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Chapter 20 Love Ain’t Gonna Let You Down - Jamie Cullum

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Montreal was a beautiful city. It was new and old, had a great river and enough bridges to remind her of Pittsburgh, it made Kris happy and by default it made her happy as well. She was happy to be there with him. After the marrow donation she had thought for sure they would ‘take a break’ but he stood by her. Sure things were a bit cold between them but she couldn’t blame him. If the table had been turned she would have rescinded her invitation for such a trip.

Sarah was trying her best to apply what she could remember from psychology of relationships. It was one of her continuing education requirements she had decided to take the previous year. There were four types of people when it came to relationships. Puppies, kitty-kats, canaries and gold fish. Puppies were people who needed verbal approval from the ones they loved. Puppies didn’t care if everyone loved them but were in desperate need for attention from a specific few both in physical touch and verbal praise. Kitties were the kind of people who thrived on physical touch. Kitties needed to feel the physical connection to know they were loved. Canaries were the kind of people who needed to talk things out they needed people to listen to them. For a canary being heard was what they needed the most. Gold fish were the kind of people who just did things for others. They didn’t need much and didn’t ask for things often. They would do and do for others and the maybe just ask them to straighten up the fish bowl every now and then. Sarah knew she was a puppy with a minor in gold fish. Kris on the other hand was a gold fish with a minor in kitty-kat. She needed attention from him and at the moment, things were less than warm between them. Gold fish didn’t ask much of people just as Kris hadn’t ever asked much of her. He really only had asked for honesty and she had betrayed that. He was suffering to. She could tell on the flight to Montreal he had wanted nothing more than to touch her and be close. He had even gone to move to put his arm around her a few times only to pull back hurting himself as well as her.

No one was home when they arrived at the house he had done most of his growing up in. He parked the rental car out front and led the way into the house. It was cold in Montreal but beautiful. Sarah thought the snow seemed more what but that was to be expected from the way she had grown used to the boys describing Canada. Kris got their things settled in his bedroom a place Sarah was fascinated by. It was the room of a child with the bed and wardrobe of a young man. It was obvious a larger bed had been put in the room sometime in the past few years. It was also obvious there weren’t many girls with a weeks worth of clothing visiting often.

“You can use the guest room as a closet.” he offer standing unsure of what to do with her suitcase. “Or just share with me.” he shrugged standing in the hall.

“Um with you is good if that’s ok.” Sarah said from where she stood investigating a picture of a group of little boys in hockey gear propped up on his dresser against a trophy which a little silver medal hung from.

“Yes, fine with me.” he said putting her bag next to his on the bed unzipping both starting to unpack a few things. They had each brought an especially nice outfit as they planned on once fancy dinner with his Mom and Step-Dad. The rest of their clothes were mostly casual though Sarah had brought a few going out kind of things since he mentioned wanting to hit a few clubs with some friends.

He hung up his suit he had brought as well as the dark teal colored dress she had packed in a closet that was obviously full of summer things.

With everything in place Sarah wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself. It was only 2pm and she couldn’t just sit there with him the closed in feeling of the unfamiliar house pushing her to say or do something. It was almost unbearable to feel so boxed in with her feelings that she had to get out.

“Um I think I’m going to go for a run.” she said moving over by him to get into her suitcase to get out her cold weather running gear she had brought. Like it or not she was still training with Mal for the marathon. She said she wasn’t going to run the race in the spring but she knew Mal would talk her into it.

“I’ll go with you.” he said also getting in his bag which was right next to hers. “I don’t want you to get lost.”

Sarah opened her mouth to tell him it was ok that he didn’t have to but closed it a little smile turning her lips up at the corners. This was his inner goldfish reaching out to her puppy dogs. He was willing to be with her even though he didn’t have to be. She could almost wag her tail she was so happy he would be joining her.

It was cold but bright outside. The sun reflecting off the snow made one think it was warm but the truth was just the opposite. Sarah had to make Kris go change several times before she approved of a weather appropriate outfit. He kept complaining saying how it was sunny. This was followed by her opening a window letting a rush of cold air in to remind him that it was indeed February still. Finally he managed to put together weather appropriate attire. Sarah had the sneaking suspicion this whole ordeal was somewhat like helping a first grader pick out clothes on a similar kind of day.

Once outside she took the time to stretch and he half stretched as well. “Do you think I will be able to keep up?” he said an obviously cocky tone in his voice. He knew she ran for distance but he had never seen her actually do much running leading him to believe he was more fit than she was. Really he was right just in a different kind of fitness.

“Keep up…” she paused to think recalling his fitness statistics. “For the first five miles.” she said with a grin. “You’ll be begging to come home around mile seven and I’ll give in at mile ten so you don’t get bad blisters.” he had seen some of the blisters she had come home with when she and Mal had done the first 12 mile run of their training and frankly he was frightened by them.

Sarah didn’t wait for him to say anything but took off setting a comfortable pace for herself. She could hear him complaining about it being slow but she ignored him. Her plan had been to go running to clear her head and he wasn’t allowing that to happen. The constant sound of his breathing and foot falls next to her only hit home what was on her mind in regards to their relationship. Just as he complained about being to slow it reminded her that keeping things steady was better for the long haul. How could she not have seen such a clear metaphor for their relationship?

It was in dwelling on that fact that around mile 8 when he was starting to drag that she found herself stopping dead on the suburban sidewalk. He was slightly behind so it took just a moment for him to catch her. When he did she sat down on the cold but dry sidewalk her arms resting on her bent knees.

“Are you ok? Are you hurt?” he asked standing over her hands on his hips. His breathing was labored and he rocked between his feet letting on they were obviously hurting.

“No and no.” she said looking up at him squinting as he was backlit by the sun. “Tell me you hate me.” she asked lifting her hand to block the sun so she could look at him. She knew it was a dramatic statement but it was how she felt. There was distance between them since her marrow donation and she didn’t know how to fix it. They were out of sync and she couldn’t think of a way to make him talk about it.
“No.” he said sitting down next to her stretching his legs out in front of him taking all weight off his feet.

“We’re together all the time. I mean more hours than any normal couple could stand.” she looked at him. “We don’t talk. We used to but we don’t anymore. We’ haven’t talked since you came to the hospital.” she knew it was partially her fault for causing this whole mess.

“We talk.” he said shifting away from her taking a defensive position.
She rolled her eyes staring him down with her ‘Mom look’ as the guys called it. She tended to use it more and more with Kris which was something she didn’t like to do.

“Ok, maybe we do not.” he confessed her eyes making him feel like he was about to burst into flames. “I do not know how to fix it.” he shrugged.

“Well some work. I know you don’t trust me like you did before.” Sarah thought it was stupid that he didn’t trust her as much. She hadn’t exactly lied just omitted the truth when it came to her marrow donation. She knew it had hurt him but what she had done could well save a special kids life. If he couldn’t understand that then he was the idiot. It wasn’t the best of attitudes but it was how she felt.

