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Chapter 9 Alright Sir? - Greg Holden

Alright Sir? - Greg Holden

“So how bad did Jimmy and Nessa freak you out about meeting my G-Dad?” she asked as they made the trek across town hitting every single red light.
“I think they made me more curious than anything.” Kris gave a little shrug and shifted as the light turned green.

“Hm. Well I guess I’ll give you the basics. He and my Gran took Russ and I in when I was barely three. Our Mom… well she’s around but she has never been able to take care of us. Addicts will be addicts.” Sarah just shrugged tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “So my Gran passed away when I was 13 leaving Russ and I with G-Dad. He did his best he really did but I think I remind him of my Mom to much.” for Sarah opening up about her family was never easy. Everyone had family issues a crazy uncle or a Dad who drank to much. Her problems weren’t any worse than anyone else. “Back to G-Dad. He has owned this bar for as long as I can remember. Before that he worked in the steel mill here in town. He grew up here. He’s working people.” she sighed “He isn’t going to be rude to you directly but he will be cold. It isn’t you though he will more than likely have something to say about your hair.” glancing over at Kris she smile. “Which I like by the way. Though it would be nice short too… a left at the next light. It’s the bar on the corner.”
“My family are working people. I think I will have… good report.” he said offering a smile. “I have met family before.” Sarah was put at ease by that though she had no reason to be. Maybe it was that he didn’t look afraid or freaked out. The man across the car from her really was something special.

“We’ll go in the downstairs door.” she pointed to the door next the garage rather than up the stone steps that cut into the hillside the house was perched on. “The stairs are… well we’ll just use the door.” she said with a chuckle. “I think I fell down those damn things more times than I made it up them.”
Sarah led the way though the garage that was clean though there were plenty of tools and an obviously loved car in there. “hey G-Dad it’s just us.” she said as she climbed the stairs going past a small laundry room.
“By us you better not mean you and your brother.” came a grumpy voice from the kitchen above.
“No. I told you I wouldn’t bail Russ out. I mean my friend Kris and I.” she immediately headed over to him at the table where he sat with a beer to hug him. Kris followed offering his hand in introduction.

“It is good to meet you Sir.” Kris shook his hand being strong in his grip. He didn’t want to appear like a wimp even though he had been taking hard forechecks as a job for most of his life.
“The hockey player right? Some job you got. How rattled in your brain what’s 4x4?” he asked obviously frowning at Sarah and Kris.
“16. I think my brain was no good for math before I play hockey.” he was trying to Joke and to Sarah it was beyond adorable.
“Be nice G-Dad. He’s a good guy and I like him.” Sarah headed to the rest of the kitchen getting out what she needed to make steak tips and noodles for the men. “Kris do you want a drink? Beer and since G-Dad knew I was coming diet coke and water.” she listed looking in the fridge.
“Uh a beer would be nice.” he said taking a seat at the table where a seat had been kicked out for him.
“Call me Archie, Kris.” he finally said in a gruff voice under obvious duress as Sarah stared him down. He looked to her and then back to Kris. “I’ve seen you play. Keep up the good work and you’ll be ready to quarterback the power play in a season or so.”

Sarah was all smiles as she cooked now. It was always tough to get guys past her G-Dad and her friends. Now there was just Russ to deal with but they would have awhile before that was going to happen.
While Sarah’s hearing was taken up by the sizzling of the steak she was cooking. Archie leaned in closer to Kris. “She never brought that piece of shit Doctor here so I know you must be a good guy. I will say this though. If you ever lay a violent hand on her I will make sure it is highly unlikely you walk again and your shit will be flowing into a plastic bag for the rest of your life. Got it?”
Kris nodded. “Understood Sir. I already hate him more than I can describe.” That was his honest assessment of the situation. The truth was if Kris ever ran into him without Sarah around he would be hard pressed not to get into a fight no matter what the NHL’s thoughts on good and bad behavior were.
“Sarah I’ve missed your cooking.” Archie said patting his beer belly a clear plate in front of him. “Now if only you had made carrot cake.” he joked with a laugh.
“Next time G-Dad.” she said from her seat before getting up to clear the plates to be washed and put away before she left.
“Let me help.” Kris said moving to get up.
“No, Sarah will get it she has her own way of doing things.” Archie said.
“Would you like another beer?” She said with a little grin. Archie nodded and Kris shook his head no. “I wasn’t asking you Tanger. You have to drive my sorry ass back to town.” she teased. “Thanks for offering to help but I got it.” she said giving her G-Dad a beer and Kris a bottle of water.
“He was nice enough to drive you here the least you can do is kiss ‘im Sarah.” her G-Dad said obviously teasing them both.
She raised an eyebrow looking at him and then looking to Kris who was about to protest but Sarah’s lips on his quickly shut him up. It was just a short kiss but it had all her feelings in it. She pulled away her hand on the side of his face a light smile which he returned.
Archie’s eyebrows went up seeing the affection on their faces. “Well Damn Sarah I can’t hate him now even if he is a damn frenchie with socialist medicine.”
Everyone laughed at that one the ice completely broken.

