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Part 2 - Chapter 9: All the Things I've Done - The Killers

Ok so the end is near! This is both awesome and sad. I've never really finished much of anything but trust me there is an ending to this story. :) I hope you guys like this chapter. With some guidance I decided not to be evil and to let everyone be happy. Be sure to let me know what you think!

It was almost done. All of it was almost done. Sarah was almost done getting things ready at both Pittsburgh homes and Kris was almost done with the playoffs. One was obviously a bigger deal than the other a big shiny trophy on the line though for Sarah getting the house ready to be a home upon returning to Pittsburgh in August was a big deal. She lamented a few times about there not being a trophy for such things when she was with Mal and some of the other girlfriends and wives.

There she was standing in the upstairs hallway of her new house going through each room to make sure things were in order. Rebecca and Ramona’s room. The two sisters had decided to share rather than be alone. They had been together for to long and did not want to be split up. The room was furnished with a huge walk in closet one side being Rebecca’s the other being for her sister. There were two twin size beds one on each wall with the two sections decorated somewhat differently. The over all theme was purple though Rebecca’s side was highlighted with touches of pink. Ramona’s was done with bits of green. Ramona had a big chest of dress up clothes and full length mirrors on her side while Rebecca had a vanity table. In the center between their beds was the biggest and most impressive Barbie house one could find.

Ruby’s room was different reflecting her personality. Ruby was content to be on her own often living in her own little world. It was painted a light dreamcicle color orange and decorated in a jungle theme with Diego toys and stuffed animals filling the bins along one wall. There was a tiny tent in there as well with flashlights and sleeping bags so she could go on safari on observing animals in the woods of North America if her imagination decided to take her such places.

Sarah moved to the master suite next to Ruby’s room. It was light and dark at the same time. A creamy color on the walls to keep things calm with brown dark drapes and a brown over stuffed comforter. With accent colors of gold and teal the room was functional and soothing. The perfect place to sleep and when you turned the amber colored accent lights on it gave a romantic feel. It was hard to have the room be a place where Kris could easily nap, they could love one another and be comfortable over all. She felt like the goal was accomplished in the room.

There were two bedrooms left, one set up as a guest room where the guest room from Kris’s apartment was just transferred over. His Mom liked it that set up and it fit well in the room. The final room stood empty on the other side of the master bedroom. A room that Sarah had anticipated being Ramona’s or Rebecca’s but everyone around her couldn’t help but comment how it would be a perfect nursery. All she was left to dow as smile and nod. Taking on three daughters was enough of a task without thinking about having a baby anytime soon. Though maybe it would be nice someday and the empty spare room was in the perfect location for it.

The downstairs of the house was complete as well. Kitchen left as it aside from a new table and chairs. The dining room was one of those formal places Sarah never planned on spending much time but a fancy table stood there and an empty banquet. Everyone warned her not to get to much stuff soon. Who knew what they would end up with after the wedding. The normal living room was set up with a new big tv and comfy section with all the tables ect fitting in perfectly. The den transformed into an office with two smaller desks. One for herself and one for Kris. They each had laptops and although she used hers mostly for work cutting down to one desk seemed next to impossible. The rest of the room had spaces for the book cases and books to come over from Kris’s apartment.

The basement was untouched and waiting. Most of the things from the apartment were going there to create a man cave for Kris. She knew he needed his own space and frankly she was content to give it to him so the guys would stay out of the rest of the house when they were over. All the video games and things could stay down there so no one would be tripping over cords and things all the time. She figured furnishing the patio could wait. Kris was excited about picking out a grill and she didn’t want to take that away from him.

While Sarah occupied herself with setting up the house and making sure everything all legal things for the wedding and girls were taken care of along with planning the event Kris was gearing up for the finals. The first round against Tampa Bay had been a hard fought battle that left everyone drained. The second round against Boston wasn’t easy but after going all seven rounds in defeating Washington the Bruins were a tired crew. The Pens were looking at facing Vancouver or Dallas in the days to come. Everyone was dead set in their routine and rituals. Sarah wanted to continue to move things out of the apartment but with everything on the line she knew not even to move the peanut butter in the apartment. Kris hadn’t even been to the house since they official became the owners having their own little celebration with only their bed moved in. Things were moving and Sarah was left constantly wondering how she got here and exactly how her life came to be this amazing. It was scary how good things were… now all that had to happen was a cup win.