“I trust you. I care about you, I bring you to meet my family.” he said turning his big brown puppy eyes on her making her melt.

“Not like before.” she said melting under his gaze. She could feel the guilt welling up inside her when she met his eyes. Funny how one look from him could do that to her when moments before her convictions were so strong in the other direction.

“I try harder.” he said look at her and then away. “I try more to trust you and talk.”

Somehow she didn’t believe him but it was the best she could get for now. She knew he cared about her and knew she cared about him. The unknown was when he was going to forgive her and deep down she knew she would have to forgive him for making her feel so badly over the last few weeks.

“I don’t feel like running anymore.” she said slowly getting up her muscles going stiff from sitting on the cold ground.
“Then we can go home.” his feet were hurting anyways and he knew he had blisters she would need to treat. “We can walk.” he added standing just as stiff as she was from the cold.
He took her hand as they walked getting a little smile from her. It was half hearted though. She knew he took her hand to make her feel better rather than taking her hand because he wanted to. She had hopes this vacation from Pittsburgh, from their normal life would be like a re-set button for them. So far it wasn’t doing much of anything.

Meeting Kris’s family was lovely. His Mom was fashionable and passionate about how proud she was of her son. His Step-Dad was quiet but was quite good at chirping up with one liner jokes here and there. Thankfully they used English around the dinner table for Sarah’s benefit. When side one on one conversations developed they slipped naturally into French. She was getting better about getting the basics but she kept it to herself enjoying overhearing a kind word here or there including how Kris’s Mom thought she was much more beautiful in person than in photos and how it was nice he had a girlfriend who was fit because she worked out not because she didn’t eat.

Despite protests Sarah helped clean up after dinner enjoying what it felt like to have a Mom for a moment. Kris’ Mom was a touchy feely person and when the two passed one another in the clean up process she always put a hand on Sarah in a light touch. Some people would be put off by such a thing but to Sarah it was an ultimate comfort. This was what ‘normal’ families were like something she always yearned for.

Going to bed that night was like most other nights though in the slightly strange setting. They brushed their teeth and crawled into bed like normal. They laid on their separate sides of the bed as was their style lately.

“You know I love you yes?”

She heard from his side of the bed in the darkened room. She bit her bottom lip in an attempt to hold back her smile.

“I am not so good at showing but I do.” he added turning over lining up with her his chest just inches from her back.

“I know.” she finally said bringing her hand to cover his at her waist. “I love you too Kris.” It still wasn’t forgiveness but it was good.

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Chapter 19 Fall Apart Today - Schuyler Fisk

Fall Apart Today - Schuyler Fisk
Hockey had resumed and the usual cycle or road games and home games all seemed to blur into January. The only thing that Sarah had to break up the sameness was the occasional shift at the hospital. Jason was doing poorly more poor than he had ever done before. Each day it ate a her more and more to see Jason going down hill.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and made her way to the nurses station flopping down in the chair next to Mal. “Remember when we tested to see if I was a match for Jason but I asked you to not let me see the results?” she asked her friend knowing Mal would have them still.

“Yeah. You asked me to hold onto them because Kris didn’t want you to do it.” Mal turned her attention away from typing her notes on a patient to Sarah.

“Yeah. I need to see the results.” she was choosing to not listen to the part about Kris not wanting her to do it. She loved the guy but he had no say in this choice.

Mal sighed bringing up the results and Jason’s profile. Sarah scooted closer a smile spreading over her face. “I knew it. I knew I would be a match.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Mal said a worried look on her face. “Are you sure about this Sarah?”

She nodded looking Mal in the eye. “You can’t tell me you haven’t once thought about doing this for a patient. It’s a conflict of interest when you’re regularly scheduled here. Since I’m PRN I can actually do it.” she paused for a second digging her phone from her pocket going to the calendar. “Schedule it. Presby.” she said waiting for Mal to log into the UPMC system wide schedule. It took a bit of searching but February 13th the Pens didn’t have a game and Sarah wasn’t covering a shift.

Sarah felt better knowing she was doing something about the situation. Now all she had to do was encourage Jason and do what she could to get him healthy enough to accept the donation and to ward off rejection. She wasn’t planning on telling Kris at least not right away. He didn’t want her to do this for some reason and she didn’t want to bother him about it. He was in a good place having just broken a scoreless streak.

It didn’t take long for February to roll around. She was busy with Kris and the team and working with Jason who was excited to have an anonymous donation match. All the while she put off telling Kris or anyone else other than Mal. She didn’t even tell her G-Dad who had been up to see a game in that span of weeks. She arranged with Mal to drop her off and pick her up after the process. She had taken a personal day from the Pens saying she had a Doctors appointment which wasn’t a lie at all she was indeed with a Doctor.

When it came down to the day she went with Mal and waited calmly signing her self in and going into surgery prep. It wasn’t till she was starting on the anesthesia that she started to have doubts. Mal was there holding her hand as any friend would be.

“Mal you need to call Kris. He’s in practice but leave him a message.” Sarah had tears rolling down her cheeks silently as she spoke. “Tell him I’m sorry for lying or for not telling him the truth. Tell him I love him.” she smiled the IV drip making her slowly dift out. “Well don’t tell him I love him. I haven’t told him yet and it would be silly… for you to…” and she was out.

“I can’t believe she didn’t tell him.” Mal said as she paced outside the hospital on her cell phone. “She’s been so excited and so ready for this it was as if her mind was clear and obviously it wasn’t.”

“Do not worry. I will bring him and talk to him. He will be fine. She will be fine and we will all have pizza tonight.” Max said as he talked with Mal on his way to South Pointe for practice.

“I’ve never seen Kris get mad. I mean I saw him fight at a game once but that’s it.” Mal sat down on a bench bundled up in her coat.

“He does not get mad often. He does not fight often.” Max said with a sigh. “He’s going to be mad but he will be more worried.” Max said as he pulled into the parking lot. “We’ll be there around two she will be done by then yeah?”

“Yeah.” Mal said getting up to head inside then. “She’ll be in recovery by then more not really awake.”

“Maybe that is for the best.” Max said as he shut his car off. “I will see you in a bit crazy girl.”

“Later Wild Man.” she replied before ending the call.

Mal and Max had been dating for a little over a month now and we’re having fun even adopting the occasional pet name for one another.


Kris agreed to go out to lunch with Max after practice. A lie Max told to get him in the car. “So where are we going Tanger asked looking expectantly at his friend. “Before you say anything I am not paying. Valentine Day is coming and I got Sarah something nice.”

“Oh?” Max said looking at his friend with a big goofy grin. “Jewelry right?”
“Yes. Pair of ear rings.” he said proudly. “Emeralds. Faithfulness. So say my Mother.” Kris explained.