The ride back home was enjoyable. They chatted comfortably about anything and everything. It was one of those time a person could forget about everything that had gone wrong in the last 10 hours. The arrived back at Sarah’s house and sat in the silent car in the parking lot.
“I’d really like it if you would come in.” she said turning in her seat. She reached out her hand going to the back of his neck.
He easily reacted to her touch his neck immediately loosening up his eyes drifting closed. “I want to come in but I know it is not right time.” he spoke softly opening his eyes his dark brown finding her blue even in the poorly lit little lot.
She nodded. “You’re right but I still want you to come in.” a smile played at the corner of her mouth.
He smiled nodding. “I want to but I know it would not be right. Soon. For now…” he didn’t finish his sentence as he kissed her with as much passion as someone could muster at 4am after a long day. “Soon…” he whispered letting his forehead rest against hers.
She nodded finally unbuckling her seat belt. “Text me when you are home. I need to know you are safe.” He nodded and she opened the car door.

It was 4:30am when the text came in. She had just gotten out of the shower and was sitting wrapped in a towel at her bedside. She bit her bottom lip smiling. ‘Good night crazy boy. Thank you for everything. <3 Sarah’ she sent off before putting her phone on the charger and putting pajamas on ready for bed going to sleep happy a feat that seemed next to impossible just hours before.

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Chapter 8 The Cave - Mumford and Sons

The Cave - Mumford & Sons

The ride to West Virginia was a quiet one. She passed the time texting people from ‘home’ and making arrangements to get in to see her brother. “Take the Weirton exit.” she finally said once they got out of the city close to the airport. He nodded seeming content in the quiet with the radio playing softly. Finally she put the phone down in her lap turning her head to talk with him.
“Ok so first we’re going to the pharmacy to pick up everything everyone needs. I know the pharmacist and they’re going to have them ready. Then we’re going to the jail. Thankfully it’s the city that has him still so it won’t be to hard to get there. Nessa my best friend is going to meet us. Her husband Jimmy was the arresting officer. We’ve all known one another since high school.” she pushed her hair out of her face it having fallen from her ponytail. “And then we’ll go see my G-Dad and I promise I will make you food because I know how you eat you’ve got to be starving.” she reached down into her bag pulling out the bananas. “One to tide you over?” she asked holding it out to him.
Kris listened tentatively. “Nessa is short for Vanessa? And Jimmy is James? I remember seeing a phone frame with their wedding party picture. You had on a blue dress.” he said with a little smile.
“Yeah we’ve all been friends since high school. I’ve known Nessa since second grade and Jimmy since high school. It was from their wedding last fall.” she explained grabbing the second banana for herself.
He took the banana before handing it back. “Could you open it?” he asked shifting as the road changed to a two lane highway. Sarah handed it back half peeled for him. “Thanks.” he said before the banana disappeared in what seemed like three bites.
It took about an hour from the airport before they reached Weirton. The stop at the pharmacy didn’t take long and they were at the police station in no time. Nessa greeted Sarah with a hug. “Jimmy didn’t want to arrest him but your G-Dad insisted.” Sarah nodded knowingly. “I know it’s not a big deal. I mean we’ve all been here before.” she paused looking to her side at Kris who seemed awkwardly out of place. “Well not all of us. Nessa this is Kris. He’s kinda awesome.” she looked at him with a smile.
“Only kinda?” he asked teasingly a smile spreading across his face as he shook Nessa’s hand. “It is nice to meet you.”
“Oh I know who you are. Sarah only has great things to say about you.” Nessa’s smirk made his smile spread wider. “I’ll have to tell you what she really thinks when she isn’t paying attention.”
Sarah glared at her friend. “You do and you die Nessa. I love you like a sister but doesn’t mean I won’t hesitate to dump your body in the river.” Sarah was joking which only seemed all the more amusing as they stood outside the police station.
“So shall we?” Nessa asked before heading up the steps holding the door for them.
“Hey Jimmy.” Sarah said greeting him with a hug as well. He looked shocked to see Kris was actually standing there.
“Sarah no way. Nessa told me you were bringing him but I thought she was messing with me.” he said looking intently at Kris who was going a bit pink in the cheeks looking intently at his shoes and the floor around him.
“Jimmy he has a name.” Nessa said smacking him in the chest. “Kris my husband Jimmy. He’s an idiot so feel free to ignore him especially if he attempts to talk hockey with you.”
Jimmy shook hands with Kris still in shock before finding his voice. “It’s good to meet you man. You’ve got a great shot. I mean that OT goal vs. the Caps classic.” he said with a wide smile. Kris expressed his thanks trying to find a way to fade into the background as much as possible when it was obvious he was the center of attention.
“Jimmy can I see Russ now? I brought you guys his insulin supplies to give to the nurse here to be passed along when he gets transferred to county.” Sarah explained familiar with the system.
“Oh yeah Sarah. Sure. I’ll warn you he’s pretty pissed but he’s sobered up a good bit. I know he’ll be happy to see you.” Jimmy said as they walked leaving Nessa and Kris behind.
“Oh he’s not going to be happy when he finds out I’m not bailing him out.” she said with a sigh before going in to see her brother.

