her lips her hands continued their action moving over his back and stomach till she was at his jeans. She took less time more wanting to get them off rather than tease him. Her real teasing began once they were off.
She shifted them thankful he was focused on their kiss to realize she was leading him to sit up. She bit his bottom lip giving it a little tug as she slyly moved her hand in his boxers wrapping her fingers around his length. He groaned and she released his lip from her teeth smiling as his head fell back on the sofa.
She didn’t play for long though. He scooped her up quickly in a fireman carry as he headed for the bedroom. She couldn’t help but laugh as he hurried them down the hall. He set her down on her feet swiftly removing her panties and she did the same to his boxers before digging though drawer of his night stand for a condom. Sat down on the edge of the bed slipping the shield in place. Sarah moved behind him kissing over his shoulders her hand moving to his to assist him. Once ready he turned his attention back to her guiding her to lay back as he moved into position over her. He was patient and kind slowly inching inside of her.
“You good?” he asked once completely inside her.
Sarah nodded biting her bottom lip. “Yes, amazing.” she said a smile spreading across her face.