“We need take out.” Max said pulling into one of their favorite quick but good restaurants. “We are going to see Sarah and Mal. Sarah can’t be eating much now but a milkshake would be nice. She is a chocolate kind of girl yes?”

“Yeah. Sarah likes chocolate.” his brows knit skeptically. “Sarah had an appointment. We can’t go see her.” Kris was confused but really he was used to it happening at some point each day. More often than not someone used a phrase that he just couldn’t figure out while out in the community.

“She had an appointment yes but it was for a surgery.” Max kind of winced expecting the worst. When Kris sat quiet in the seat next to him he started to worry. “For b…”

Kris didn’t give him a chance to say it. “Bone marrow donation.” He looked to Max an obvious chance in his mood.

“She is doing it for a kid man. She is a good person doing the right thing.” Max was on her side in all of then. Then again he and Sarah were more alike than people realized. Everyone say the kooky loud side of Max Talbot but less so the sweet side that was a genuine friend.

“Yes.” was all Kris said.

They sat in silence till they got into the city proper.

“Listen man if you are angry we can’t go in there.” Max said as he found the right parking garage Mal had texted him directions to.

“Not angry. Sad.” Kris said quietly. “She did not tell me.” He was hurt and in the eyes of everyone rightfully so.

“Mon ami, she was afraid of hurting you more by telling you.” Max said with a little shrug as he parked.

Kris took his turn to shrug before getting out of the car.


“Hey guys she just got back to the room.” Mal said looking worried at Kris. “She didn’t do it to hurt you. She did it so not to worry you.” she explained for Kris.

Kris once again said nothing just sitting in the chair next to her taking her hand.

“Let him be. Max said putting his arm around Mal. I brought you lunch.” he held up the take out bag putting what they brought for Kris and Mal on the rolling table before exiting leaving Kris and Sarah alone.

It was an hour before she finally started to stir. He wasn’t sure if he imagined her squeezing his hand or if it was real. Then her eyes opened and the tightness of her hand around his became real.

“You came….” she croaked out before clearing her throat.

“Mal called Max and he brought me. If I had known…”

Sarah closed her eyes shaking her head. “I didn’t want you to worry. I didn’t want you to be mad.” she blinked a few times before shifting to press the nurse button with her free hand. “They need to know I’m awake.” she said so he understood why she called them to the room.

“Please, don’t hate me Kris.” she pleaded with him wordlessly till the nurse attending to her came in to check her out. She told Sarah to sip her milkshake and when it was gone they could talk about discharge.

When the nurse left she opened her mouth to speak again but he shushed her simply bringing his lips to her forehead. “My turn to talk yes?” he phrased it as a question but did not leave her time to respond. “I am proud of you for this.” he was being so quiet she was still worried. “I am hurt you did not tells me.” he shrugged his shoulder. “I would have fought with you about it.” he confessed. “But I would rather be mad than hurt.” he knew he wouldn’t have stayed mad at her for long.

Sarah nodded feeling all the guilt wash over her. It was horrible to go behind his back and do this. What was worse was that up until they started to put her under she had planned on not telling him. She planned on saying her aches and pains were a bit of a cold or something. She was planning on lying to this man whom she loved. Something was definitely amiss here.

“I’m sorry.” she croaked reaching for the water pitcher on the bedside table. Kris beat her to it pouring her a glass being sure to put the straw in it knowing how much she hated germs especially ones on the rims of glasses or pop cans.

All he did was nod and relax back in the chair.

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Chapter 18 The Stowaway - Yamit Mamo

It should be known I hate Christmas. Hence why I was confused when I ended up writing a Christmas chapter. Anyways this bonus post is happing because I've finished writing 'Part 1' of what I've taken to calling the All or Nothing Saga. Hope you enjoy the adorable perfection that is Kris & Sarah at the holidays.

Three days off for Christmas wasn’t much. As it turned out Sarah and Kris both had traditions on Christmas Eve that they weren’t able to give up. So Kris was bound for Montreal and Sarah for West Virginia. It was so strange their traditions were so similar but so different at the same time. Sarah’s Christmas Eve started early in the morning cooking several hams in the ovens of her G-Dad’s bar. Christmas was meant to be shared and the bar was a place she was used to spending her holidays. Her G-Dad didn’t let anyone go unfed on the holiday. All were welcome to eat with their family. Kris on the other hand awoke to the smells of his Mother baking. Spending most of the day in pajamas or sweats he would help decorate and clean up the nativity set placing it under the tree.

Sarah’s Grandma was a churched woman. She went to mass at least once a week and when she could force her grandchildren out of bed she would take them with her. Sarah didn’t mind mass on Christmas. The church was warm with the glow of candle light at the midnight mass she attended in her Grandmothers memory. She could never get her G-Dad or brother to go with her. This year was like all the others in that respect. Kris dressed up for his Mom button down and tie with a sweater she had picked out for him to go to mass in with her and his Step-Father. He didn’t attend church all that often but Christmas was special.

Sarah always came home to find the bar had been cleaned up and her Dad and brother gone to bed or more her G-Dad in his chair in the living room with the Pope doing midnight mass on the tv. She would always cover him up turning the tv off before heading to bed herself. Kris’ night was just beginning as gifts were opened after Mass. His Mom had taken to getting him gift cards and a few little things to remind him of his childhood over the last few years. She knew shopping for him would be useless.

Christmas morning for Sarah loved waking up to the smells of G-Dad making breakfast. Always fried eggs, toast and sausages. It’s what it always was and Sarah wouldn’t change that for the world. Then it was just her, Rus and her G-Dad. The three of them exchanged gifts. Sarah had gotten each of the guys a jersey. G-Dad wanted one with Kris’s name on it and Rus had requested Geno’s name and number. Things went well considering the drama from earlier in the fall. Rus was making an effort to get help with his problems and his PO was making sure Rus actually followed though. Archie Pearson was just happy to have his ‘kids’ there.

Sarah was still in her pajamas never having changed when she heard her cell phone ringing in her room that evening; Christmas evening.

“Joyeux Noël.” Kris said on the other end of the line.

“Joyeux Noël.” Sarah said a smile spreading wide on her face. “How’s it going? How’s your Mom? Did you have good food?” she asked peppering him with questions curious about how his holiday was going.

“Everything is great.” he said though there was now a bustle of people in the background. “Can I ask a favor?” he said obviously shielding the phone from outside noise.

“Sure anything Kris you know that.” She was concerned now hoping everything was ok with him and his family.

“Can you pick me up from the airport at midnight?” her brows knit. She had planned on picking him up the next evening not this evening.

“Yeah, is everything ok?”

“Yes. Alls well. I just got an early flight. There is important person in Pittsburgh I have to see. I am missing them.” he said finally having found a quiet corner of the airport. “Max and I switch flights. It was difficult but we got it done.” he explained. Max was for sure playing some kind of Santa/Cupid hybrid in this situation.