“So…” Nessa said with a smile sitting with a nervous Kris. “I’m not going to grill you I promised Sarah said I couldn’t. She also said I could only tell one embarrassing story so choose wisely what age you’d like to know about her from.” she said leaning back in the uncomfortable plastic chair awaiting his answer.
“Oh… really I was going to ask about you and your husband.” she said with a little smile pushing his hair out of his eyes. “You can grill me just not on open fire please.” he said trying to joke which made Nessa smile and allowed him to loosen up a bit.
“Good as Sarah’s best friend and her translator to the inner hidden Sarah I have to say you’re doing good. She likes to keep her family drama private. Really I think Mal is the only one who knows and she didn’t even let the douche bag asshat Doctor come here. You’ve already earned the special honor.” Nessa explained. “Sarah’s a special girl. She had to deal with a lot of shit in her life and thus far you’ve shown you aren’t going to contribute to that. So far I like you. The accent and hair help too.” she said with a smile.
For Kris it was nice to know he was being accepted by her friends. “Sarah is special. I knew it from when I saw her.” he said thinking back on the memory. “She didn’t see me first. I saw her in the halls of the arena. I wanted to know her then. When you talk with her I think she will say we met at weigh in when I helped her off the table. I had seen her three times prior to that. I was afraid to say hello first.” he pushed his hair our of his face again though he wished he could leave it there as a kind of barrier of protection after telling Nessa about liking Sarah. “She was standing on a table. I helped her down. She did never say she was afraid of height but I know she is.”
Nessa nodded confirming his suspicions. “Yeah she is a bit afraid of short heights. She’ll climb a mountain and look down but put her on a chair and she’s a bit panic stricken. It’s one of the many odd things about her.” Nessa said with a chuckle. “She is a special one you are right about that.”
“Oh yes. She is special. She is helping Mal train for a marathon. That is being a dedicated friend. Being friends with you so long is special as well.” he said relaxing into the chair finally.
“Yeah she’s helping because she ran the marathon two years ago. She said she’d never do it again but I know Mal and I bet she convinces her to do it.” Nessa chuckled. “She wanted me to do it with her but I told her she was psycho and that I love chips and dip to much.” Kris laughed as well.
“I know what you mean. If I could skate a marathon maybe but I do not want to run one.” he was in shape but over all he was lazy really only keeping fit so he could continue to play the game he loved effectively. The game kept him fit for the most part only giving him a few months to have to worry about himself.
“Sarah is my best friend, she always has been. When she gets involved with something it’s really hard for her to quit and let go. This is why she’ll run the marathon in the spring with Mal and that’s why she stayed with the Doctor for so long. She has always been taught giving in is not an option and that she has the power to change things. She does have power for change but not like she wants.” Nessa sighed hearing the familiar clank of the heavy metal doors. “They’ll be coming down the hall soon.”
Just as Nessa said Kris could hear two sets of footsteps coming down the hall. He peaked around the corner seeing Sarah brush away a few tears he no doubt wasn’t meant to see.
“You know he doesn’t mean what he says Sarah. Once this is through we’ll all be hanging out on the deck again at the bar grill fired up having a good time.” Jimmy said giving her a half hug one arm around her for a moment. She nodded pausing to clear her face of tears as he continued towards the lobby. “She’ll be out soon.” Jimmy said headed behind the desk giving Nessa a nod that only couples give one another. She got up and headed around the corner to comfort her friend leaving Kris and Jimmy.

