Monday, February 14, 2011


That's all she wrote. I hope you've all enjoyed the journey as much as I have! Thank you so much for reading and commenting and being a part of this. If you didn't know Max & Mal have their own spin of (linked in the side bar). Thank you so much again! - Kelly

"Come on everyone we're getting started!" Sarah shouted up the stairs calling everyone from their respective bedrooms.

The 14 year old Ruby was the first one down the stairs her hair pulled up high on her head in a messy bun a pile of school books in her arm and a fleece throw around her shoulders. Next down the step was the 8 year old Liam Lucas looking just like his father his slightly disheveled longer than average dark brown hair obscuring his face. Following along with him the gray tabby cat that never seemed to far away from the first traditionally born of the Letang clan.

"Lets go guys!" Sarah called again resting one hand on her hip. "Auntie Mal and Uncle Max sent you gifts and I've been instructed not to give them to you until you're all together."

"Oh my God Mom I'm coming. I was talking to Andy. I think it's really unfair you're making me stay home to do this stupid tradition when all I really want to do is go out with my boyfriend." Ramona said stomping down the stairs her sweat pants that bore her last name on her butt and the school logo down the leg pushed to her knees to show off the heart covered socks that matched the pink ribbons she had in her hair. "I mean if I can't go out with Andy you could at least release me to practice my lines. I mean the play in next week." the 17 year old said as she plopped down on the sofa next to her younger sister stealing half of the blanket though Ruby didn't seem to care as she went to town taking notes on the chapter going over the onset of WWI from her history book.

"Mommy I'm here." the youngest Letang JJ declaired standing at the top of the steps.

"Don't you dare slide down that banister." Sarah said immediately using her Mother mind reading skills on her adventurous four year old Jerimiah Jason Letang. "You're Dad will be so mad if we have to go to the ER again." Sarah said watching him clunk his cast that was on his left arm off the wall as he headed down the stairs a bit saddened to actually be walking.

Kris swept in from the office bringing the red shiny wrapped shirt boxes from Max and Mal passing them out to each of the children. "Where is Becca?" he asked looking to Sarah.

"I'm here, sorry I'm late." a voice called from the foyer as the sound of stomping snow off boats. "Snow you know." she said finally joining the whole family picking up her youngest brother and putting him on her lap. Rebecca the 18 year old freshman at Pitt University had made the drive home to the suburbs for the Valentine's day tradition with her family.

"So open your presents from Uncle Max." Kris encouraged.

"Look Montreal shirts." the annoyed Ramona said holding up the bright pink shirt with the crazy design on it. "This one isn't so bad. I guess Aunt Mal helped him this year."

"I like mine." JJ said holding up the neon yellow shirt with some kind of graffiti like swirls over it.

"You're four. I'll allow it." Ramona said messing up JJ's shorter hair dark hair.

Sarah cleared her throat holding up the blueray box for the traditional Valentine's Day movie. "As you all know this happens to be an amazing day. A day for love both romantic and for that of family. It was our first year as a real family that the viewing of this film became a tradition." Sarah said going over the usual speech as Kris took the disc from her getting the entertainment system set up and on. "So basically it's the time of year where we take a special moment to tell everyone how much we love them." Sarah said with a sigh looking to her husband.

"Why up?" JJ asked being the newest to the tradition. "Why do we always watch Up? It's old."

"We watch up because it's special to Mommy and Daddy." Rebecca said giving her brother a little squeeze. "When Mommy and Daddy got married they had a joke about Up that day and because Daddy is so romantic..." she said giving some play attitude causing her father to chuckle "he and Mommy want to watch it every year and because they love us they want to watch it with us too."

"Your sister is right." Kris said as he took a seat on the sofa while Sarah headed tot he kitchen getting everyone their little traditional red velvet cupcakes. "Even when I had games we'd all watch the movie together even if we were in different places." Kris explain starting the film and opening his arm up so Sarah could sit leaning into him at their usual spot on the huge sectional sofa.

Sarah smiled sighing completely content. Eleven years of marriage, three daughters, two sons, three NHL teams and finally they were back where they started. Back in Pittsburgh with a two year contract and every intention to retire when it expired with one final attempt at the greatest prize in sports. That wasn't what life was about for the Letang family though. Sure the most famous Letang skated hard, scored from the blue line and threw checks four times harder than he should but that wasn't what life was about for the family. It was this, it was five children, a cat a turtle and love that took them from Pittsburgh to Boston to Montreal and back to Pittsburgh again.

"I'll still let you die first." Kris whispered as he pressed a kiss to Sarah's lips.

"Dad gross." Liam said making a face catching his Parents kissing.

Sarah just smiled stretching across laying across Kris and three of the children to mess up Liam's hair forcing him to mess with it a push it out of his face just like his Dad. "Just watch the movie and eat your cupcake." she said with a chuckle.


  1. Loved the last line: "Just watch the movie and eat your cupcake." she said with a chuckle.

    Seriously loved it.
    And that was a great epilogue!

    And p.s. I llike that you didn't tell us anything really about Max and Mal. Just that they gave the kids Montreal shirts... But that doesn't mean he's playing for Montreal... Right... In my happy world, these boys will never leave the 'Burgh... LOL

  2. awww this was too cute
    i hope to be hearing more of them in the Max and Mal story.
    By the way when are u posting up a new chapter?