“Yeah. I’ll be there. I have my tree up if you want to come to my place.” she bit her lip not wanting to read to much into his actions. It sure seemed like he cut his vacation short to come home and spend time with her.

Kris loved his family but it seemed weird not to be with Sarah at some point over the holiday. When he was scheduled to be home he would be jumping back into a practice and then a game right away. He loved his job but getting to experience a first Christmas with his Girlfriend was something he didn’t want to miss. So he called the airlines and then when nothing was available he called Max. He knew Max had an earlier flight having complained about not being able to stay another day with his family. It took some begging and name dropping to get their reservations switched but Kris managed it.

Broaching the subject with his Mother was a little more difficult. He had mentioned Sarah numerous times but cutting his trip home short to be with her? Well he expected the worst kind of reaction. Instead he was greeted with a quiet understanding. That and a threat of death if he cut out on the longer Olympic break he would have to visit Montreal. Then there was a shocker from his Mom. She requested he bring Sarah with him in February.

“Um….” he kind of chewed on his bottom lip pondering her request. “It is up to Sarah but I think she will agree. You should know she does not speak French.” he said watching his Mother out of the corner of his eye.

“I figured as much she is American.” she replied with a shrug.

“She’s learning though.” he clarified.

“Good.” was all his Mom said going about the business of the day.

It was 11:45 when Sarah arrived at the airport parking in the temporary lot to meet Kris. He said he didn’t have luggage so they were skipping baggage claim. She checked her watch nervously. She had not he new cream colored sweater and dark jeans her G-Dad had gotten her. Really Sarah knew he enlisted the help of Nessa having done that since Sarah was 12. It made things easier on everyone.

She spotted him at 11:58 and he was running. She had an obviously confused look on her face as he caught her in his arms at full speed.

“I had to make it before Christmas was over.” he said against her shoulder as he held her close.

Sarah’s eyes welled up and tears fell onto his shirt collar where her head was buried. “No one has ever come home for me.” she mumbled against him.

“I will. Always.” he said his hand stroking over her hair.

They went ‘home’ to Sarah’s apartment where they exchanged gifts. Sarah had gotten him a new tie being sick of the blue spotted one he had deemed ‘lucky’ a few games for his psp, one of which she knew some of the other guys were also getting so they would be able to play together. And a new bedding set. His old one was leaking down from somewhere and she was tired of picking tiny feathers off of one another all the time. Kris had gotten her a Burberry trench. She tackled him on her living room floor. She had always wanted something this nice but never in a million years would she have bought it on her own.

They went to bed then content and happy in flannel pajamas. She rested snuggly with her back to his chest his arms around her holding her close to him as he snored lightly into her hair. This was one new Christmas tradition she could get used to celebrating.

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Chapter 17 Chinese - Lily Allen

I changed thing up obviously(JStaal). The older playlists are linked over in the dooblydo thing as 'Part1' and 'Part 2'. This was for space saving only. The little player things were driving me nuts. Also new blue look. If the text is hard to read let me know. :) Also Pens won last night and I had the best seats I've ever had thanks to student rush. :)

Chinese - Lily Allen
It was the day after Thanksgiving and all was well. The big meal had gone as planned as Sarah’s apartment with her G-Dad coming up and staying the night before. All the players she had invited had come and Mal joined them as well. Just as Sarah predicted Mal was hitting it off with Max in the living room. They spent the evening on the couch chatting animatedly with a curious Geno watching from a near by chair. Sarah always found Geno amusing. She knew he was way smarter than he let on and understood more than anyone could guess. Hence his timely eruptions of laughter as Max and Mal’s antics served as a great backing track to the evening. Everyone seemed to enjoy the night but Archie Pearson seemed to enjoy it the most. He was pleased Sarah had a defacto family in Pittsburgh and seemed happy. He left with enough turkey and fixings to last him two days. Sarah knew he would be having hot turkey sandwiches like every year. She also took the time to pack a take home meal for each of the other guests. She had ended the night with just her and Kris and an epic ton of trash. Thankfully Kris took it out to the dumpster. They spent the rest of the night just the two of them on the sofa with Sarah leaning against him a blanket covering her.

It were normal mornings like these that she loved morning there they each got ready to go down to the practice rink. No game day, just practice so there was little stress. They went to practice like Normal Sarah working on tracking everyone’s health including a great thanksgiving bloat. Even Sid had managed to pack on the slightest bit of turkey weight.

They returned home to their separate apartments with Sarah taking a shift at the hospital till. 11pm. She worked and had a good night getting the chance to spend a bit of time with Jason even reading him a story which he said he was to old for even if it had indeed helped him fall asleep.

Jason had been in and out over a week here, three days there for the last three months and it was killing Sarah. She knew what she had to do but she also knew how much it did and would upset Kris. It was a tight rope she was walking between doing what she knew she wanted and had to do and preserving the best relationship of her life that was just getting started. She was doing her best not to think about it and will Jason to get better she could pray like her Grandma had taught her and be a stern SOB like her G-Dad wishing for a miracle from God and frightening off the disease with her sheer will. Sadly in her experience she had seen neither work on their own or together.

She set the thoughts aside when her shift ended happy to head ’home’ to Kris. She could tell he cared about her. The only way she could describe being with him was being loved. She actually felt loved when she was with him. Feeling loved was a new thing. A kind of comfort she hadn’t known before. Sure she knew her Grandparents loved her growing up and the few attempts her Mother had made at a relationship had been something like love. Even the feelings she and her brother had for one another were a kind of love. With Kris it was different he didn’t have to love her but there he was doing it anyway.

She let herself announcing her presence as always. “Kris, je suis ici.” she said slowly trying to integrate a bit of French into her life to show him she was making an effort. She was working through the rosetta stone things when they were on the plane and at the hotel. Geno had done so well with it she had to give it a try.
“Ah très bien.” he said coming around the corner from the kitchen kissing her cheek pressing a banana into her hand. “You should have this. Your legs have been squiggling at nights.”

Her brows knit. “I’m sorry. That happens sometimes. If it’s keeping you up just kick me out of bed.”

“No it is cute.” he said kissing her head again. He took her bag off her shoulder taking it to the usual chair in the bedroom before taking his usual place on the sofa in front of the tv.

Sarah tossed her banana peel in the trash and joined him on the sofa still in her scrubs. They were pretty clean considering. She pulled the blanket off the back of the couch covering her legs. “Really Silence of the Lambs again?” she asked looking over her shoulder at him. “You have creepy murderous love for this movie.” she said turning her attention back to the screen.

“I like how Anthony Hopkins act in the film.” he said with a shrug. His shoulder was nearly completely healed. He had full motion back which everyone was happy about.

“Yeah That’s creepy Kris. It’s a good movie but we’ve seen it five times since I started coming here.” She settled her back against his chest pulling his arm around her. “I don’t mind though. One of these days I will subject to my favorite movie.”