“You’re really going to take him to see G-Dad next?” Nessa asked as she hugged a silently sobbing Sarah who just nodded against her friends shoulder. “Are you sure it’s the best idea? You’re tired, he looks tired and I know you G-Dad is pissed about all of this and I know you’re taking him his medication which will also piss him off.” Nessa rubbed her friends back slowly letting her go.
“We have to go. I can’t come to town and not go. And Kris needs food and everything is closed already except McDonalds and I’m not feeding him that.” Sarah readjusted her ponytail putting stray strands back in. Nessa reached out removing some of the mascara that ran from her friends eyes before Sarah took over rubbing it away from her own face. “So how big of a train wreck do I look?”
“Not a total train wreck just a close call.” Nessa half joked giving her friend another hug before they headed for the lobby.
Kris didn’t even let her open her mouth to speak before pulling her into a hug. A sob breaking out against his chest. Just one was all she could let out. She took a deep breath and lifted her head to look at him. He brushed her blond hair out of her face so he could see her eyes.
“Ew, you two are sickeningly cute.” Jimmy said from behind the desk.
Ness shot him a glare but Sarah and Kris just laughed smiles spreading across their faces. “Thanks for that Jimmy.” Sarah said turning to look at him. “It’s not the first time we’ve been told that.” she cleared her throat looking back to Kris. “You ready to go see my G-Dad?” he nodded and Sarah let go of him so they could say goodbyes to her friends.

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Chapter 7 Let Your Love Grow Tall - Passion Pit

Sorry it took me so long to get it up guys. I really love this chapter because of it's cute adorable fluffness. At least I think so. :)

“Let Your Love Grow Tall” - Passion Pit

The week had been pretty average. She had her work to do collecting all the information she needed to complete the guys completely medical histories as well as get orders for updating all their shots. It seemed strange to her that some of them hadn’t had tetanus shots on record. They play with metal skates for crying out loud they needed them! She had seen Kris around and they had a few conversations but for most of the week they had been pretty quiet. He kept sending sneaky little clue texts about what their next date would be like ‘be sure to wear sneakers’ and ‘come hungry’ as well as ‘wear comfortable clothes’ ect. By Thursday she was dying to know what they would be doing.
“Come on you have to give me a hint.” she said before heading out to the cars with him.
“Sarah I have given you lots of hints.” he teased bumping his shoulder against hers or more his arm against her shoulder. The stood under the entrance just outside of fan view. “Just be ready to be active.”
“You aren’t making me skate right? The last time I skated I had a head trauma.” she wasn’t lying the last time she skated she had an incident that looked like boarding but no one pushed her into the boards.

“Not skating he said with a chuckle. But I could help you learn I am a strong skater.” he shrugged hands in his pockets.
“Yes I know you’re a quick one Tanger.” she had taken to using his team nickname while at work and calling him Kris when they were outside of their professional relationship. She looked at her watch. “I gotta go I’m meeting Mal for a run. She wants to do the marathon this year and I’m helping her train.” Sarah explained. “Friday. I’m looking forward to it.” she walked backwards smiling seeing Pascal sneaking up on Kris. She rolled her eyes shaking her head but Kris caught on to late taking a good hit from his friend/ the guy who picked on him more than anyone else on t he team. “Boys play nice.” she called back before turning and heading to her car.

Friday rolled around and they were once again headed for the car. She saw him carrying a few sticks two his usual and two much smaller. “Hey I told you no skating.” she pointed at him giving her best evil eye look.
“No skating.” she said holding his hands up grinning. “We have a few hours before I pick you up. Lots of time for you to try and figure it out.” he said obviously pleased she didn’t know.
Max came up behind her draping his arm around her shoulders. “He is planning things for you. This is good. He does not usually take initiative. He likes you even more than he said.” Max patted her on the back and continued to walk towards his car. “See you Monday Sarah. Have a good weekend.” he gave a big wink to her and then turned his attentions to Kris who was putting the sticks in his back seat. By the time she made it to her car they were laughing as Max pretended to beat up on him. She rolled her eyes and headed home to change.

