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Part 2 - Chapter 7: These Are the Days - Jamie Cullum

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“Minimum two weeks Kris.” Sarah said sitting with Kris, in head trainer Chris Stewart’s office along with coach Dan.

“No, please consider day to day.” Kris said pleading with everyone in the room.

“Are you forgetting that yesterday you had the worst migraine I’ve ever seen you have?” She said crossing her arms over her chest.

“It had nothing to do with the hit. Migraines happen to me.” he tried to explain.

“Liar. If there had been any way for me to move you I would have taken you to the ER.” she ran a hand though her blond hair.

“Is this true?” Dan asked giving Kris a fatherly look that demanded honesty.

“Yes coach, it was especially bad.” Kris answered hanging his head.

“Well then it’s settled. One more week no practice a week of no contact and then we’ll start to talk day to day.” Chris Stewart said from behind his desk looking between all parties.


“Oh don’t be pouty.” Sarah said following Kris into the apartment they shared. She put her keys in their usual spot on the entry way table. She hung up her coat as well as the one he tossed in the direction of the closet. He wasn’t usually a messy person but she knew he was grumpy. “I did you a favor by not telling everyone how you’ve been dizzy a few times. I should get mega girlfriend points for that.” she said carefully arranging their winter coats in the closet.

“I want to play.” he said flopping down on the sofa turning on the tv.

“I know you do sweetie.” she said as she took off her boots not wanting to track watery slush around the apartment. “It’s only eight games or so.” he said crossing to join him sitting on his lap as she nearly always did. He was such a kitty cat kind of person. He doesn’t stay mad if she was touching him so being right on top of him was the best way to deal with his bad moods. Sometimes it was like all you had to do was pet him and scratch behind his ears to keep him happy.

“I want to stay on top.” he said arranging his arms around her and resting his face against her. If the guys ever really saw him like this they would totally kick his ass and he knew it.

“I thought you didn’t care about that stuff?” she teased. “That you don’t pay attention.” she added calling him out on telling the media he was clueless about points and things. “You want to beat the ‘Big Buff’ don’t you?” she teased with a big grin poking him in the side playfully.

“I don’t care I just play my game, good D-zone coverage, puck management leaving the zone… I want to beat that ass.” he confessed.

Sarah laughed leaning back causing her to slip off his lap and back onto the vacant sofa spot next to him. “That sounds like kinky d-man love. I didn’t know Byfuglien was your type.” she continued to tease. “Many a fan will have their hopes and dreams crushed. If you were prone to fellow man love I would think Max or Sid would be more your type or Flower maybe.” she continued to tease. “But I guess not. You like the Big Buff.”

“Funny.” he tried to dead pan but cracked a smile.

“Man Byfuglien and I are so different. Talk about not having a type sweetie….”

“That is it!” he said scooping her up in a fireman’s carry marching her down the hall towards their bedroom. “you are my only type.” he said playfully giving her butt a smack. “I’ll show you how so.”

He put her down on the end of their bed. When she immediately went to undo his belt he smacked her hands away. “No. Patience.” he said slowly slipping his shoes and socks off followed by slowly taking off his zip up hoodie followed by his t-shirt. He stepped closer to her picking up her hand placing it on his stomach. Being as in tune as they were Sarah immediately let her lips follow her fingers kissing over as much of his exposed skin as she could from her sitting position. She ran her tongue over the waistline of his jeans before once again going for his belt only to have her hands batted away again.

“Uh-uh. Now you.” he said his accent thick with lust.

standing her up swapping her places so he was now sitting on the end of their bed. She did just as he did removing her shocks and top as he kissed over her skin. There was nothing like having his lips on her. He knew just how to kiss body when his tongue would touch her stomach or when his teeth would nip just under the wires of her bra urging her to remove it next. If he could play hockey with his mouth there would be no questioning him as a Norris Trophy candidate. Then again she didn’t want anyone else to enjoy the process of selecting him for such an award. His kissing skills were something she like having all to herself.

The swapped places again this time Kris removed his jeans and boxer briefs. Finally she was able to take him in her mouth working his length with her tongue and hand till he forced her to stop being worried things would end to soon. He swapped places with her having to force her to slow down as she removed her dress slacks and panties.

“The show is half the fun.” he said holding he wrists delicately to keep her from rushing.

With the clothing removed his kissed across her hips letting his fingers slip between her folds. If she thought what he could do with his mouth on her skin was award winning what he could simply do with his fingers was enough to leave her legs shaking.

“Scoot back…” she said guiding him back on the bed so she could gain ground over him.

“I want to stay close.” he said refusing to lay back instead holding her around the waist as she sank down onto his length.

There was nothing in either of their lives that could compare to the completeness of being together. After Christmas things had obviously been rough but the hit seemed to serve as a reset button for their relationship. It was like they were in sync again working as a team not just for the pleasurable outcomes of orgasm but the future prosperity of their relationship as well.

He reached his peak first with her shortly following. He fell back pulling her with him his eyes rolling back in his head as the sweet tingles of the after glow ran through him.

“Are you ok?” she asked barely able to form words though she had immediate concerns seeing his eyes roll back. “Are you dizzy?” she asked still twitching herself.

“Only good dizzy.” he said bringing his lips to brush over her collar bone.