Game day mornings had an exact routine. 8am coffee pot kicks on 8:08am alarm clock goes off. Kris is up first from the bathroom while Sarah checks on the coffee. Kris dresses and Sarah takes her turn in the bathroom. Kris turns on the tv, Sarah makes his now usual breakfast of sunny side up eggs, toast, bacon and yogurt before grabbing her own yogurt and banana. They sit at the table him dressed her in pajamas still. She tells him her plans for the day and he nods not really listening unless it involved the little girls which it did. It was game five in Pittsburgh and with a win tonight they could seal the deal winning eternal glory with his name etched on the cup for a second time

“I’m picking the girls up at five once you leave for the rink. We’ll be watching obviously.” she gave him a smile getting and going to her purse pulling out a sheet of paper. “Ruby made you this.” Sarah said passing the paper across the table to him.

When it came to Ruby Kris would do anything. He would do anything for any of the girls or Sarah but if Ruby was involved it always got his attention. “Tell her thank you. I will when I see her but I am going to put this in my stall.” he said putting it with his keys which sat at one of the empty seats on the table. “She is a good artist it actually looks like all of us not pineapple people.” he said looking over at the art work. There stood three little people with straight blond hair like the trio of sisters had. Then there was a adult woman with wavy blond hair who was obviously supposed to be Sarah. Next to her was a man in hockey stuff or the best 3 going on 4 year old version of hockey stuff with brown hair sticking out from under a helmet. His arms were up and holding a shiny silver trophy. He figured Sarah had fielded some questions on what the cup looked like.

Sarah smiled look at the picture as well. “She said that it was our family.”
“She’s right we are a family and it will be official soon enough.” With that said he got up having finished his food. He took his plate to the kitchen putting it in the sink. He brushed his teeth and met Sarah in the bedroom like every morning when she was getting dressed for the day. There were comments about temptations of the near nakedness but they both knew it was out of the question on such an important game day. He was a post game lovin’ kind of guy anyway. He kissed her first on the forehead and then on the lips as he did every morning before heading off to the morning skate.

Lunch had a routine to it as well. Really it was something between lunch and dinner but it was what it was. Kris would come back from practice and since it was the playoffs and Sarah was off getting everything non-playoffs related in their lives taken care of they would nap together. Sarah’s watch alarm would go off at two and she would get up to start pasta for Kris. He had gone with pesto this year though she had no idea what led him to the choice. He’d have his angel hair with pesto sauce and a steak done in the boiler. He would wake up at three thirty and eat. Sometimes Sarah had to take off then other times she would stay with him. Since it was such a big game she was planning on staying with him sitting on the sofa together watching tv.

“We should get a dog or cat or something.” Sarah said looking from his hands which was idly playing with her hair petting her to his face.
“We are getting three little girls and you want a pet?” he asked confused.
“Well no but you sure do love petting me.” she said nodding to where his fingers were continuing to run the ends of her hair across his finger tips and twirling and un-twirling it.

“Oh…” he made an attempt to stop doing it but it wasn’t even a full sixty seconds before he was starting again. “I can’t help it. I like to do this it makes me feel less nervous.” he said with a sigh.

“Want to talk about it?” she asked patting his leg lightly.

“No… yes…” he heaved a sigh shifting so he was facing her a bit more. “I always worry I will do a big mistake and everyone will hate me. Last year I was bad turnover all the time last year.”

“This isn’t last year.” she said with a little shrug. “Worrying about the past won’t help you in the game today. Being motivated by it will. You can remember those bad turnovers and do everything in our power to keep them from happening again. You can remember Luc and be inspired to be your best. You can remember what it was like lifting the cup the last time and lifting it many times over the summer. You can think about having breakfast with the cup with your Mom and Step-Dad. You can think about whatever it is you’re going to put in there and make me drink out of it no doubt spilling it all over me.” she chuckled. “All these things are making you want to not do bad turnovers right?”

He kissed the corner of her mouth sighing. “You are going to be the best wife ever.”

“What if I do bad turnover?” she teased him.

He cracked a smile. “Better stick to baking pies then.” he joked back. Leave it to him to make a pastry joke.