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Up Close & Personal.” he said listing her two favorite films not giving her a chance to say what they were.

She smiled sighing giving his hand a squeeze. “Thanks for making this so normal. I know it’s the farthest thing from a normal life what we have but this right here us, is so amazing…” she brought his hand to her lips kissing the back of it.

“Yes. This is our normals.” he replied pressing his own kiss to the top of her head. “I am happy like this with you. I tell everyone how happy you make me.”

Sarah smiled snuggling against his warm body. It was when he said things like that and did things like give her the silly banana that she felt horrible about what she knew she had to do. She wanted to tell him but she couldn’t. They were so happy like this that it made her wonder if she could keep it all a secret.

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Chapter 16 I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked - Ida Maria

Sarah came into the locker room getting the stats round up from the trainers and all the info she needed. She could feel Kris’ eyes on her but not in a good way. She had been pissy with her for the last three days since she wouldn’t release him to skate. “You my office.” she said pointing at him. She strode out of the room not giving the guys a chance to make cat calls about her calling him into her office and assuming something exciting was about to happen.
She stood behind her desk waiting for him. He was just a few beats behind her. “Close the door.” she said as calm as she could. He opened his mouth to speak but she put her hand up stopping him. “You listen and you listen good. When it comes to being here and your health we aren’t dating. It’s my job to make sure you stay as well as possible. I know you’re three weeks into the healing process and it sucks but guess what you’re still yellow and that’s good but it’s taking it time to heal up. You need to stop shooting daggers at me with your eyes.” she sat down in her chair looking at him. “Might as well stop that pouting too because it doesn’t work here.” she crossed her arms over her chest staring him down.
He had been rude, glaring and pouty and he knew it. She had been annoying though constantly reminding him to do this not that or how to move so it didn’t bother him. The first week it had been great to have her around since it really did hurt then but now it was just annoying since it felt better he wanted to get skating again. “I will stop. I know you are doing what you can.” he leaned back in the chair sighing. “I just want to skate. It is like if you are hurt you want to run.” he said trying to garner some support with her.
“You forget I like to run but I don’t love it.” she ran her hand though her hair. “I’m going to release you to skate next practice. No contact, just skating. I’m tempted to say no stick but I know that won’t fly.”
He went to open his mouth but closed it again a tiny closed lip smile spreading across his face. He was so excited he wanted to bounce up and down in his chair. He felt like he could explode he was so happy.
Sarah rolled her eyes. “You can be happy.” she said leaning back in her chair relaxing. “Ok quick switch to girlfriend mode.” she spun her chair around goofing off like that would actually change something. “I’m going running with Mal when we’re done here. We’re doing nine miles to her place from here but she’s just two from you so I’m going to just do 12 and end at your place ok?” she knew it would be ok but she wanted to let him know. Since she had gotten the mystery key to his place from Max he told her to just keep it saying he felt better knowing she had it than Max did. He still wasn’t exactly sure how Max got the key but he was pretending that didn’t happen.
“Yes it no problem.” he shrugged without wincing. “I will order dinner you’ll be there around seven?” he asked relaxing intot heir usual comfortable relationship flow.
“Yeah but order it for eight so I won’t get sick when I eat it right after.” that had been a lesson she had to always remember. Wanting to eat right after she ran was something she always wanted to do but landed her hugging a toilet every time for some reason. “I’ll try not to be hyper or exhausted when I get there. I know I’m a pain in the ass when I’m either way.”
“Don’t worry I am no longer mad at you.” he cheesed a big stupid grin at her getting up from the seat in the office. “See you tonight.” he added stretching across her desk to plant a quick kiss on the corner of her mouth.
“Yep tonight. All sweaty and gross I’ll trun up at your door.” she laughed. “And in layers lots of layers.”
It was the week before Thanksgiving and the city was somewhere between full an empty as the students started to head home and everyone from far away returned to their families. The constant construction was indeed constant as Sarah and Mal went for their run. It was one of the typical cold but sunny days that made it hard to run your body was cold but you got hot in the sun and in your layers.
“So you guys have been dating for….” Mal said as they went at a relatively gentle pace around the city proper.
“We’ve been dating for about two months.” Sarah clarified. “Weird dating though since we seen one another just about everyday.”
You’re spending two nights a week at his and he spends one or two nights at yours?” Mal knew these details but she liked to rehash Sarah’s love life more than anyone.
“Yeah though less at mine because he has to do his rituals at his apartment.” she took a few strides in silence. “That makes him sound crazy but they all have their routines. Kris’ is pretty mild compared to some of the other guys.” She explained. “Trust me if I could get away with it I’d send half the team to out patient psych for OCD tendencies and a few of them would for sure be western psych bound for the crazy dedication to their ritual and routines.” she was for sure worried about what was going to happen to a few of them next year when they moved across the street. They had some time before they had to deal with that though.
“So any of them single?” Mal asked their breathing deep but regular as they sucked in cold air and breathed out hot clouds.
“Yeah you interested?” Sarah asked raising an eyebrow. “I thought you were still hooking up with Mike from radiology?”
“Uh no. He was married. Can you believe it? I knew his city apartment was to good to be true.”
“Mal you have the worst taste in men. I thought mine was bad but you take the cake this time.”
“Well you lucked out with Kris.” Mal said as they paused for traffic before heading out into the bridge two miles left before Mal completed her run. Sarah could tell her friend was starting to get winded and no doubt had sore feet.
“I am lucky.” Sarah repeated thinking of her boyfriend who was waiting for her. By the time she reached his place the sun would be setting. “I have some in mind for you. Crazy and fun loving. He’s a good friend to everyone. He’s got pretty blue eyes too.”
“Oh you know I’m a sucker for blue eyes.” Mal’s were blue as well. She always liked blue eyed guys saying if she was going to have kids some day she wanted them to have blue eyes too.
“I’ll have to set something up. A kind of chill double date. Oh I know you can come to late Thanksgiving at my place. He’ll be there. G-Dad will be happy to see you too.” Sarah explained how she would be hosting most of the single and Canadian guys for Thanksgiving since they didn’t really have anywhere else to go… and it wasn’t really their traditional Thanksgiving holiday day anyways.
“Yeah. I’ll be there after I visit my family. It’ll give me an excuse to split before Uncle Ron gets drunk and starts with the ethnic slurs.” Mal joked.
Sarah shook her head as she spotted the first snow flakes start to fall. “It’s getting to be that time of year.” she said with a kind of sigh… well the best sigh one could have while running. “I need to start thinking about what to get Kris fro Christmas.” she had a few ideas but she wasn’t sure how much to spend. “At Thanksgiving see if you can get out of him what he’s going to spend on me so I can kind of budget the same.” she had a bad habit of over spending for all of her friends and family. She had extra money though with all the working she did and the little free time she had nowhere to spend it.