Sarah looked at her clothing options and sighed picking up her phone to text Kis. ‘athletic shorts or jeans? If we are being active I need to know. I like you but not enough to run around in jeans in 80 degree weather.’ she went to the bathroom pulling her hair up or the majority of it. She had a few whispies that wouldn’t go up.

‘athletic shorts. See you in 30.’ he texted back as she rushed to finished getting ready though she was hardly fancy as she headed down to the parking lot seeing him pull in wearing her running shoes running shorts and a t-shirt with a tank under it.
“Hey.” she said brightly climbing in his car putting her small gym bag at her feet. Inside she had a hoodie, two bananas and two bottles of water. She couldn’t help but be concerned about their health especially his even if it had been a light practice it was her job to make sure he stayed well.
Kris leaned in giving her a quick kiss that caught her off guard but it made her smile. “I like this.” he said pointing to her get up. “Now I know what you must have looked like yesterday on your run.” he said with a grin.

“Ha no. I looked way more gross than this. All sweaty and nasty and tired. I bet my couch stinks from where I crashed on it.” she joked. “I’ll get sweaty today but you better watch your energy. I may be in athletic gear on a date but I’m still your nurse and I won’t let you be to stupid.” she said bucking her seat belt. “So what exactly are we doing?” she asked watching the roads as he drove.
“We are going to play deck hockey. No ice just sneakers.” he said not giving her a chance to mention her lack of skating ability. “I will teach you how to skate but I will wait till you trust me more.” with that said he smiled and turned on the radio catching Mark Madden’s show for a bit.
“It’s got nothing to do with trusting you. I just like to not having my brain sloshed around to where it bounces on my skull.” she said with a fake cheesy smile.
“Ah so that is what a concussion is. I learn a new thing today.” he chuckled as he pulled into the parking lot of the deck hockey club.
They unloaded the car and he put the two smaller sticks up to her nodding quite pleased with himself that he had guessed on the measure. “We have an hour and a half before people start turning up for the their games tonight.” he said grabbing a back pack that had water and Gatorade in it as well as several balls. He waved to several of the employees who nodded and waved back as they passed though the building to the court.
“So you are left handed like me yes?” he asked seeing how he was carrying the sticks.

“Well it depends on what I’m doing but I write with my left.” she nodded putting the spare stick down on the bench as well as her hoodie. She watched him stick one ball in his pocket lightly kicking the other one out towards the center of the deck. “I leaned to do a lot of things right handed like tie my shoes and draw blood.” she shrugged. “When someone teaches you things you do it the way they teach you.”
Kris nodded knowingly. “I tie my shoes right handed as well.” He headed out to the center of the deck and she followed. “I know you know the game pretty well. I can tell by how you watch us. You anticipate the play.” he said putting the ball on the center spot. “I will be Flower and you try to score. It is like a shoot out.” he said jogging down to the net touching the posts like Flower did every game only Kris had a big goofy smile on his face.

“Hey how you aren’t even going to teach me how to do this?” she said doing her best to hold the stick right doing what she saw him do each day.
“You have it. You do not need help.” he said still grinning at her obviously enjoying her figure things out on her own.
“By the end of this you’re going to pay.” she said eyes narrowed in a play glair. She nudged the ball with her stick trying her best to guide it though it quickly found its way off her stick and she had to move from the center to get it going back in her direction again.
“Don’t take all day!” he said still smiling at her.
“I kind of hate you right now.” she said slowly making her way towards him again gaining a bit more control. “We don’t play hockey in West Virginia, we just kick tin cans in our bare feet.” she joked finally getting close enough to take a shot. She went top shelf in the upper left of the net on accident with it sailing by him. “Ohhhhhh… look at that! You aren’t going to mock me now are you?” she asked hands in the air her own goal celebration happening.
“He wasn’t expecting her to shoot it high and took his turn to glair at her. “I think you play bad to fool me.” he gathered the ball with his stick bringing it out to her. “If we pass a bit you will get the fell better.” he said handing her the ball moving to the other side of the deck.