Sarah laid against his chest in desperate need of washing up but far to comfortable, and tingly in the twilight of orgasm to do anything about it. “I love you so much.” she said against his chest. “I’m not just saying it now because I feel like this. Which is amazing by the way but because you’re a secret artist, you know more about me than anyone else, you are my best friend and the best thing I have going for me.” she sighed letting her fingers draw lazy shapes on his skin. When she felt him inhale to speak she cut him off continuing to speak. “You scared the hell out of me the other day. New scariest day of my life. I was there with you knocked out terrified of what would happen and then when you weren’t you for a bit. It was heart breaking.” She sat up getting animated as she continued to talk. “When you weren’t my Kris I had to entertain the thought of what would happen next and could I love that version of you. I’m glad we didn’t have to find out.”

He sat up on his elbows smiling at her. “You done now?” he said with a joking smile.

“For the moment.” she said back a smile of her own reaching out to tuck his real sex hair behind his ears.

“I love you.” he said simply smiling up at her.

She waited for him to continue but he only shrugged.

“That’s it.” he added the usual Kris smile that he seemed to reserve for those closest to him on his face. It was a smile not everyone got to see making it a true privilege.

“Did you know when you didn’t remember me and you weren’t you that you hit on me?” she chuckled teaching for the night stand to grab a hair tie to pull her hair out of her face.

“Oh?” he asked with a little chuckle.

“Yeah. The real you is far smoother.”

“I am not smooth.” he said sitting up completely leaning back against the padded headboard of their bed.

“Oh yes you are. Helping a lady off her chair. Taking her drunk ass home to yours and being a gentleman. Meeting my G-Dad on like our third date… you Sir are smooth. The not you was calling me an angel and all kinds of cheesy things. I’m glad you’re back to being you though because it’s taken me awhile but I know the truth about you.” she said turning and facing him.

“And what truth is that?” he asked crossing his arms over his bare chest an extra smug smile on his face. People would be shocked to find him ever looking smug but it was something he was on occasion especially when he thought he could win at something. He was a bit awkward and shy but he was still competitive just like the other athletes on the team he was a part of. He lifted his eyebrows almost daring her to go on.

“Oh you don’t think I know?” she paused letting out a single laugh. “Let me school you on the Kris Letang that you seem to think no one sees. You sir are funny. You’re dry and sarcastic and make this little off the cuff statements that leave me dying. Especially when you take that rare opportunity to bust on someone who spends all their time busting on you. Then how you take it when people beak you. Man I would have kicked so many asses over my life. You just have no much grace.” she paused for a breath.

“You done?” he asked still leaning back looking amused.

“Hell no. How can I not include that you are a freaking artist? I’ve seen your doodles around the house. I’ve hung them on the fridge like a proud Mama as you know. It’s this thing you don’t ever tell anyone. How about how you let people think you’re stupid? I know you aren’t Mister. I know you’ve been working your way through the bookshelf. I see the little notes you make looking things up that get lost in translation.” she took a deep breath. “Now I’m done.”

“It’s all true I am these things.” he dead paned.

“Shut up.” she squealed leaning forward punching him in his shoulder. He played hurt flopping to the side in their bed.

“You stop or I’ll tell coach.” he said smiling though he was lightly rubbing his shoulder.

She sighed snuggling up to him a little bit nudging him till his arm was around her shoulders. “That hurt a little didn’t it.”

“You punch like TK.” he said with yet another secretly smug Kris Letang smile.

“He must punch hard then.” she said sticking her tongue out at him. “On that note I’m going to get a shower.” she said slipping away from him.

“I’ll change the bed.” he said getting up as well.

Things were back on track again. Perhaps maybe even better than they had been before. Or at least that’s how Sarah felt when she got out of the shower to find he had made the bed having laid out pajamas for her and could be heard in the kitchen making up some kind of snack. She went to her usual side of the bad pulling on the random pajama pants and tank that actually matched when she saw the little box on her bedside table. It was a familiar little box that made her heard race. She picked it up padding out to the kitchen her hair still wet having only towel dried it.

“Is this what I think it is?” she asked cradling the box in the palm of her hand.

“It is not a puppy so if you think it is then you are wrong.” he teased as he put together cheese and tomato sandwiches on toast.

“I don’t think it’s a puppy.” she said not looking up from the box. “So you’re asking me again?” she said lifting her eyes.

“I already asked again and you already said yes. I thought you would like the token that expresses this.” he said putting the sandwiches on plates and cutting them in half taking half away from her and putting it on his own plate.

Sarah just looked down at the little box. “At the hospital.”

Kris watched as she slowly opened it up the hinge creaking slightly. He could see the tears well in her eyes as she looked at the ring.

“Where did you find this?” she asked unable to take her eyes off the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. It was obviously vintage with a delicate leaf pattern flanking a nice sized but not over the top diamond.

“It was my Great Grandmothers.” he came over to where she was standing taking the ring out of the box slipping it onto her finger. It fitted perfectly as he expected it would. There was something about that ring as if it was destined to be on Sarah’s finger that led him to believe it wouldn’t need any adjustment. “Her husband who I never met brought it from home from Italy when he served in WWII.” He explained looking at the ring on her finger.

“I need to call G-Dad and Mal and Nessa…” she said taking a single step towards the phone.

“Archie knows. When he came for Christmas I figured I should do it right and I asked for his blessing. Which he gave though he muttered something about freedom fries.” Kris just shrugged as Sarah smiled up at him.

“So this is all real.” she said as a statement rather than a question. She wrapped her arms around him her head buried in his chest. “I guess we have some plans to make.”

He chuckled kissing the top of her head. “Yes we do. Plans I am looking forward to making.”


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