They arrived at Mal’s and Sarah coached her in stretching while she jogged in place. Mal didn’t approve of Sarah running even just the two more miles along in the growing dark. “I’ll be fine. Kris is expecting me and I’ll text you when I get there. He’s got my phone.” she was obviously still full of energy as she jogged in place. “Seriously no big deal I used to run by myself all the time.”
“I know but I didn’t like it then either.” Mal sighed as she stretched. “Just text me as soon as you’re safe ok?”
“Promise. Now go shower you smell. Or I smell. Well we both smell.” She paused her jogging in place for just a second to give her friend a quick hug.
The run to Kris’ left Sarah to her own thoughts. It was nice to be able to just think and breath. Her mind kept drifting to her relationship with Kris. It felt healthy and good. Sure they had their ups and downs. He was moody sometimes and she signed up for extra shifts when she had problems but they made it work despite seeing more of one another than normal couples. She really cared about him and for the first time in a long time it felt like someone really cared about her.
She arrived at his place stretching outside before fishing the key out of her sweaty inside pocket of her fleece. She let herself in calling out to him. “Hey, I’m here where’s my phone so Mal knows I didn’t die.” she found her bag in it’s usual place in the chair of his bedroom. She pulled hit out sending a quick message for Mal before starting to look for him. She left her phone going to find Kris. She checked the kitchen a common place to find him and the living room but came up empty finally she found him in the bathroom door closed shower running. She left him alone crashing on the couch still in her running gear so she could warm up.
Finally the shower stopped and she turned her attention to the hall seeing him come out of the bathroom in a towel his body and hair still dripping wet. She smirked as he finally saw her on the sofa.
“Quand êtes-vous arrives?” he asked his face giving away it was a question.
“You just talked to your Mom didn’t you?” she asked following him to the bedroom. He always had a bit of trouble transitioning back
“Yes. Sorry. When did you get here?” he asked as he picked up a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.
“Just a bit ago.” she pulled the fleece over her head stepping up behind him wrapping her arms around his wet body. “You’re so clean and shiny to bad I’m gonna get my sweaty nastiness all over you.” she rubbed her face between his shoulder blades her hands wondering over his chest.
“Oh I think it will be ok.” he turned in her arm immediately going for the hem of her sweaty fitted under armor tank pulling it over her head followed by her sports bra. Her body was red from the run and from being inside direct from the cold. “Mmm… best way to cool down from a work out ever.” she said bringing her mouth to his as her arms moved over his wet body finding their way to his hair. It was already starting to grow out.
She was sweaty and he was wet so his hands moved over her quickly and efficiently. Till he laid her back in an effort to remove her tights. He pulled from the ankles which only made her laugh. “You can’t take them from there silly.” she guided his hands to her waist where he hooked his fingers into the waist band pulling the pants along with her underwear down. “See much easier she cooed beckoning for him to join her on the bed. She unhooked the towel from around his waist as his hand moved up her inner thigh cupping her sex. She took his length in her hand working him slowly till he was at full attention.
It was when he moved to be on top their heads bumped. “No. Something different.” She said guiding him back till his back was against the head board and he was sitting up. It was a bit shocking how traditional he was or at least to Sarah it was shocking. She liked missionary as much as the next girl with a skilled boyfriend but every now and then she liked to be the one in charge as well. She straddled his lap taking him in her hand as she slowly sank down over his length.
“Does this mean you medically release me for more stressful physical activity?” he said gruffly in her ear as his hands found her hip. The pads o his fingers dug into her lower back holding her in place in his lap.
“Something like that.” she said back nipping at his ear lobe before starting a tedious and slow rhythm that had them both melting. He slid slower down the bed till he was nearly on her back with her over top of him taking her turn to have her hands on either side of his shoulders. His thrusts met her backward rocking driving him deep inside her.
Sarah was already a sweaty mess when they started but it was clear by the time they were done he was going to need another shower as well. His hands came up to her breasts. Kris pinched and rolled her nipples getting and added sound effect of extra moans which made him smile. He loved being the reason for her to make any noise. It wasn’t long till they were both red with anticipation teetering on the edge. Instinctively he brought his fingers to her clit knowing she had to be a few paces behind him. He rubbed the swollen nub with the pad of his thumb sending Sarah’s usual steady trained breathing to erratic. “Kris… I’m going to…”
She didn’t have time to finish before the waves of pleasure washed over her as she gently rocked her inner walls holding him squeezing tight inside her. He was only moments behind the tightening of her walls milking him as he jerked and let go inside of her.
Sarah collapsed down onto his chest not caring how sweaty and wet they were. She laid there listening to her own heart beat thundering in her ears slowly dissipate till she could hear his beneath her. He was content with her laying on his chest. Slowly he brought his fingers to her back lightly brushing up and down her spine. Finally with her senses in tact she moved off of him but only to his side so she wasn’t putting any pressure on his shoulder. “Sometimes different is good right?”
“If you wanted different you could have just asked.” he said now playing with the ends of her ponytail. Most of her hair had fallen out around her face while on the run and was now stuck there in her sweat but he played with what he could.
“Why ask when I could just do?” she said simply. It was then the doorbell rang making Sarah jump out of her skin.
“Dinner. Italian ok?” he asked slowly shifting out from under her and pulling sweats on. Before searching out a t-shirt and finding his wallet in it’s usual place on the dresser.
“Yeah sounds good.” she said from the bed where she still laid. “I need to shower though so I’ll be a minuet.”
She didn’t take long in the shower just getting clean and washing her hair so she wouldn’t smell. She was sure to use ‘her bathroom’ and her shampoo (a favor to him since he wasn’t a fan of when she smelled like his things). She dressed in her own pajamas which she had packed in the bag she sent with him.
Smells good.” she said joining him in the kitchen wrapping her arms around his waist ducking under his shoulder so she could see. Two plates of pasta one with a much smaller portion size that she knew to be hers as well as two lovely grilled chicken breasts. “Looks good too.” she added tilting her head up to him.
“Yep does look good.” he said looking down at her. Kris pressed a quick kiss to her lips before taking the plates to his small table.
It was just a normal night from there out. Dinner and watching a movie on the sofa together and then sleeping. Every once and awhile they both loved to just be normal for a change.

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Chapter 15 Paperweight - Schyler Fisk & Joshua Radin

As promised three chapters this week. Ok so two of them are really short. ANYWAYS. I wanted to do something a little different and this chapter happened. First person isn't really my thing but I gave it a shot. Hopefully it doesn't suck to bad.