“Ok, ok… and I wasn’t faking. The damn thing rolls and not where I want it to.” she said nudging the ball with just enough force for it to get to him. He took a few steps with it nodding for her to keep pace which she did. He sent it back her way and she got it on her stick but wasn’t able to control it sending it back behind him. He easily gathered it up and they continued to work up and down the deck till she could make and receive passes at a jog.
“Ok, ok water break.” she said half an hour in. “You’re a slave driver.” she teased heading for the bench where they had left their things.
“You are a fast learner. I dared not to stop in fear you lose what you have learned.” he bumped into her at the bench forcing her to spill her water down her front. Thankfully she hadn’t worn a white shirt but rather a light blue one. Her bra could vaguely be seen through it but it could have been a whole lot worse.

Sarah immediately turned to him squirting him in the chest with the water left in her bottle. “That’s what you get!” she joked looking over his wet shirt seeing how it clung to his muscles. He had a pretend horrified face that immediately went to a smile as he shook out his shirt wringing the water from it. Sarah did her best to dry out too eventually giving up.
“You will be ok by the end of tonight. A few more times you will be good enough to come play in my friend charity game in Montreal this summer.” He opened the Gatorade taking a drink a bit being sure to step away from her just incase.
“Oh I wouldn’t spill that on you. I’m a goof but not mean.” She was fanning her shirt away from her skin it hopes it wouldn’t stick quite as bad. He didn’t seem to mind his sticking anymore. She couldn’t help but make a mental note of how his stomach and chest looked with the shirt clinging to it. She had seen him shirtless before but never in a personal setting like this.
Her mental feast of taking him in was cut off as her phone rang on the bench. She glanced at it her face going concerned seeing the area code. “I’m sorry it’s home I need to check this.” she picked up her phone walking a few steps away to answer.
“Hi, yes this is she.” Sarah said her face going concerned. “Ok, Did you call Angus Pearson our Grandfather?” her face was really concerned now. “You’re kidding. No I know you aren’t he would do that.” she heaved a heavy sigh. “Ok, ok I’ll take care of it.” she ended the call turning to him. “This is awful but I need a favor. I have to get home as in to my house get my car and go to West Virginia tonight.”

His brows knit in confusion. “What happened is everything ok?” he asked a concerned hand being placed on her arm.
“Yeah, my brother Rus is in jail. He’s kinda a dumbass.” she said gathering up her things. He followed suit. “And my G-Dad is the one who got him put there.” she sighed turning her full attention to him. “I have to call him in the car and when I have all the facts I’ll explain.” she pretty much could guess what happened but didn’t want to jump to too many conclusion.

Once In the car headed for her place she started to call her Grandfather. “G-Dad hey so Russ got arrested tonight?” she paused rolling her eyes. “Yes, I know you know. They told me you’re the one who called it in.” she sighed running her hand though the bits of hair that had fallen into her face. “No, I’m not sticking up for him he’s a moron but one that we happen to love. I know… I know you just want him to learn a lesson.” She closed her eyes her hand just staying in her hair pulling lightly on the roots. “I’m coming down. I’m going to call the Doctor to get his and your meds ordered. Don’t even pretend you’re taking them. I know you haven’t been… ok… ok. No I’m not going to bail him out. I’ll stop by after I see him. Love you G-Dad.” she finally closed the phone up sighing as they arrived back in the south side.
He looked at her just glancing not wanting to push anything. Though he was curious. This was so much she hadn’t told him about. He knew it took time to know people but jail, medications, odd family terms he’d never heard.
“Ok so my Grandpa raised my Brother and I.” she said turning in her seat so she could see him a bit better as the sun started to go down. “We call him out G-Dad because it seemed more normal at school and he isn’t the oldest of Grandfathers.” she shrugged. “And my brother is kind of an idiot. He’s got an alcohol problem and he’s diabetic. That’s the medication I’m taking him. He doesn’t keep track so he has stupid stuff happen to him passing out in the street and things with his sugar going to low or drinking far to must and being drunk and having dangerously high sugar.” she shrugged they’re my family so I keep track of them.

They arrived back at her apartment and he parked the car. “I want to go with you. You are obviously frustrated and I don’t want you to rush and have something bad happen.” he put the car in park but let it run.
She thought about it glancing at her phone and then back to him. So you’re saying you want to meet my G-Dad is all his glory having just gotten his own Grandson arrested?” she tried to be serious but couldn’t help but smile at the absurdity of it. “God, we’re so West Virginia.” she said shaking her head. “ok… ok. You can come.”