There was nothing quite like the friends and family section for games like these parents, siblings, girlfriends, wives, children…. Everyone special to the people on the ice all packed together all wishing, hoping and praying that it will end in the favor of the men they were there supporting. There were the secret hopes of those who lived with these men the secret hopes that the madness will end, that routines could be abandoned for a few short months and everyone could take a breath for the first time in a long time.

The action on the ice was intense. The men battled harder than imaginable everyone knowing it could end there tonight in 60 short minuets of play. Everyone in the world it seemed was wishing for more or less time. For Pens fans finishing up the first with a one goal lead were wishing for less time.

“Sarah the girls are beautiful.” Kris’s Mom said as she watched the little girls sit comfortably together on a sofa in the family room eating pizza at the intermission. Sarah and Kris had told her about them many times but she had only met them since coming down for the play offs. “If it is ok with you I’d like to tell the girls they can call me Mamie? There was a time where I did not think Kris would give me Grandchildren and I do not think I can pass on loving these little girls as a Mamie should.”

Sarah smiled and nodded. “I think that would make them extremely happy. There was no stopping my G-Dad making them call him Pappy so it only makes sense.” Sarah saw Rebecca eyeing her and Kris’s Mom and did her best to switch to French to keep the conversation private. Rebecca was always listening always looking for information that would help keep her sisters and herself safe. “Kris et moi espérons adopter les filles. Avec leur Mère vivante le gouvernement fera toujours des essais de rejoindre la famille. Nous espérons qu'en temps voulu ils verront que nous sommes la famille des filles.” Sarah said explaining that they hoped to be on the road to adoption.

“ Ils verront que vous êtes une famille à temps. Votre français est très bonne Sarah. Kris devrait être fier de vous.” She said putting an arm around Sarah in a half hug.

“Merci.” Sarah said returning the hug.

Rebecca went back to her food unable to understand them though she was happy to see their positive body language. Rebecca was observant and Sarah always did her best to keep things positive. Thankfully G-Dad swooped in distracting her with tickling something that Rebecca was slowly getting used to and when it came to Archie Pearson there was no denying him the chance to be a Grandfather this time.

The second period was stressful to an extreme. Penalty after penalty which thankfully all were killed off but it was far to dangerous for everyone’s liking. Finally at the end of the period a power play that would carry over. Thankfully the carry over wasn’t needed as Kris slapped a shot on net that Sidney redirected in. BOOM. 3-1 lead going into the third.

All the wives and adults sat around deep breathing trying to will their husbands, sons, brother, boyfriends and friends to hold the line and finish tonight. Just make it through another 20 minuets and the pains that were kept on ice, the relationships that were put on hold, the routines that made people more stressed than comforted could all be put to rest.

Mal approached Sarah pulling her into a hug. “If he wasn’t going to be your husband soon enough I would fucking marry him for that goal.” being extremely unlike Mal she held on not letting go. Ruby being her adorable self joined in wrapping her arms around the legs of Sarah an Mal.

“Group hug.” Ruby said making them laugh and everyone else who saw laugh.
Sarah picked her up the three year old laying her head on Sarah’s shoulder yawning. “That you sweetie.”

“Will Daddy be done soon? I’m tired. Can I call Kris Daddy yet?” Ruby asked still laying against Sarah.

It made her heart melt. How could it not melt her heart. “I think you can call him that if you want.” Sarah said rubbing the little girls back.

“Good. I’ve never had a Daddy.”

Sarah held ruby tight happy no one but Mal had heard what Ruby said. She took a second to compose herself before putting Ruby back on her feet. “Ok I think it’s about time you guys put these on.” Sarah said fishing the sound canceling headphones from her oversized bag. “I know they look dumb but I’d rather not have anyone’s ear drums busted.” Sarah explained.

With much prompting the girls put the head phones on the roar of the crowd being much softer and in the end they were left thankful to be able to color and watch the game without the loud roar all around them.

Thankfully all the kids knew how was not the time to act up. Now was the time to distract themselves and let the adults watch the game and fret and worry as each second ticked off the clock. It was a painful third as everyone in the arena prayed for no penalties to the Pens and that they could just play defensive hockey. They needed all the defense they could get against an offensive power house of Vancouver. It was painful as it came down to the last minuet of regulation. Kris was stuck on the ice and Sarah could see exhaustion on his face.