‘Ugh. I have to pee.’ I thought to myself as I laid in bed. Th sun was up but Kris has been kind enough to pull his heavy blackout curtains. Only the faint orange yellow glow came though at the edges creating an orangish yellow glow in the room. I was on my stomach facing away from him. I could feel him to my side. He was sleeping solidly on his back which I know was a feat for him. He was usually a stomach or side sleeper like myself. I was used to waking up with him on his stomach one arm touching my arm or back like he it was there to make sure I wasn’t going to leave him. Tonight though he slept so still his arm in place on his chest propped with a pillow positioning it like he had it in a sling. He was snoring lightly a kind of whistle as he breathed through his mouth.
I crawled out of bed mindful not to uncover him and subject his body to the cold air of the room. I shivered slightly as I padded across the room to ‘his bathroom’. Putting the seat down I sighed in relief. Sometimes it just feels really good to pee. I didn’t bother to turn on the light knowing the little plug in air freshener the gave off a faint glow would be in its usual place. He had gotten it when I first started staying there regularly. I had tripped on my way to the ‘guest bathroom’ off the hallway hurting my toe. I must have been loud swearing when I did it because he came to my aid as I sat on the floor winging holding it. It ended up being fine, just a broken toenail but at the time it hurt. He was so sweet making sure I was ok that night I had to kick him out so I could actually pee.
Even now we aren’t to the point of open door bathroom use. Getting ready in the morning sure. He had seen me in my underclothes quite frequently and in my opinion when I had a hairdryer in my hand I wasn’t at my most sexy. Sometimes he disagreed but it was his prerogative as a man to make no sense when it came to wanting sex.
With my business taken care of I washed and dried my hands heading back to bed. The warmth of him under the blankets was like slipping into the most comfortable fresh out of the dryer sweater ever. I moved to his side bringing my head to his chest Overall he was a hairy guy just not so much on his chest. I laid my head on him hearing the consistent watery thuds of his heart pumping blood. Between the whistles of his light snore and the beats of his heat it didn’t take long for me to feel sleepy. The last thing I felt was his hand smoothing over my still damp hair. I felt just a bit guilty for waking him but his tenderest of touches just left me feeling like this tiny moment would be an amazing memory to keep as I feel back asleep.



She doesn’t know it because I have told her but anytime she gets out of bed I wake up. Not because she’s loud or bounces around on the mattress but it’s just something that happens. Like now the cold creeps in from where she was and I wake up seeing her be sure to close the bathroom door even in the dark. It doesn’t bother me. I know we’ll get to the level of comfort for open door bathroom use eventually. For now it’s a comfortable mystery.
My shoulder is killing me but I don’t want to tell her. She would spring into nurse mode and leave girlfriend behind in the bat of an eye. The reality is it will hut no matter what I do. She’d just get me a pill and water. The pills help but I don’t want to turn into House popping pills and being crazy.
I hear her flush and open my eyes to watch her creep back to bed. She moves to lay with me and I close them again so she doesn’t feel obligated to talk. Only two hours had passed since she crawled into bed with me the first time.
A few minuets pass and I move my hand to her hair. It’s still damp. Her hair was so soft and silky. I know it feels good when do that. Girls like to touch my hair and frankly it feels good when they do. I like it when their fingers and nails scratch my scalp light, when they move it out of my face to kiss me, I love it all. That’s why I usually keep it long. I cut it because Sarah never mentions it. She barely ever talks about my hair or her own. It was a change not to have it be the reason someone liked me. It had gotten a bit out of control long too, even for me.
I remember the first night Sarah and I just slept together no sex. I had the day off and she had picked up a shift at the children’s hospital to visit Jason and some of the other kids. We had intended to just watch a moved but it turned into a marathon of Criminal Minds. She loves the show and I tolerate it. It was late and I asked her to stay. She said she couldn’t because it was ‘that time’. She’s honest like that. She even went so far to tell me she did the seasonal one which I didn’t need to know but she felt compelled to say so. I just nodded along not sure what to say. She agreed to just sleeping and adopted a red t-shirt of mine. I call it one of my Montreal shirts since you wouldn’t find something like it here in the US. She laughed about that. She also took a pain of my shorts pulling the drawstring tight on her smaller hips.
It is so strange when things work out just so. We naturally sleep on different sides of the bed. There was no looking at one another awkwardly deciding who would sleep where. I got in on the window and bathroom side and she took the door side of the bed.
We could spoon then. I could lay on my now hurt shoulder and have her body completely pressed to mine. It was and still is such an amazing felling to fall asleep pressed against her. The smell of her, the softness of her body, how she rubs her feet together to to sooth herself… all of it is just so… comforting. It’s as if I didn’t know what a restful night of sleep was like till I met her. Even now with my shoulder causing pain I’ve slept better since she arrived than he 4 before. I wonder if she sleeps better when we are together too? I’m to tired to think about it. I can smell her hair now and it’s making me sleepy. I close my eyes my fingers still in her hair and slowly sink back to sleep.

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Chapter 14 A Little More of You - Ashley Chambliss

Super short tonight hence the three chapters being posted this week. More adorable to come later this week.


It was early in the morning a full 48 hours later she was finally back in Pittsburgh. Sure she had the team to distract her taking care of all the little but mounting aches and pains of the previous game to distract her as well as getting confirmation of Kris’ test results in keep her busy but it wasn’t enough. She was anxious to get back to him and it was the first thing on her mind.
She texted a few people and got in her car bound for Kris’ well she had to make a few stops first but his place was the ultimate destination. She stopped at home putting her laundry in and grabbing a quick shower and fresh clothes before heading to her second stop. She was only a moment at Max’s since he was waiting out front in a plaid house coat with what she needed. “Tell him he owes me.” he teased ruffling her still wet hair. It was back across town now to Kris’ apartment.
Sarah let herself in creeping though the quiet as the sky just started to lighten.

“Hey it’s just me.” she whispered crawling into bed next to him. She had thrown on shorts and a hoodie taking the sweat shirt off leaving her just in the shorts and a tank to be in bed with him.
He groaned slowly processing that she was there. “How did you get in?” he asked groggily shifting obviously babying his bad shoulder.
“Max lent me his key.” she said bringing her head to rest on his chest as he moved to his back. They were both usually started the night on their sides in the obvious spooning position drifting to their stomachs or Kris to his back and Sarah resting on his chest or at his side. She was exhausted and it was hours before he would be getting up for the day.
“Why…. Max key?” he mumbled bending down kissing the top of her head. He had no memory of giving Max a key but he didn‘t dwell on it being to much asleep still to worry. “You.” he added his good arm moving around her holding her to his chest. “Your hair is wet. Strawberry shampoo.” he added pressing his nose to her head.
“Yeah I showered you wouldn’t have wanted to smell me before.” she closed her eyes listing to his heart.
“Yes I would have. You always smell nice.” he said taking the tie out of her hair so he could run his fingers though the damp stands.
She smiled against his skin letting out a content sigh only to have her phone buzz in her purse on the floor next to the bed. She rolled away from him not bothering to check the message but turning it off.
As soon as her head was back in place on his chest he had his fingers in her hair. “I am glad you are here.” he said softly. Hearing her breathing go regular he let go of her hair the strands slipping though his fingers. “I think I will always love you.” he whispered as his hand come to rest on her shoulder blade. The warmth of her there next to him was comforting and it wasn’t long till he too was asleep.

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Chapter 13 You and Me - Alex Day

Ok so the playlist version of this song is sucky. You have to get though some talking by the artist but it's an adorable song.

In other news.... um I think this might be a three chapter post week since the next two chapters are so linked. :)

Oh and I'm obviously (JStaal) back from Africa. I did manage to write a chapter on the plane so everything is still on track for the future of the story which is more epic than I ever imagined.

You and Me - Alex Day

Kris got off the plane in Pittsburgh at some ungodly hour. He had taken the Advil as Sarah told him to do but he couldn’t deny he was in some rather serious pain. He trucked though the airport though and to the picks up. He skipped baggage claim since everything he had was on the team jet save his carry-on which Sarah had bravely saved for him. He looked around for the Mal he knew but really only having seen her twice he doubted he would see her right away. Looking for someone in scrubs didn’t really work either. He sighed continuing to walk slowly around the area keeping an eye out for the brunette he had met only once.
“Hey you with the hair. Sarah sent me.” she said tapping him on the good shoulder. Mal was dressed as anyone would be when they were picking someone up at the airport at 4am. She had sweatpants and a hoodie on her hair pulled up into a messy bun. “Come on before your arm falls off you have to be hurting.” she said trying to take his bag from him. She pulled and he didn’t let go. “Dude I’m helping you out let go of the bag.”
“I am not dead I can carry it.” he said putting it back on his good shoulder awkwardly.
Mal rolled her eyes. “Listen if you don’t give me your bag I’ll tell Sarah you aren’t healthy enough for sex so give me the bag or I ruin your life.” She put on an overly chipper smile. “Don’t think that I won’t. you don’t know how crazy I am.”
Kris sighed letting her take the bag. “I believe you are crazy. Sarah has told me a few stories.” he ran a hand though his hair starting to follow her out to her car.
“Oh you have no idea..” Mal led the way to her car putting her back in the back seat. “Ok so you have a choice here. In your already hurt arm or in the ass.” she said holding up the needle and vile. Don’t try to play it cool I know how bad you’re hurting so suck it up.”
Kris’ phone buzzed in his pocket letting him know he had a text. Sarah had just landed and got his message and a message from Mal about getting the prescription to help him with pain. ‘I’M IN BOSTON. GLAD YOU’RE SAFE. GO FOR THE ASS IT’LL HURT LESS. XOXO’ Kris chuckled closing his phone. “It is scary how she read my minds at times.”
“Oh trust me I know.” Mal said as she prepped pulling the plunger to the right dose letting the needle fill. “She told you to take it in the ass didn’t she?” Mal smirked as she admired her work happy to see no tiny bubbles. “Sarah’s like that. She can’t really read your mind but she just always knows what to say.” Mal came around to the passenger side of the car where he was standing. “Now lower your drawers.”
Kris sighed unbuckling his belt sliding his slacks and boxer briefs down his hips. Not exactly the best position one wants to be in at the airport short term parking with their girlfriends best friend.
“Cold.” Mal said running an alcohol swab over his skin. She fanned the spot till the alcohol has all evaporated. “Ok now pinch.” she said pinching his skin and sinking the needle in before dropping the plunger the drug entering his system. “I’m sure it’s a lot better when Sarah grabs your ass.” she teased pulling the safety on the used needle putting it in the contamination container in her trunk. She did home health on the side so it was something normal to have in her trunk. “Ok so hitch those pants back up and we’ll be on our way.” she said closing her trunk. “She wants you to go for X-Rays now and not to fight it.” Mal chuckled. “Really you aren’t whipped she’s like this with everyone she cares about.”
“Good to know.” he said getting in the passenger side door.
“So what is this she told me about answering some questions no answering 5 questions and an embarrassing story.” Mal started up the car cranking the heat to get them comfortable. It wasn’t to cold for November yet but she saw he didn’t have a heavy jacket.
“Yes, she said I could ask you questions about her. Though I do not know what to ask.” he buckled his seat belt as she started though the maze in the temporary parking garage. “I guess whatever you feel like telling me.” he shrugged his shoulder but then held it in some pain. The injection he had been given was starting to work but he still don’t move like that comfortably.
“Well I guess the first thing you should know is if you hurt her or make her hurt herself I will make your life hell along with her G-Dad, Nessa and Jimmy and that brother of hers. We’re some people you don’t want to mess with. I mean I’ve been taking kick boxing so just don’t do it.” Mal was bound for the highway though there was a tad bit of traffic someone needing to cross three lanes and doing it poorly ahead of them at the little parking toll station.
“These threat of pain are because of the Doctor yes? I understand he was not a good man.” Kris relaxed back in the seat content to just ride into the city.
“Yep. That would be Dr. Eric James. Asshat extraordinaire. He made Sarah lose weight. That’s why she ran the marathon because he wanted her to slim down and she did her best to make it positive. I wanted to punch his teeth in every time he touched her. He always was just a little bit to rough…” she shook her head. “Sarah’s smart I’m sure you know that. He had her so trapped and hurting herself trying to be perfect for him. He just made her hate herself constantly. He had her believing she was never good enough.” Mal rolled her eyes. “It took three attempts to break up with him. He would always get her to go back telling her no one would ever love her and that he was the only one who would take her.” She paused heaving a sigh. “It was some fucked up shit. It really messed her up. She’s still pretty messed up about it. She doesn’t talk about it though but you can see it sometimes. How much she hates herself when she thinks no one is looking. God love her she’s so damn close to perfect it’s sad she’ll never see it.”
Kris was silent listening to Mal tell the story. He remained quiet letting his mind go and contemplate what he had been told. Knowing what he knew now he could see in Sarah what Mal had said. He could see her climbing up on that table her inhibitions gone for the moment till she realized everyone was watching her. Then she needed help not just with the short height but a hand to hold to fight away the fear of everyone dissecting her. By the time they entered the city he had come to the realization that there were two Sarah’s. The one she let people see and the one she let extremely few meet. He had seen that wounded and hurt inner Sarah a few times but for it to truly work between them he needed to really know her. All this was a two way street though. He had to let her in on more than the basics of his life. He couldn’t continue to let her just skim the surface of knowing him. It was clear now that for her to let him in he would also need to open up.
Snapping out of the quiet just as the pulled into the hospital he opened his mouth to star asking questions but decided against it. “Thank you Mal. For taking care of me and for being a friend to Sarah. I think we are both lucky you are here.” he smiled over knowing the meaning of his words didn’t match the strange smile he was giving her.
“Your not feeling any pain are you?” Mal asked chuckling at his expression.
“No pain just…” he paused trying to find the right phrase. “Floaty.”
“Get your drugged up ass out of the car Letang.” she teased shaking her head all smiles.