“Come on baby you can do.” she said to herself when play was stopped preventing him from leaving the ice. 43 seconds on the clock and he was running on empty. She looked across the ice catching his eyes before the face off in his zone. She nodded not even sure if he saw her till he nodded back. She wanted to yell at him for not focusing on the game but how could she?

The puck was dropped and passed over to Kris who with 30 seconds on the clock took three powerful strides crossing the Pens blue line. Jordan was at the Vancouver blue line ready to accept the pass tapping it into the zone so Connor could give chase and hold them up. The guy was little but damn he was a gremlin down on the boards behind the goal. Sarah thought given the chance he would bite someone to keep them from getting the puck. It popped free to Max who passed it back to Brooks over to Tanger shot off the post. Not that it mattered as time expired the horn sounding as the arena exploded. Kris abandoned his stick and gloves skating down to MAF nearly tackling him into the net as the whole team piled together.
Meanwhile after holding t heir breath for so long there were tears of joy and relief mixed with squeals of excitement from every child and many of the adults who weren’t in tears. Hugs were given as the guys were made to line up for the handshake. With the trophy being put in place the families were ushered down to the ice and along a red carpet that was rolled out for them to stand on as the presentation was made.

Everyone waited in a group as the Con Smythe winner was announced. Kris thought it would go to Sid or Testy who both had prolific playoff work scoring goals or grinding people down with game winners respectively. It was a shock when his name was called. He even almost fell as he was pushed forward his sweaty hair in his face. With one hand his pushed it back offering the other for handshakes to the officials. He stood smiling for pictures but was more in shock than anything else till he was told to pick the trophy up. The last two defenseman to win Con Smythe were Nicklas Lidstrom and Scott Niedermayer, both players Kris looked up to. He hoisted the trophy up skating around with it as his team mates patted him on the back. He looked to the side seeing his friends and family cheering for him the little girls jumping up and down in the ear protectors his Mom and Henri by Sarah with her G-Dad who was crying. His moment ended quickly as he was told to put the trophy down it was time for the big prize.

Sid raised the cup and it was passed around the team. It all had a dreamy quality to it as pictures were taken. Once the trophy had made one round of the team the players were released to their families even if intrusive reporters were hot on their tails. Kris hugged his Mom and Dad rapidly speaking in French leaving Sarah smiling as she caught about every other word. Next he hugged her G-Dady followed by the little girls were just about attached to his legs.

“You smell.” Rebecca said as she hugged him making them all laugh.
“Yes I know. That’s why I shower so much.” he teased kissing each of their little cheeks.

Next was Sarah whom he kissed affectionately not wanting to let go even as a reporter approached.

“Kris you looked pretty shocked when your name was called for MVP.” the reporter said thrusting the mic to his face as Ruby circled his legs. Sarah picked her up but she instantly reached for Kris not caring if all his gear smelled like dead animals.

“Yeah I was not expecting it.” he said taking Ruby in one arm and pushing his hair out of his face with the other. “I am glad people know I stepped up my play but I was not expecting anything.”

“Kris we heard you’re getting married this summer what is winning the cup to you mean? Are you going to have Lord Stanley at the wedding?”

All Kris could do was laugh as he looked to Sarah who quickly had the mic pushed into her own face followed by several others that had caught the question.

She smiled and patted his back. “We’ll have to see what the schedule is. I don’t know if anyone has ever eaten wedding cake out of the cup before.”

Kris gave her a quick kiss as the camera’s left them for the moment the trophy making its way down the carpet for pictures of players with their families. There were many pictures taken with everyone and the cup including one with all the little girls and the cup with Kris kneeling on the ice with them. The cup was passed on and Ruby held tight to Kris at her level. Sarah knew what she was saying as she cupped her hands around his ear so he could hear her. He hugged her close nodding before looking up at Sarah. ‘Daddy’. he mouthed smiling. All Sarah could do was nod back. They really were making a family happen.


  1. ajghdfghfsdjghfdjsk soooooo freaking adorable!
    I can't wait for their wedding!
    Ruby is precious. I want a daughter and I want her to stay 3-years-old forever. Kris is gonna be the perfect Daddy someday (:

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    I loved this!
    I can't believe the end, the second end, is coming!
    How are Max & Mal coming along?* hehehe

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